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Great Dao Commander – Volume 2 Chapter 30

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Volume 2, Chapter 30 – The Tidal Wave Crush Flying Sword Belong to Whom?


Feng Ming was so strong, whether it was his comprehension on this Sword Lecture or his own heritage, he faintly had suppressed everyone. This time none came up again only to lose face as they thought that the matter that he would obtain the Stars Sword Bullet was obvious. Never did they expect that Zhang Yan stood up at this very moment, causing him to suddenly become the focus of attention from everyone.


Feng Ming who had prepared to get his prize, looked back. He saw Zhang Yan was standing at the farthest and over there seemed to be just the seat for disciples who just opened their meridians. He mused, which disciple was it, how did he not know how high the sky was and how deep was the earth?


Although he faintly unhappy, but he had shown enough abilities on the surface. With amiable smiling expression, he spoke, “Junior Brother, if you’re interested, you can also come up to test each other.”


If he was selected by the as the Elders’ disciples, he would confront against ancient families’ backbone disciples and also must establish his own team. Under the vision of public eyes, he must be able to keep them close as well as using his strength to keep them under control. But for disciples with lower cultivation base, he must show his generosity to win them over and gained a good reputation.


Zhang Yan faintly smiled and said, “Then please Senior Brother be lenient in giving advice.” He flung his sleeve and moved forward.


When he came out, Qin Nan’s eyes widened and stared at the site. Admiration revealed on her face as she looked at his back until he was far away. She was perfectly aware that she couldn’t have dared to challenge Feng Ming, the person who she worshiped.


When Wang Kun saw Zhang Yan under the stage, his complexion changed. He was the Boundless Shore’s Wang Family’s clansman. The day when Wang Pan left to fight Zhang Yan in the Spirit Leaf Island, he was also preset, naturally, he recognized Zhang Yan. Then, he was as if recalling something as he suddenly turned his head and saw Feng Ming, while a trace of a schadenfreude expression unexpectedly revealed on his face.


Under the glare of tens of thousands of disciples, Zhang Yan finally arrived in front of the Bluestone Screen Wall as he faced Feng Ming and stood firmly.


Upon seeing his calm and composed appearance, Feng Ming also didn’t dare to underestimate him. He hadn’t carefully examined Zhang Yan from afar, but after he took a closer look, he was quite surprised after he sensed Zhang Yan’s aura. Although it was very vague, but his spiritual energy was abundant, and he could recognize that Zhang Yan was at Radiant Qi Realm, although he couldn’t see through his complete boundary.


He immediately cast away some of the contempt he had, even though he didn’t truly put him in his mind, and then spoke, “Junior Brother, please make your move.”


Zhang Yan had already seen a lot of Feng Ming’s moves, but nothing was the other knew anything about himself. He secretly pondered that if he used a surprise attack and caught him unprepared, he had a great grasp to beat this person in one move.


But he must not blindly and recklessly act to win the Stars Sword Bullet, since he also had to pay attention to his method and conducts.


Today’s circumstance was not to having competition who was strong who was weak. The key point was to see the one that had the deepest comprehension toward the Sword Crossing Origin’s lecture.


If he won too fast, at best they could say that his strategy was correct, or he was stronger than Feng Ming. But he couldn’t demonstrate how good he was in Sword Art. So long as Elder Chen had biased favoritism over Feng Ming and felt his reputation had been taken by him, the Sword Bullet was certainly be obtained by Feng Ming. Wasn’t this the same that his effort would come to naught?


Thus, the only way to truly defeat Feng Ming was but only utilizing the Sword Art. Only then would the others unable to find any excuses.


Upon hearing that Feng Ming was asking him to strike first, he bluntly acted and formed a seal as a bright Sword Bullet soared to midair and floated on top of his head. He then spoke, “Senior Brother, be careful!”


His voice had downed a small bright light flashed and was difficult to distinguish to naked eyes due to its lightning speed.


Some disciples under the stage shouted in alarm, “Bright Skylight Rainbow.”


The so-called “Bright Skylight Rainbow” was to transforming most part of spiritual qi into pure qi and attached it to a sword blade. And then carried it along with the sword to strike, of which would be able to achieve extreme speed in an instant. The more pure qi it had, the faster the speed.


In only a short 10 days time, disciples in Second and Third Stage of Radiant Qi Realm had also slightly comprehended “The Fluid Movements” technique. However, for “The Bright Skylight Rainbow”, only a few disciples could touch it. At present when they saw Zhang Yan demonstrated it, they couldn’t help but shout loudly.


