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Great Dao Commander – Volume 2 Chapter 29

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Volume 2, Chapter 29 – Zhang Yan’s Sword Fight in the Heroes Gathering Island


The moment the chime rang Elder Chen’s lips moved as he transmitted the Sword Arts technique to control Sword Bullet into everyone’s ears.


Zhang Yan’s mind immersed along with that mellow and rich voice as the mnemonic chants entered straight into his soul, while the appearances emerged one after another in his mind.


He carefully analyzed the sword’s pattern and found that these mnemonics were the key points for the entire technique in this Flying Sword Art.


In which, it first illustrated how cultivators attached their spiritual qi to the sword, controlling it to fly away and also elaborating all kinds of Sword Bullet’s maneuvering techniques as well as killing technique’s secret.


Spiritual qi was used to refine 2 kinds of Pure and Impure Qi and combined it into one, thus, it also naturally able to divide and gather it. With the changes in the Yin and Yang energy, it caused the Sword Bullet to be able to turn over from top to bottom, as well as shift and move everywhere.


However, Zhang Yan also felt that although this swordplay control technique was to be presented to these tens of thousands disciple here as they were also possible to train it. But only disciples at the Second Stage of Radiant Qi Realm were able to display its basic formidable might. As for disciples with opened meridians, if they had yet to refine a strand of pure qi, they simply were unable to control the Sword Bullet, let alone control the flying sword to kill the enemy.


Therefore, the disciples that really eligible to compete for the Stars Essence Sand were only the ones in the front row, while the others could only wait and see.


At this time, Qin Nan who was beside Zhang Yan suddenly cheered as the Sword Bullet in her hands unexpectedly rose, causing here to jump into joy with an excited expression. She held Zhang Yan’s sleeve and fiercely swung it and shouted, “Senior Brother, Senior Brother, take a look at this.”


Zhang Yan only smiled without words. After a moment Qin Nan realized, and hurriedly let him go. Her face turned red and spoke, “Senior Brother, please don’t be angry, this Junior Sister has lost her manners for awhile.”


Zhang Yan smiled and said, “It’s alright, when I had just condensed a strand of pure qi, I was also just like you, jumping into joy.”


He secretly nodded, He didn’t know under which Elder this Qin Nan was cultivating under. It only took her a short time to be able to make a Sword Bullet floated with a strand of pure qi. Even if she couldn’t fly it further, it was only limited by her low cultivation base, while her aptitude was certainly very high.


Observing those disciples in the surroundings, most of them were only looking at the Sword Bullet with a face full of bitter expression, while also frowning when the mnemonic chants were transmitted. Some of them were even looked despondent. Then how could this girl easily achieve this?


This girl has a pure mind and heart, even if she didn’t ponder about it, with nothing to lose and not thinking about the success and failures, she could easily attach her divine sense to the sword fully.


He then looked at those 2 disciples who were at the Third Stage Radiant Qi Realm. He could see that they were also able to make their Sword Bullet to fly and dance. Zhang Yan no longer hesitated and quickly sank his consciousness into the Broken Jade. His sitting avatar suddenly opened its eyes and controlled the Sword bullet as he observed the pattern on the Bluestone Screen Wall and carefully practiced it.


Although it was only 10 days in the outside world, he actually had stayed in the Broken Jade for 6 months and slowly gained insight.


Upon seeing Zhang Yan was sitting motionless on his spot without saying anything, Qin Nan also knew that he was in the process of comprehending the mnemonic chants, so she shouldn’t disturb him at this time. She happily played with the Sword Bullet that flew in the air.


This Sword Crossing Origin stated that moving flying sword, in fact, was but only a swordplay technique to face the enemies and while also carefully looking for the opportunity to come.


With regards to cultivators at Zhang Yan’s cultivation realm, the defensive techniques they could choose were very limited, so Zhang Yan only focused to temper himself in 3 techniques called as “Fluid Movements”, “Bright Skylight Rainbow”, and “Tidal Wave Crush”, which were the most important skills and technique in sword play.


The entire of Sword Arts were based on these three secret techniques. He believed that if he wanted to evaluate others’ mastery in Sword Arts, as long as he mastered these 3 skills, he might be able to grasp them right away.


