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Just like that, the Obsidian Beetle sneaked into Jin Zhong city with Zhang Mu’s entrust. Unlike the Obsidian Beetle, the wolfdog had to stay here and wait for the other tamer’s mutated animal to be discovered by the mutated animal in the city. Once there was a commotion, that was the moment it had to move.

Meanwhile, the Obsidian Beetle had no hesitations. The instance they entered Jin Zhong city, it left the back of the mutated wolfdog and flew on a low altitude towards the place that Zhang Mu had said would most likely possess the treasure.

While moving forward, the Obsidian Beetle also require to imprint the pathway in its memory along the way. When it returned, it would transmit these pieces of information through Zhang Mu’s psychic power. Therefore, its small brain kept moving. It would glance at those simple landscape quickly while paying attention to those with landmarks. It stuck close to the ground and moved forward quickly.

Suddenly, the Obsidian Beetle sensed an unusual scent in the air. It quickly hid at the side of a street lamp base and retracted all the vigor in its body. It pretended to be a stone and leaned near the street lamp with similar color, almost blending into one. It waited quietly for the owner of the scent to come.


The ground started to shake. After a while, several huge figures appeared on the street.

That six figures had a slim body, long and thick furs, lush and soft tail. They had large, pointed and triangular ears too. The fur coat on their body was in reddish brown or pure white color. The tail was fluffy with a tint of white color. Meanwhile, their ears and limbs were black.

What else could it be other than a fox?

They slowly swept the big tail behind them, while the two meters tall body was scanning around the place. There was a trace of doubt on the face of the commander fox. Just now it certainly smelt an unfamiliar presence, and it was in this direction. But why it couldn’t find it now? Its face was filled with more and more confusion, as it was at a loss.

The other two red foxes beside it whine softly a few times. As if they were reporting that they could not smell the scent that their commander could.

Looking at the empty streets, the commander white fox was a little puzzled. The presence that it smelt earlier should not be a mistake. It trusted its instinct. Hence, it raised its head and howled sharply, heading firmly to a direction, and continue their pursuit. It insists that the strange presence must be here.

A gust of wind blew past. The six foxes nimbly leaped out from this street and disappeared from the Obsidian Beetle’s vision.

The Obsidian Beetle sighed with relief in a human-like way. In its mind, it was reflecting that earlier it merely did not retract …

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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 91 https://zenithnovels.com/ten-thousand-paths-to-becoming-a-god/ten-thousand-paths-to-becoming-a-god-chapter-91/ https://zenithnovels.com/ten-thousand-paths-to-becoming-a-god/ten-thousand-paths-to-becoming-a-god-chapter-91/#respond Fri, 03 Feb 2023 09:26:39 +0000 https://zenithnovels.com/?p=14622 Chapter 91: Of Course

“Sure, if without an invitation. I will invite you then.” Qing Ji said with a smile.

“Then I must go. Sister Qing Ji, please don’t forget.” Sikong Chuyu nodded and said.

“Of course.” Qing Ji nodded and Ye Shang’s footwork became more and more skillful.

Looking at Ye Shang, Qing Ji suddenly had a feeling, she held her long sword, flew over in front of Ye Shang, and started attacking Ye Shang.

Ye Shang quickly began to counterattack.

After Ye Shang counterattacked, Qing Ji began to defend, though she did not suppress her cultivation base, she kept waving the long sword to force Ye Shang to fall back.

The strength of Ye Shang felt strong, but Qing Ji’s Qi was even stronger, as it completely offset Ye Shang’s and it was also transmitted to his hands and arms through the weapon, which forced him to lose the grip of his weapon from time to time in order to control the power coming over from it.

Getting knocked away, Ye Shang continued to rush forward to perform Dragon’s Leap and Chasing Wind, as he did not worry that he would hurt Qing Ji because the difference between the cultivation base between them was very large.

Ye Shang continued to attack and Qing Ji stood still in the same place, mainly because she wanted Ye Shang to release all his strength in his attacking ability.

