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Fantastic Creatures’ Travelogue – Part 1 Chapter 26

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Translator: QComp

Editor: lillipop96

Chapter 26  Recontact

Now that the two new tenants of different races started living in his house, Hao Ren initially thought that his life would soon be completely turned upside down: he would break away from the ordinary life where he had to concern about the three daily meals and life necessities,and began his life in the world of “Wuxia”, where he would have some occasional fight with the police officers or superheroes. But after three or four days had passed, he found that nothing changed in his life.

The two girls almost had no influence on his routines. Lily’s everyday life was like this: sleep, eat, eat, eat, fight with Vivian , and go back into the house to write – Do not forget that this girl had the setting of a writer. In short, her life was simple but meaningful, and she also enjoyed it.

On the other hand, Vivian’s everyday life was more colorful: sleep, eat, fight with Lily, go out looking for jobs, lose job, find jobs, lose job, find jobs and lose jobs…

To tell the truth, she was unlucky to the extent that even Hao Ren could not stand it. Would you believe that she changed three jobs in three days? On the one hand, Hao Ren was surprised at Vivian’s efficiency in finding a job, because in this unfamiliar place, her ability to look for a job was exactly quite something. On the other hand, he was surprised at the extent of the vampire’s bad luck: the longest period Vivian was employed so far was no more than three hours ……

It’s a pity that Hao Ren did not have the opportunity to witness the girl’s unfortunate experiences himself, as every time he saw Vivian come back dejectedly, he would know that she had screwed up again, and if there was a chance, he really wanted to see how she lost the job in the first place.

Two super women’s life was just like this, each has its own point worth Tucaoing, but the life was not beyond Hao Ren’s category of “Daily Life”: Vivian did not have the habit of  flying out at midnight and suck people’s blood, and Lily wouldn’t howl at the moon at midnight then transform into a werewolf and hunt wild rabbits. They lived just like ordinary humans, and it was said that it started since their birth, which made Hao Ren quite disappointed while also somewhat fortunate: he didn’t have to worry about fighting with the police and superheroes…

That shadow from the nightmare the other day seemed to have vanished, although when recalling the experience, Hao Ren still felt annoyed. He did not consider it anymore, and now he was waiting patiently for the rather abnormal goddess to come back as he was beginning to become familiar with the routines of the two tenants at home.

Lily had been busy in dressing up and making herself presentable early in the morning, and it seemed that he planned to go out: Although this werewolf girl sometimes appeared soft-headed, she had the same lifestyle with ordinary human girls, and apart from her reaction to stand on all four when Roll jumped out of nowhere abruptly, she behaved quite normally. Hao Ren was curious when he saw the girl walking in circles in the living room: “Are you going out?”

“Yeah, I have a patient to attend to,” Lily preened herself against the screen of the TV, spitting out the words endlessly, “It seems that my life in the city will be really smooth, as my writing stories is smooth, renting house is smooth, caring for my first patient is also smooth…”

Vivian was busy doing the chores aside, and hearing that, she looked up curiously,” You? You are a doctor?”

Only then did Hao Ren remember that Vivian still had no idea of Lily’s job: When Lily introduced herself, Vivian was still not a tenant, and  after that, when the two finally lived together reluctantly, they were apparently not interested about each other, so Hao Ren explained on behalf of the werewolf girl:” Lily is a traveling veterinarian.”

Nobody knew what the werewolf girl was thinking, as she suddenly puffed out her chest proudly at Vivian, and if she had transformed into a werewolf, then she definitely would have been waving her tails to the extent of making it blurry.

“I have a permit! Skilled veterinarian who had a dozen work age,  but also a professional journal writer, and I have drafted for the “Shen Bao”1 in the Republic of China Period. Do you know ‘Zhou Shuren’? 2 We had great conversations 0w0 !”

Hao Ren was originally flipping through magazines, and he was just talking casually with Lily without using much of his mind but hearing the other party’s words, he was shocked and almost dropped off from the sofa, “WHAT did you say?”

“I’m a professional,” Lily looked at Hao Ren inexplicably, who thought that he was making a little fuss, “I have been living in human society by writing – It was just a few years since I began to become a professional veterinarian, and even when I worked just as an amateur, that was still not my main occupation.”