Although his perception couldn’t be compared with some extremely intelligent disciples, but his tenacity in nature would win. He didn’t spend time to comprehend the mysteries, but he deeply believed that “practice makes perfect”. Therefore, the repeatedly drilled himself in the Broken Jade and repeatedly executed these 3 moves for thousands of times every day.


However, although his body wasn’t tired in the jade’s space, but it greatly consumed his spiritual power. For each day in the outside world, he withdrew his consciousness from the Broken Jade and took a dose of Spirit Rejuvenation Pill, resting silently for half an hour and then re-entered the jade.


Later, he slowly comprehended the changes and variation in this art. He actually felt that this Sword Art seemingly was unable to be fully displayed. It was as if something was left behind and not completely passed on.


But it was also reasonable, judging from these disciples’ cultivation base. It would be to bite more than they could chew. If at present they were unable to comprehend this Sword Art well, wouldn’t it be useless talking about the more exquisite Sword Art? Then, he focused himself to consolidate his present achievement and didn’t think about others.

10 days had fleeted fast.


This day at 8 AM, some disciples who couldn’t control the Sword Bullet already gave up. Only a few that slightly had grasped something while the remaining majorities were still pondering the Sword Art’s changes. Then, the jade bell rang from the stone platform as the child servant shouted, “10 days have passed. Everyone stop!”


Everyone’s Sword Bullet stopped floating, and they looked up to the stone platform at the same time. Elder Chen’s vision swept down. Although his expression looked gentle and without anger, however, each time he looked at everyone, their hearts jumped as they lowered their head didn’t dare to look at him.


Elder Chen’s eyes finally fell on Feng Ming and asked amiably, “Feng Ming, how’s your practice?”


Feng Ming promptly stood and respectfully replied, “Although this one has yet to thoroughly comprehend the principle, but it also has touched a trifling success.”


Elder Chen spoke, “Well, come forward and demonstrate it again. Let me see what you the progress you have gained compared to 10 days ago.”


Feng Ming straightened his chest up as he cupped his hands and replied, “Report to the Elder, this one has only just practiced it, and cannot show anything good. Disciple hopes by studying this new Sword Art, this one would be permitted to compare notes with other fellow disciples, to show the comprehension in disciple’s heart within these days.”


When Elder Chen heard this, he swayed his duster while stroking his beard and spoke, “It’s also fine.”


With Elder Chen’s permission, Feng Ming turned and faced the tens of thousands disciple to cupped his hands over and then shouted loudly, “Who is amongst Senior Brothers who wants to show one’s insight in this Sword Art? You can come up to compete with this Feng in obtaining the Stars Sword Bullet.”


His arrogance was truly shown in these words, he was as if didn’t put all the disciples in his eyes.


A disciple with displeased expression then stood up and spoke, “Senior Brother Feng, although I only have entered for 2 years, I will come up since this Junior Brother also feel to have some insight and willing to see Senior Brother’s method.”


Feng Ming turned his head to seek the voice’s direction and saw a short and small figure and seemingly not an outstanding disciple. He laughed, “It actually Junior Brother Wang Kun. I almost cannot see you. You are from the Boundless Shore’s Wang Family. I assume you should also have a solid foundation from your elders. This Senior Brother here wanted to ask some advice from you.”


Hearing Feng Ming’s words carried along ridicules and mocks meaning, anger rose in Wang Kun’s heart as he snorted and quickly stepped to the platform and coldly spoke, “Senior Brother Feng, please be careful!”


He threw the Sword Bullet upward and pointed as a while light then shot forward. The Sword Bullet the flushed straight toward Feng Ming.


Feng Ming’s complexion was still calm, he formed a seal as the Sword Bullet in his hand also leaped up to meet Wang Kun’s Sword Bullet and directly hit it.


A “bang” sounds heard as the two Sword Bullets collided.


Feng Ming’s Sword Bullet was still intact whereas Wang Kun’s was smashed into pieces as his complexion also turned white and even stepped backward continuously for a few steps. He stared with eyes opened wide at Feng Ming with aghast expression, pointed at him, “You, you…”


Having won the match, Feng Ming seemed like he was only doing worthless things as he crossed his hands behind his back and spoke, “Junior Brother, your “Fluid Movements” is good, in a short 10 days time you actually can grasp it. But it’s a pity that you want to compete with me in strength. You, at most only have 24 strands of spiritual qi in your chest. No matter how many the qi you’ve gathered now, how could you even be compared with we who already has 49 strands of spiritual qi?”


