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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 788 - Zenith Novels

Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 788

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Chapter 788: Our Target is the Witch!

The more Yun Xi gets along with the Zaka sisters, the more he can feel their frankness and innocence.

From the perspective of human beings, they are truly dangerous creatures with the power of destroying the world.

However, they are not evil, and they are not monsters that will destroy everything for no reason.

Instead, they all have their own personalities and see the world in their own way.

Desert Dragon Zaka, Ice Dragon Zaka, and Red Dragon Zaka, Yun Xi has met three of Zaka’s four sisters.

According to what Yun Xi has seen so far, the younger the Zaka is, the stronger her strength is.

Red Dragon Zaka, who is by his side at the moment, could destroy the continent in five minutes.

So, how powerful is the Zaka that has not yet appeared?

And they are just the four “kings” who guard the original dragon, the final boss. Yun Xi once again feels that the difficulty of this world is too much!

“You… what a wonderful creature… ” After being forgiven by Red Dragon Zaka, Yun Xi walks up to her.

“I’m Zaka, the most powerful dragon in the world.”

“Since you want us to act together, you have to be worthy of me.” Red Dragon Zaka grabbed Yun Xi’s hand in high spirits.

After last night, something happened.

Once they crossed that line, they cannot go back.

Since they can’t go back, they can only accept it and deal with it!

Red Dragon Zaka looks at Yun Xi and makes a decision.

“Be strong with me!”

“In this way, you are qualified to be mine…” At this point, Red Dragon Zaka’s face turned red and she couldn’t speak any more.

Obviously, it is something that can never be forgiven. She never expected that the whole thing would develop to such an indescribable degree.

Now, there are still Yun Xi’s kisses on her skin, neck, chest, and abdomen, which is the proof of the two people’s time together.

At the same time, it is also a contract, which is more vivid than any word or oath.

In her chest, the flower of life is releasing a new force.

That’s the power of hope and fetter.

Two people naturally hand in hand, ushered in the morning light.

On the eastern horizon of the desert, a golden red sun leaps out, illuminating the faces of Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka.

“Go and conquer the world with me!” Red Dragon Zaka exclaimed what she had to do, what her sisters couldn’t do.

“Is this really so important to you?” Yun Xi has always been unable to understand why the Dragon had to conquer the world, for this reason they even dare to fight against all other intelligent creatures.

“This is a matter of course, because the great mother wants the world. We will fight for our mother.”

“I lost to the witches once, but as long as I’m alive, I will continue to fulfill my mission.”

“Dragons can never be defeated!” Red Dragon Zaka raised her proud head, took Yun Xi’s hand and pointed to the rising sun on the eastern horizon

“We are the masters of the world!”

Yun Xi was silent, and finally realized that the world outlook, law, social order and so on of humanity was really meaningless to the dragons.

The ultimate creature with the strongest power can really do whatever it wants. If he wants the original dragon to change its plan, at least he must have the power to defeat it.

Just the third Zaka already has the power of destroying the world, how powerful would the original giant dragon be?

Can the world be saved?

“I want to see the twin witches.” After a moment, Yun Xi hesitated to say his destination.

Perhaps, only with the support of the twin witches, the world that seems bound to be dominated by the dragon will usher in the dawn.

“Do you want to kill them, too?” Red Dragon Zaka’s eyes lit up.

“No, I just think your heart hasn’t disappeared. You have to find it.” Yun Xi found a reason to temporarily conceal the truth that he went to see the twin witches.

However, this excuse is not a lie, because he does feel the message from the green flower.

Red Dragon Zaka’s heart is not really completely erased, but still exists in this world.

In other words, the lost heart of Red Dragon Zaka is still in the world, but it is not in her body. It was taken away by the twin witches in a special way.

The flower of Lvji is just a temporary substitute for the heart function of Red Dragon Zaka.

If he wants Red Dragon Zaka to survive, he has to find her real heart.

“Well, did you notice that?” Red Dragon Zaka was surprised to see Yun Xi, who volunteered to find her heart.

Clearly, she didn’t say a word about her lost heart.

“Your heart, it’s not going to die that easily.” Yun Xi looks at Red Dragon Zaka’s chest. He has experienced it many times last night.

“Yes, I’m Zaka, the child of the great original dragon mother.”

“It’s not so easy to kill me!” Red Dragon Zaka puffed up her chest and hesitated for a moment

“But the twin witches are really strange. They don’t look like creatures in this world at all.”

“The way they fight is terrible.”

“Especially when they’re fighting together…” At this point, Red Dragon Zaka pauses, and the vertical pupils shrink into two small dots.

“The feeling they gave me is they are no longer within the scope of life.”

“No longer within the scope of life?” Yun Xi looks at Red Dragon Zaka in confusion, unable to understand her fearless expression.

Are Red Lotus and White Lotus so scary?

Yun Xi has never seen Red Lotus and White Lotus fighting together, but only infers from their seeds that they are good at fighting together.

It’s clear at a glance that they’re closer than him and Red Dragon Zaka, who are tied with the line of life, because they are real twins.

From birth to now, they don’t even have a second of separation time.

The twin witches may be the most powerful human beings on this continent.

“If you want to win them, you have to attack them before they have time to react, and cut off their contact with the strongest blow!”

“Otherwise, you will die!”

The vast sky contains thousands of God’s domains. Junior Yun Xi was born in the Sword domain, more specifically, the White Lotus Sword Domain. He has a very jealous childhood sweetheart as he ran an ordinary bakery. At the age of eighteen, he was to marry his arranged bride. Until the sixteenth birthday, the stars shined down on with three different roads for him to take. As three sprites appeared in front of him, the boy suddenly learned a terrible truth, that his original life goal was at stake. In order to survive, the youth had to set foot on the battlefield of many death trials, while learning how to love, and struggle to get stronger.

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