The Sword Bullet in the blink of an eye arrived in front of Feng Ming and was almost hit him. He was shocked, and hastily released his Sword Bullet to fly and block it. In the end, he inevitably was too slow. He couldn’t block it even if he wished to and would be defeated shortly. But he actually that the Sword Bullet only slightly touched his long robe and flew back. He could feel his back was drenched in cold sweat.


Zhang Yan took out the Sword Bullet and let it floated above his fingers and spoke, “Senior Brother, you shouldn’t be distracted.”


Because his sword was extremely fast, even receiving the sword also very quick, everyone under the stage didn’t see any flaws, and could only think he had done a sneak attack toward Feng Ming and was blocked. A few disciples who had a close relationship with Feng Ming were even suddenly applauded loudly.


Elder Chen who was observing on the stone platform, slightly frowning


Bewildered and indeterminate expression filled Feng Ming’s eyes first before he quickly calmed down. He then spoke in a solemn tone, “Junior Brother is truly brilliant, but you don’t have good luck.”


He just saw from that strike that Zhang Yan’s speed in controlling the Sword Bullet was slightly better than him. He then decided to not compare the speed with him but seriously prepared to guard against it. He actually didn’t fear such sneak attack since they were separated by 100 feet afar, so he would be able to intercept it a step ahead.


A month ago Elder Xun had secretly taught him this Sword Art and this gave him the abilities and confidence to face everyone. But due to it being too obvious and would be very difficult to avoid people’s mouthing, so he didn’t exert all of his strength.


At the moment he had made up his mind that once Zhang Yan attacked again, he would use “The Fluid Movements” to shoot down Zhang Yan’s Sword Bullet. He had 49 strands of spiritual qi, and he would use all of them to hit the enemy. At present nobody was possible to keep him off. This was his biggest advantages and his strongest trump card to beat him. This was what he should do.


Zhang Yan didn’t seize the opportunity to defeat him a moment ago, that meant he was stupid. As for him, he wouldn’t do this kind of flaw.


Feng Ming finger pointed. The Sword Bullet flew and hung motionless 30 feet in front of him and took a defensive stance.


Everyone under the stage was feeling strange, they thought that he just wanted to give the chance to a Junior Brother to move; therefore he was only defending and didn’t attack.


Zhang Yan looked at it, and he immediately knew his intention. He secretly smiled in his heart. He changed his technique again as his Sword Bullet in the air suddenly maneuvering and flew in a big circle and didn’t strike and was slightly slower than the speed Feng Ming had done a moment ago.


Feng Ming quickly controlled his Sword Bullet to hit it head on. When he saw that the 2 Sword Bullets were about to collide, he couldn’t help but reveal his joy. But never did he expect that Zhang Yang’s Sword Bullet suddenly turned around in the air and flew back. Feng Ming was surprised, but he also afraid to change his technique as he also moved his Sword Bullet to detain it.


When he was seeing that his Sword Bullet was about to hit it, Zhang Yan’s Sword Bullet turned over at him again. Feng Ming was startled. He didn’t dare to let him over and circled his Sword Bulled and once more tried to hit it head on.


The two Sword Bullets were chasing each other just like birds. After having circled around in the air for a few times, numerous disciples who had touched the insight, shouted in alarm one after another, “Tidal Wave Crush?”


This was the most difficult technique to master in the “Sword Crossing Origin” for Radiant Qi Realm cultivators. It used a strand of spiritual qi to drive the Sword Bullet to rotate around and attack the enemy first. Had it failed or being blocked, the second spiritual qi would superimpose and the Sword Bullet would rotate again. After having happened repeatedly for several times, the Sword Bullet’s speed and might would be getting faster and stronger. When the time came, even if the enemy wanted to block and avoid it. The Sword Bullet’s strikes would be unstoppable and unavoidable.


If one wanted to execute this technique, he must master “The Fluid Movements and “The Bright Skylight Rainbow” first. Only then would they be able to execute it.


After the two Sword Bullets rotated in midair for 28 times, Zhang Yan’s Sword Bullet had already drawn closer to Feng Ming.


Feng Ming had already been exhausted at this time, and he couldn’t be compared with Zhang Yan’s active attack. It took him twice the amount of power for each protection move, which made him barely able to keep up with Zhang Yan’s speed.


Finally, he was sweating profusely. But he still persisted while clenching his teeth. He was still hoping to win, because “The Tidal Wave Crush” attack was limited and was impossible to be executed beyond the amount of spiritual qi one had. With 36 strands of spiritual qi, Zhang Yan’s Sword Bullet at most could only rotate for 36 times. Never did he believe that Zhang Yan able to exceed himself in this aspect!


As long as he survived this storm, and Zhang Yan had released his final strand of spiritual qi, only then he could trample and butcher him!

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