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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 808 - Zenith Novels

Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 808

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Chapter 808: Detective Zaka

“So, Mother-sama thinks that we betrayed her?” Ice Dragon Zaka skillfully pinched Yun Xi ‘s face and fell into a thoughtful state.

“I don’t understand what’s going on at all! I definitely didn’t do anything to betray mother!” Red Dragon Zaka ‘s eyes turned red.

From birth until now, she has been working hard to complete the task given to her by the original dragon mother, and never thought about the word “betrayal”.

“Good … good … I know you are a good boy.” Ice Dragon Zaka stared at Yun Xi as if looking at a scum.

It’s all your doing, right?

A large bead of sweat fell on Yun Xi’s forehead. This is really a crime. If he did not save Red Dragon Zaka, she would have died a long time ago.

As for why the original dragon thinks that her daughters have betrayed her… Yun Xi himself is also confused.

With Red Dragon Zaka’s straightforward character, to be a traitor is really too hard for her.

“Is it possible that Black Dragon Zaka misunderstood Mother-sama’s will? Mother-sama’s true body should still be in a deep sleep.”

“If Mother-sama woke up, it wouldn’t be the same as it is now.” Desert Dragon Zaka offered a different opinion.

“Then, is it the Black Dragon sister who is bent on doing what she wants?” A spark of hope appeared in Red Dragon Zaka ‘s eyes.

Being questioned by the greatest original dragon mother… she couldn’t imagine that!

If it was just Black Dragon Zaka ‘s misjudgment, then it would be acceptable.

After all, the youngest sister was also the child with the purest of hearts, so there must be a misunderstanding somewhere.

“I don’t think that things will be that simple.” Ice Dragon Zaka shook her head.

“At least, she felt something from Mother-sama.”

“Otherwise, it should be impossible for her to be born at this time.”

“Unlike the three of us, her scheduled birth time was after the three of us had completely conquered this world.”

“She is the ultimate dragon of doom, the fearsome existence that kills gods, Black Dragon Zaka .”

Red Dragon Zaka froze for a moment, the fire of hope that had just been kindled in her heart was extinguished at once, and she almost cried her nose off.

“Why does the sleeping Mother-sama think that we have betrayed her?”

“What is the biggest difference between us and Black Dragon Zaka who should not have been born?”

“If there is really a decisive difference …” Ice Dragon Zaka who had pulled the biggest problem in this war out and analyzed the key to it suddenly raised her eyebrows and stared at Yun Xi.

“Is that you?”

The voice was unmistakable, it was the voice that has locked the culprit.

“It’s him …”

Desert Dragon Zaka shrugged her shoulders. Back when she was possessed by Black Dragon Zaka she had a feeling that her youngest sister had already found out about it.

This should be said to be the wild intuition of love? She was the first to be possessed by Black Dragon Zaka , and understood more than anyone else the purity of that darkness.

But when this Black Dragon Zaka, who had the absolute will and the ability to dominate, saw Yun Xi, she froze, and her simple mind became confused.

This person may be the natural enemy of Zakas.

Now, she, Ice Dragon Zaka, Red Dragon Zaka have fallen, only the last sister, Black Dragon Zaka is left untouched.

If the betrayal the great original dragon’s mother means is “this”, they are really bad children who have eaten the forbidden fruit that they shouldn’t have eaten and committed the unforgivable mistakes.

“What is it?” The youngest of the three sisters, Red Dragon Zaka, still had no idea what she had done wrong, not even realizing that the mistake was irreversible.

“Uh … is eating fruit that you shouldn’t eat.” Desert Dragon Zaka turned her head away with a shy look.

“Probably, because the mother is single …” Ice Dragon Zaka said and got embarrassed, this is really a boudoir secret that cannot be told to outsiders.

Well, the great, invincible original dragon that birthed four Zakas, is indeed a lonely dragon without any lovers.

“Mother is single, eating fruit? Is there something in the fruit I ate that made mother angry?” Red Dragon Zaka was still ignorant of her sisters’ secret words.

But Yun Xi, who had been impure for a long time, understood it at once and showed an innocent expression of “it’s not my fault”.

“Ahem … it means this … and that …,” as the eldest sister of the four Zaka sisters, Desert Dragon Zaka got closer to her sister Red Dragon Zaka’s ear and began to teach her the things that were not taught in the textbook.

“What, he and you… this … and that … even … even do that kind of thing!”

“I … I … I … I … I was victimized by him?” Red Dragon Zaka looked at Yun Xi with a bitter expression, almost going to pounce on him and bite him.

“Liar … big liar!” After knowing the reason why she was being chased by Black Dragon Zaka , Red Dragon Zaka burst into tears.

If she knew that this was such an unforgivable mistake in her mother’s eyes, she would definitely bite him to death as soon as they met and eat him, and definitely not listen to every word he said.

This guy’s ability to deceive is so terrible!

This is a big liar! Now he has done this… and that… everything is finished!

“Okay, okay, you will become the fifth princess, just forgive him.” Desert Dragon Zaka patted her sister’s shoulder and said in a serious voice.

“Marrying this guy is the biggest mistake of this life.”

“However, it is already a fait accompli, just accept this fate.” Even at this kind of time, Ice Dragon Zaka also did not forget to sneer.

“What the fifth princess? There is no such thing! Not a single possibility!” Red Dragon Zaka ‘s little face turned red all of a sudden.

Why, you all have such sharp ears!

When this guy made his promise, wasn’t one of you sealed by the ice coffin and one of you still being dominated by Black Dragon Zaka?!

That promise was a secret between the two of them!

“Take it easy. I’ve already guessed who the sixth princess is.” Desert Dragon Zaka had a look of “this can’t be a secret”.

“Coincidentally, I also have a list of the seventh to twelfth princesses in my mind.” Ice Dragon Zaka looked at Yun Xi with a scornful expression, as if she was looking at something dirty.

The world is screwed! Yun Xi covered his eyes and felt like he was pierced with 10,000 holes in his body.

Why are my Zakas all monsters!

The vast sky contains thousands of God’s domains. Junior Yun Xi was born in the Sword domain, more specifically, the White Lotus Sword Domain. He has a very jealous childhood sweetheart as he ran an ordinary bakery. At the age of eighteen, he was to marry his arranged bride. Until the sixteenth birthday, the stars shined down on with three different roads for him to take. As three sprites appeared in front of him, the boy suddenly learned a terrible truth, that his original life goal was at stake. In order to survive, the youth had to set foot on the battlefield of many death trials, while learning how to love, and struggle to get stronger.

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