“Stop! My arms are numb.” After a quarter of an hour, Qing Ji shouted, and then Ye Shang stopped.

“Can you withstand it? Aren’t your arms numb?” Qing Ji asked curiously.

“It hurts when the Qi rebounds at your every attack, but still it’s fine.” Ye Shang said.

“Sister Qing Ji, I told you so.” Sikong Chuyu said with a smile.

“I’ll call Ninth over after a few days. She’s stronger and she can train him.” Qing Ji said and shook her arms.

“Sixth Sister, why are you calling me?” Wearing a green robe covered with white yarn, Yang Lei came over.

“I helped Thirteenth train for a while, but my arms can’t stand his power.” Qing Ji said.

“Then I will try. Thirteenth, are you okay with it?” Yang Lei said.

“Of course.” Ye Shang nodded.

“Well, let’s do it then. I haven’t used weapons for many years.” Yang Lei took out a black long sword from the storage ring.

Ye Shang immediately stepped forward and stabbed over towards Yang Lei’s right arm.

“Fall back.” Yang Lei waived her right arm and the black longsword towards Ye Shang’s spear.

However, it didn’t go out like what Yang Lei expected, as Ye Shang’s shock waves knocked away her sword when the weapons intersected, and the spear continued to move towards Yang Lei.

Yang Lei quickly extended her two fingers to poke on the reincarnation spear, blocking the reincarnation spear with insufficient momentum.

“Go on!” Yang Lei shook the sword and said.

Ye Shang moved two steps forward and attacked again.

After Yang Lei …

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 51 https://zenithnovels.com/monster-refining-system/monster-refining-system-chapter-51/ https://zenithnovels.com/monster-refining-system/monster-refining-system-chapter-51/#respond Fri, 03 Feb 2023 07:21:06 +0000 https://zenithnovels.com/?p=14620 Chapter 51 – Cave of the Great Cliff

Why have all the dirty looks disappeared? Xia Fukun mumbled unhappily when he realized that he no longer had the attention of the passersby.

When he and Yang Yao finished touring around the market, they came across the stall owner who sold Xia Fukun the fragment. He was currently being surrounded by a huge group of people.

“Guys! Guys! Please listen to me!” the stall owner said, cold beads of sweat dripping down his forehead.

“That thing is not a Sacred Vestige Key fragment! If it was, would I have sold it for a single spirit stone?”

Everyone nodded. He’s right!

If it was actually a Sacred Vestige Key fragment, why would anyone sell it for a single spirit stone?

“Aren’t you afraid that that kid will come back to you and look for trouble?”

Hearing the question from a fierce-looking martial artist, the stall owner chuckled.

“Ladies and gentlemen, look at that kid! He has ten thousand spirit stones with him! He’s obviously a rich man’s son! I wanted to get more spirits stones from him, but he’s too smart. Nevermind, a single spirit stone is good enough. Anyways, take a look at this!” the stall owner said and took two more fragments out of his pocket.

“I have two more right here! If it’s so precious, why would I have so many?”

Hearing the stall owner and seeing the items in his hands, the passersby nodded and bought his words. They went off shortly after knowing that there was nothing valuable on the stall owner.

“Brother Kun, I think you have been cheated?” Yang Yao said, tugging Xia Fukun lightly.

Xia Fukun squinted his eyes.

That makes no sense!

If the fragment is a counterfeit, I would not have received a notification from the Monster Refining System!

How could it be fake?

After some time, Xia Fukun decided to confront the stall owner.

Watching Xia Fukun come over to him like he was about to kill, the stall owner proceeded to keep his stuff and got ready to run off. However, Xia Fukun moved way faster than him.

Just as he finished keeping his stall, Xia Fukun was already standing right in front of him.


“Huh?” The stall owner stared at Xia Fukun blankly and uttered a reply. “He… hello?”

“How are you?”

“Huh?” The stall owner was dumbfounded. Why…?

Do you not go by the script? How am I supposed to reply?

“How do you think I am after being swindled by you?” Xia Fukun sneered.

“No, since when did I do something like that?” The stall owner’s face fell.