Upon listening to these words, all the disciples shouted in alarm and even gasped one after another. This Feng Ming unexpectedly silently had refined 49 strands of spiritual qi? What kind of talent was this? Even if there many outstanding disciples in the Sect, only a few could have 36 strands of spiritual qi and was considered as marvelous, much less 49 strands!


One must know that the profound cultivation method had the law which said, “Cultivates Spiritual Qi, Transforms into Profound Light, Results into Primordial Dan, Arrives at Nascent Soul.”


This spiritual qi was the foundation for all the future cultivation in magical arts. The more qi ones had, the greater ones’ achievement could reach. With such 49 strands of spiritual qi, Feng Ming future was limitless!


Wang Kun’s complexion turned deathly pale, he lowered his head and spoke, “This Junior Brother’s technique is inferior to you, I lost.”


Feng Ming waved his hand and replied, “Junior Brother you don’t have to be discouraged. Comparing notes between fellow disciples, the outcome is only a trivial matter. You don’t need to worry and put it in your heart and stains your soul and finally impeded your cultivation path.”


Wang Kun clenched his teeth and replied, “Junior Brother accepts the advice! One day this one will ask advice again from Senior Brother!”


Feng Ming laughed and said, “I’ll be waiting at any time.”


Wang Kun returned back to his seat with darkened face. Feng Ming looked around shouted, “Which Junior Brother wants to come up for a try?”


“Let me try!”


A disciple jumped out, but this person was even worse than Wang Kun, but this time Feng Ming was quite giving him a face and gave a dozen of rounds before using the Sword Bullet to lightly hit his shoulder and made him admit defeat.


In the next row, a few disciples also stepped forward to seek advice, but people with a discerning eye could see that these people were Feng Ming’s acquaintance, and stepping to have a contest with him might as well said that they were only supporting him.


After more than a dozen games down, Feng Ming’s imposing manner turned more powerful and his expression also looked more swift and fierce. His vision cast aside and swept several disciples from ancient families from time to time and faintly carried along a provocation meaning.


Even if these ancient families’ disciples were slightly angry, but they also thought that they were not Feng Ming opponent and could only stay silent. Just those 49 strands of spiritual qi alone were enough to suppress their temper. Therefore, they simply turned a blind eye and silently sat on their seat.


Elder Chen on the stone platform slightly nodded with a trace of pleased expression on his face.


Everyone might not notice his expression, but it couldn’t hide the truth from Zhang Yan’s eyes.


He had realized that the Sword Art’s lecture in this Bluestone Screen Wall had long been machinated early on to let Feng Ming got the Stars Sword Bullet. Otherwise, why Elder Chen would point him again and again and never once did he mention another disciple? The meaning was extremely obvious.


In fact, he almost had guessed everything.


Elder Chen had always been growing inside the Apprenticeship Branches. However, because outstanding juniors were almost rising from ancient families and event faintly gave more pressure to the Apprenticeship Branches, he also wanted to choose several outstanding geniuses and foster them. Granting them with flying swords, magical treasures, and took the opportunity to support and promote them in order to rally and resist the rising momentum from the aggressive ancient families’ juniors.


He had decided that Feng Ming was one of his candidates but not yet announced. This event might be called as a Sword Lecture, but in reality was to grant Feng Ming the Stars Essence Sand to be refined into his Sword Bullet.


At this time, if another person came up and able to beat Feng Ming, as long as he could read and understand the inside story, it was feared that he would also be apprehensive and worried.


But Zhang Yan actually thought otherwise. In treading the path to immortality, never must one have the slightest bit of tenderness and a weak heart. The only words existed were to fight and to win! Worries, apprehension must be cut off and followed only his own heart. When he thought about this, he set firm his resolve.


At this moment, nobody in the field dared to come forward anymore to contend with Feng Ming. He shouted for 3 times and none answered. While he was full of pride and was about to turn around to receive the Stars Essence Bullet, Zhang Yan stood and spoke, “Hold on! I’ll try!”

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