“I’m not talking about that,” Hao Ren  gazed at the werewolf girl who he had underestimated due to her soft-headed behavior, “You said that, in the period of the  Republic of China…”

“Oh, you mean write for the ‘Shen Bao’?  – Well do you really think that those people in the period of Republic of China didn’t have the habit of reading newspapers?” Lily nodded, “I have said that I have lived for … anyway, just many years, have you forgotten it?”

Hao Ren was stunned speechless, and he finally became more conscious of how great the difference was between these nonhuman creatures from humans. Even if it was just this judging-by-her-performance head-pitting werewolf … who once talk about their past experiences that can be as scary as a somersault!

Previously he indeed had listened to some stories shared by Lily and Vivian about their life experiences, but he didn’t pay much attention,  as those distant things seemed more like legends to him. The contemporary situations left him with no deep impressions,  yet now the one simple sentence from Lily finally made him understand what Generation Gap was…

Vivian watched as Hao Ren became astonished hearing Lily’s words,  and she, who was far more experienced than Lily, certainly became unhappy. She pushed Lily aside with her shoulder,  and began leisurely,  “Wet behind your ears. Have you ever fought with Achilles? Have you kicked  Octavian into the moat?

Have you kicked Caesar into the moat? Have you kicked “the Flame Emperor” 3 … Oh,  maybe I haven’t kicked him either,  as they haven’t used moat at that time… You know that,  “the Yellow Emperor” was a real genius!”

Hao Ren sighed a long sigh, feeling that he already has no interest in reading the magazines: the scene apparently was more worth seeing than any magazines!

Lily looked at Vivian in disdain,  “What use do they have? Can you make money by fighting with Achilles? Can you make money by kicking Octavian ? Can you make money by kicking Caesar?”

“Why not! I charged their opponents at that time!”

“Then where is your money?”

“…Let’s change the topic.”

Hao Ren wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, saying in his heart that he must make sure that not a single word he heard was leaked outside –  Any word was enough to make the whole archaeological community shiver for years!

How many earthshaking things had the seemingly useless vampire girl done in the previous years? Any how much in the human history was indeed reliable?

Vivian’s biggest weakness was her unlucky fortune in money, and even the soft-headed Lily could Tucao her on that. The vampire girl was defeated on an undeniable point. Feeling down-hearted, she continued to clean up the house. It was her initiative to ask to do so: Vivian was very knowledgeable, as she knew that, judging by her own wealth, she had no chance to pay the rent in a short time,  so she asked to do the chores to offset the cost of meals and rents herself.

Hao Ren did not expect that a senior vampire actually had a righteous world-view, and at first he felt a little fear and trepidation, but after confirming repeatedly that Vivian indeed thought so,  he just enjoyed the change. He convinced himself that it was just like hiring a nanny. He knew how expensive it was to hire a nanny these days, especially the young and beautiful ones of her kind. It was highly likely that if the host cared less,  the nanny would become the hostess,  and then you had to hire another nanny for her… Oh,  that was off the point.

Lily was happy to go out,  before Hao Ren had the chance to ask her how she managed to begin her career as a veterinarian,  but he could guess the rough situation: She inquired about the local situations with the local dogs. These days when he went out,  he had encountered many such weird situations – Lily was squatting on the roadside,  chatting seriously with the local stray dogs, and sometimes their gesture of squatting was exactly the same, giving him the impression that they were siblings… With such a  superior talent, she was even more than winning from the starting line – she was standing at the finishing line ever since the beginning…

And just as Hao Ren was about to continue looking at the magazine,  a persistently urging ringtone suddenly began to ring from the sofa next to the chair.

As if with some sort of mental telepathy, Hao Ren’s body shuddered the moment the bell rang. He jumped over and grabbed the phone,  and the number was within his eyesight:00000012345.

After the neuropathic goddess disappeared for a few days,  she finally showed up.

  1. A popular newspaper in 1870-1950.
  2. 1881-1936, Pen Name Lu Xun, a leading figure of modern Chinese literature, titular head of the League of Left-Wing Writers, a writer whose articles appear frequently in middle school textbooks in Chinese. Excerpt from Wikipedia.
  3. A historical Emperor like the Yellow Emperor below, who lived around four thousand years ago.

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