“I heard all your words. How dare you say that you didn’t swindle me? Cut the crap and give me back my spirit stone,” Xia Fukun said impatiently.

“No, you paid for that item! I don’t do refunds!”

More and more passersby crowded around them after seeing that Xia Fukun and the stall owner were about to get

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The Deity of War – Chapter 157 https://zenithnovels.com/the-deity-of-war/the-deity-of-war-chapter-157/ https://zenithnovels.com/the-deity-of-war/the-deity-of-war-chapter-157/#respond Thu, 02 Feb 2023 18:58:40 +0000 https://zenithnovels.com/?p=14618 Chapter 157: Ice Soul Sword

The little thing sat on the silver beast’s head, near the ghastly wound on the back of its neck. Qi Ying followed them as they reached that black tree once again.


The silver beast snarled.

The little thing then sprang onto the tree before re-emerging with a greenish-purple fruit, and jumping back onto the silver beast. It forced the entire fruit into its mouth, creating quite an amusing sight with its bulging cheeks.

“Scree scree.”

The little thing chewed the fruit into paste, before applying it onto the silver beast’s wound like ointment.

A miraculous scene then followed.

A burst of white smoke rose from the beast’s wound amid a faint sizzling sound. After the white smoke dissipated, a white icy scab had appeared over the gash.

The little thing was very excited, and repeated the same process several times, before finally sealing the entire wound under an icy scab.

The silver beast shook its body, and another plume of white smoke rose into the air. The light had returned to its eyes, as if it had suddenly been healed!

“That’s amazing!”

Qi Ying was dumbfounded.

He didn’t think that the greenish-purple fruit would be that useful!

However, that would probably only work on the silver beast and the little thing.

The two of them seemed to share a symbiotic relationship with the tree. Perhaps the black tree had created the ice cave for them to inhabit, as well as fruits for their sustenance. In return, they guarded the tree and their feces acted as fertilizer.

It was often said that mutant beasts were always around to guard exotic plants and minerals.

Those two appeared to be the tree’s guardian beasts.


The silver beast snarled gently at Qi Ying, in what appeared to be a display of gratitude. It then pointed its head at the sword in his hand, before whipping its head to the side, flinging the little thing onto the tree trunk.

The little thing quickly ran onto a tree branch of relatively even thickness, and clawed at the branch in an animated manner.

“You want me to cut down the tree branch?” Qi Ying asked.

“Scree scree!”


Both of them nodded in confirmation.

Thus, Qi Ying cut down the branch according to their instructions.


The tree branch fell to the ground, but before it could melt, the silver beast suddenly picked it up in its mouth.

Qi Ying was quite confused upon seeing that. “What are you doing with that branch?”

However, the answer was soon revealed to him.

The silver beast held the branch in its mouth, while the little thing jumped onto the tree again before chewing up some leaves and fruits. Everything was chewed into paste, which it applied evenly to the surface of the branch, quickly transforming it into a sharp wooden stick that was about three feet in length, covered entirely in white paste.

The little thing jumped onto the silver beast’s back …

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The Almighty Asura – Chapter 68 https://zenithnovels.com/the-almighty-asura/the-almighty-asura-chapter-68/ https://zenithnovels.com/the-almighty-asura/the-almighty-asura-chapter-68/#respond Thu, 02 Feb 2023 18:07:36 +0000 https://zenithnovels.com/?p=14616 Chapter 68: Are You Calling for Me?

“Do you wish to die?!”

Mu Feng’s eyes gleamed with coldness. He hadn’t make a move, but Bai Ziyue and Mu Kuang who were beside him were already charging at their opponents.

One of the men shouted angrily and struck down with his knife that was surrounded by a gush of Vitality. His strike was quite powerful and could maybe even chop a buffalo into two.

One could see that the man had reached Tong Mai Ninth Sky.

Why were most cultivators stuck at Tong Mai Ninth Sky? It was because a large amount of Vitality was needed in order to open-up one’s Zi Fu dantian. Besides, it was best if the cultivation process was aided by a panacea, which many cultivators couldn’t afford to buy.

Mu Kuang smiled coldly and directly punched out, without even bothering to pull out his knife. His punch was surrounded with Vitality and aimed straight at his opponent’s knife.

The people around them let out a cry of fear. Some of them even closed their eyes as they couldn’t bear to see the sight of a boy’s fist being split into two.

However, the ending was not what they imagined it would be.


A crisp sound of metal rang out when his fist hit the knife and a huge force was exerted.

A numbing sensation instantly spread across the man’s arm and his knife nearly broke into two. He then looked at Mu Kuang in horror as he couldn’t believe that his knife was weaker than his punch.

Without waiting for him to regain his senses, Mu Kuang threw out another punch, aiming straight at his opponent’s chest. This time, his punch broke a few of his opponent’s ribs and the man was sent flying around eight meters away while howling in pain. The man then spat out a mouthful of blood and couldn’t stand up anymore.

Meanwhile, Bai Ziyue leaped into mid-air and gave several strikes of his sword. About eight phantom sword figures appeared and began striking down at his opponent as fast as lightning.

Most of the strikes were blocked by his opponent’s knife, but the last strike managed to hit his mouth, knocking off a few teeths.

The man screamed in pain and covered his bloody mouth with his hand. His face twisted in pain and one could see that he won’t be eating anything else throughout the festivals.

Bai Ziyue then kicked the man in his chest with a cold expression, sending the man several meters away from him.

Another man pulled out his knife and charged at Mu Feng, but Mu Feng maintained his stance. He gathered the Vitality in his body towards his fist and nine crisp sounds rang out when the Vitality from his 12 Meta-pulses burst out in a sudden.

“Tong Mai Punch!”

He then punched out heavily at the man’s chest, his fist surrounded with a surge of Vitality.


The man was sent flying more …

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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 171 https://zenithnovels.com/great-merchant-cataclysm/the-great-merchant-in-the-cataclysm-chapter-171/ https://zenithnovels.com/great-merchant-cataclysm/the-great-merchant-in-the-cataclysm-chapter-171/#respond Thu, 02 Feb 2023 17:06:36 +0000 https://zenithnovels.com/?p=14614 Chapter 171: Planning Secretly

The area that Zhang Mu had taken almost covered the entire southeast of Jin Zhong city. He chose this section for a reason. Yesterday when he had a drink with Li Hu, Li Hu had mentioned to him once that the west side was much weaker whereas the situation in the southeast area was more complicated.

During that time, Li Hu wanted to convince Zhang Mu to find a relatively weak opening to break through. However, Zhang Mu did not think this way. Instead, he was more interested in the southeast side that Li Hu mentioned.

In this Jin Zhong city, the leader of the mutated animals and the intellectual type of walking dead must have a countermeasure at the very least. Therefore, when the area was heavily guarded by them, there would be a high possibility for the main event to appear there. Furthermore, they did not evolve to the stage where they would allocate a deceptive battle array to mislead the enemy.

Long Qi wanted to make use of Zhang Mu to investigate the situation, so why shouldn’t Zhang Mu also make use of the available resources in his hands? If something truly happened, there would be another three people to share his burden. Therefore, during that time, wasn’t it easier to take advantage of the situation and entered again? Zhang Mu was curious about the secret within the Jin Zhong city too.

For the time being, people would not discover any prominent piece of treasure yet. Meanwhile, the mutated animals would not be eager to devour it. Usually, they would guard beside it until it matured fully. Zhang Mu also thought of this point, which was why he ran here without thinking twice.

Otherwise, did he specially ran over here to be Long Qi’s servant instead of doing his era merchant task?

When they reached the front of the city’s building complex, just as expected, they notice that the walking dead herd were moving in an orderly pattern. They were walking funnily with their legs dragging on the ground, yet Zhang Mu could not smile when he saw the scene.

These walking dead were patrolling in an orderly manner according to the instruction they received!

In this case, the only explanation for this was the intellectual type, who was controlling the enormous herd, had reached a high stage in its evolution. Therefore, it was able to control the action of the walking dead in batches.

Then it was very likely that this intellectual type of walking dead was going to occupy Jin Zhong city as a fortress to complete the last step of its evolution. As a result, these mutated animals and walking dead herd were taking great pains for the sake of it.

This speculation was also firmly anchored in Zhang Mu’s mind. Because in his memory from the past life, he did not find any useful information about any treasures produced in Jin Zhong city.

If that was the case, this …

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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 90 https://zenithnovels.com/ten-thousand-paths-to-becoming-a-god/ten-thousand-paths-to-becoming-a-god-chapter-90/ https://zenithnovels.com/ten-thousand-paths-to-becoming-a-god/ten-thousand-paths-to-becoming-a-god-chapter-90/#respond Thu, 02 Feb 2023 15:52:37 +0000 https://zenithnovels.com/?p=14612 Chapter 90: Movement Method

“Is it the eternal pill that retains one’s youthful looks?” Qing Ji asked.

“It might be exaggerated, but the looks will only change very little.” Sikong Chuyu said with a smile.

“Thirteenth, where did you get this treasure?” Qing Ji excitedly looked at Ye Shang, as she could not understand how he obtained such a precious medicinal herb.

“Unexpected harvest. Sixth Sister, please hand it over to Ninth Sister.” Ye Shang took out another bottle and said.

“She doesn’t need it because she had already reached Void-Fusion stage, thus she can retain her youthful looks.” Sikong Chuyu told Ye Shang about the common sense of cultivation realm.

“I see. Well, Sixth Sister, this is also for you.” Ye Shang took out Huang Jun’s storage ring and handed it to Qing Ji.

This storage ring wasn’t larger than Ye Shang’s, and Ye Shang saw Qing Ji using her storage belt, thus he intended to give it to Qing Ji.

“What’s this?” Holding the storage ring, Qing Ji asked.

“Storage ring. I will dismiss the soul binding first.” Ye Shang reached out, took the ring in Qing Ji’s hands, and forced the blood out from the storage ring with his Qi circulation.

Some treasures required soul binding, and the storage ring was at the lowest level.

There were generally only three ways to dismiss the soul binding.

One was the death of the owner, another was when the one who obtained it had stronger strength than the original owner’s and directly erased the mark of the original owner, and the other was when the owner withdrew his control.

“Thirteenth, you should keep it. My storage belt is one of the top.” Qing Ji stopped Ye Shang, but Ye Shang already dismissed the soul binding.

“Sixth Sister, I have this from some time ago.” Ye Shang shook his left hand and gave Qing Ji a look at his storage ring.

“You’re so rich.” Seeing the storage ring on his finger, Qing Ji received it directly.

“Sikong, you already have a storage ring, so don’t stare at me with this look.” Ye Shang noticed Sikong Chuyu looking at him.

“Then if I didn’t have it, will you give it to me?” Sikong Chuyu asked with a smile.

“Yes, of course!” Ye Shang nodded without hesitation.

“Thank you, Ye Shang.” Qing Ji took the storage ring and put it on her finger.

“Sister Qing Ji, your martial brother treats you really well.” Sikong Chuyu said.

Ye Shang smiled and got up to brew tea.

Qing Ji asked about the origin of Ye Shang’s storage ring, and Ye Shang then told her the story.

“I didn’t know that you were so lucky. When will you go to the abode of the Lushan King?” asked Qing Ji.

“Maybe later. I am going to get a movement method first. It’s a drawback if I don’t have a movement method.” said Ye Shang.

“I have one, you can try it.” Sikong Chuyu took out a …

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 50 https://zenithnovels.com/monster-refining-system/monster-refining-system-chapter-50/ https://zenithnovels.com/monster-refining-system/monster-refining-system-chapter-50/#respond Thu, 02 Feb 2023 13:23:16 +0000 https://zenithnovels.com/?p=14610 Chapter 50 – Is he a Normal Person?

Stall owner: “…”

Dude, have you heard of the phrase, “You should not flaunt your wealth”?

Despite that, the stall owner was taken aback by Xia Fukun’s wealth. Remembering that he was also a Warrior Realm martial artist, the stall owner immediately put on a smile and talked to Xia Fukun politely.


“Who are you calling Garçon?”

Xia Fukun furrowed his brows. Garçon? Who am I, your waiter?

“Erm, then, Young Master?”

“Yeah, that will do.” Xia Fukun nodded.

Yang Yao, who was on the side, felt muddle-headed.

Is there any difference between Garçon and Young Master? (Translator note: In Chinese, they’re both “Young Master,” but with different connotations.)

“Young Master, I apologize for being unable to recognize you. I must be blind to not recognize such a powerful young master who has a strong background.”

The stall owner was a cultivator who learned to cultivate on his own and only managed to break through to the Profound Realm after much difficulty. It was almost impossible for him to compete against Xia Fukun.

“It’s fine. I don’t hold grudges against dogs.” Xia Fukun waved his hand.

“Dog?” the stall owner asked, stupefied.

“Yeah. Don’t you know that dogs act most like snobs?” (Translator note: It’s a Chinese saying.)

Erm… this phrase sounds smooth, huh? The stall owner nodded. Is it a metaphor or rhetorical question?

“Let’s go. These are all trash. I doubt there’s anything good here. Let’s make our way into the market. There might be valuable items available there.”

Yang Yao nodded and turned around to go off. However, before they could leave, the stall owner let out a laugh and came over to them.

“Young Master, I wonder, are you interested in treasure hunting?”

“Treasure hunting?”

Confusion washed over Xia Fukun’s face. What?

“You have a map with you?”

“Not really, not really.”

Seeing that he had managed to stir Xia Fukun’s interest, he smiled thinly. The stall owner had guessed that Xia Fukun was part of a second-generation superpower seeing how Xia Fukun flaunted his wealth previously. These kinds of people are the most gullible.

“Speak in human language.”

Stall owner: “…”

“I found this when I went past a cave in the past.”

Afraid to lose his VIP, the stall owner got straight to the point. He scanned around and carefully took out a piece of a broken iron from his pocket.

“What’s this?”

As soon as Xia Fukun took the iron from the stall owner, he heard a notification from the Monster Refining System.

“Ding dong! Congratulations host, you have found a Sacred Vestige Key fragment, which you can exchange for five hundred refinement points. If you manage to collect all six parts, you can exchange it for ten thousand refinement points.”

Ten thousand!

Xia Fukun’s eyes lit up brightly. Wow, that’s not merely a lot!

I nearly died in the spirit spring because of that Golden Ray Python, which only gave me a hundred

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The Deity of War – Chapter 156 https://zenithnovels.com/the-deity-of-war/the-deity-of-war-chapter-156/ https://zenithnovels.com/the-deity-of-war/the-deity-of-war-chapter-156/#respond Wed, 01 Feb 2023 20:38:34 +0000 https://zenithnovels.com/?p=14608 Chapter 156: The Wounded Beast

The little thing jumped onto the silver beast, and turned to Qi Ying with a very humanized pitiable expression.

Qi Ying finally understood what was happening.

That silver beast was most likely the little thing’s mother or father.

It had somehow been severely wounded, and was on the brink of death.

The little thing must have fed him that many fruits in the hope that he would be able to attend to and cure the silver beast.

“You’re a really good child… Let me have a look…”

Qi Ying squatted down and patted the little thing on the head, upon which the latter moved away to allow him to operate on the beast.

Seeing as the little thing had helped him, he was going to try his best to return the favor!

Qi Ying turned to the silver beast, to discover that it was in an extremely feeble and unconscious state. It appeared that it had lost a lot of blood, and not only was the wound on its neck very deep, the green light emanating from within was most likely some kind of toxin, which was severely eroding its internal organs.

Qi Ying had done a lot of hunting in the past, so he basically qualified as half a veterinarian. At the very least, he could diagnose the symptoms of all of the beasts back on the Nameless Mountain. Thus, he laid his right hand on one of the beast’s forelegs, so he could assess its pulse.

Moments later.

After a short while, Qi Ying’s expression stirred slightly.

As he had expected, the silver beast’s wounds weren’t actually life-threatening. However, the green toxins in its body were extremely lethal, and were constantly repressing its recovery ability. At the same time, the poison was paralyzing its organs and tissues, as well as leeching away its energy.

If it were left untreated, it wouldn’t be long before it died.

If he wanted to save it, he would have to clear out the toxins within its body!


A smile appeared on Qi Ying’s face.

He would have had some trouble if it were some other type of ailment, but a poison-induced condition was far too easy for him to cure.

Qi Ying leaned down and pressed his mouth against the silver beast’s wound, upon which a putrid scent invaded his nostrils. The wound was clearly fresh, but the effects of the toxins made it smell like rotting flesh. Qi Ying furrowed his brows and began to suck out the toxins in the beast’s bloodstream.

Gulp! Gulp!

Thankfully, the silver beast’s blood was quite powerful, and it managed to restrict the infection to an isolated part of its body. Otherwise, its entire body would have already rotten away. The toxins were mainly built up near its spine, thereby paralyzing it from the neck down, which was why it had been completely immobilized and could only lie on the ground.

As Qi Ying sucked out the poison, all …

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The Almighty Asura – Chapter 67 https://zenithnovels.com/the-almighty-asura/the-almighty-asura-chapter-67/ https://zenithnovels.com/the-almighty-asura/the-almighty-asura-chapter-67/#respond Wed, 01 Feb 2023 18:48:55 +0000 https://zenithnovels.com/?p=14606 Chapter 67: Spring Lantern Festival

Looking at the panacea inside the jade bottle, Mu Feng was touched beyond words.

No matter how cold and cruel the world is, Mu Feng knew that he was not alone. There were people who still loved him deeply.

None of us lacked family love. In fact, this kind of affection had made us feel touched all the time. However, it is also this affection that is the most easily ignored by us. This is because family love is always there, and we seem to have taken it for granted.

“A level six panacea! You don’t usually see one of these in small places like Nan Ling kingdom. How could your sister have one?”

Xi Yue was stunned and said to Mu Feng telepathically.

Mu Feng shook his head as he also didn’t know why Mu Linger had something so precious.

A level six panacea was such a valuable treasure that even the Mu family can’t afford to have.

Although he didn’t know why Mu Linger have something like this, he guessed that she must have made a huge sacrifice.

After keeping the letter and the bottle back inside the wooden box, Mu Feng kept all of them in his Qian Kun ring with a solemn expression.

Although he didn’t need the panacea anymore, he still valued it deeply because it was his sister’s love for him.

Don’t you worry about me, sister… Little Feng has not been beaten down. I’m still the genius that you once called me. I will make you proud by studying at the Royal Wudo Academy. I promise!

Mu Feng clenched his fist and looked up at the sky while making a silent vow.

After that, he immediately wrote two letters. He then put two level three Blood Pills and six level two Blood Pills into two jade bottles and handed it to the Mu disciple. He then ordered the disciple to send it to the Royal Wudo Academy.

The two letters were for Yun Qingwan and Mu Linger, as well as the two bottles of Blood Pills.

After that, Mu Feng walked out of his courtyard and went over to Mu Kuang and Bai Ziyue’s courtyard.

Two figures were fighting in the courtyard and the sound of their weapons clashing was clearly heard.

One of them was dressed in black robes and had a muscular physique. He had short hair and wore a black-colored headband across his forehead. His weapon was a snow-white knife and he was continuously striking it down at his opponent.

The other guy was dressed in snow-white robes and had a slender physique. He was quite good-looking and held a long sword in his hands. His strikes were fast like the wind and silent like phantoms.

A beautiful girl dressed in green sat on a nearby bench and was quietly watching the fight.

These three people were Mu Kuang, Bai Ziyue and Mu Lan.

Mu Feng was greatly surprised when he found out that Bai …

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