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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 55 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 55

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Chapter 55: Making a Huge Fortune Overnight

Now, Zhang Mu had complete control over the transaction and No. 35 was being very cooperative. He shook his red robe and flames burst across the platform instantly.

Era merchants all had different habits when trading, but the process was same.

Zhang Mu calmly watched No. 35, who currently looked like a flame lord.

“Oh! No. 35, can we start now?”

Having waited for a while, Zhang Mu touched his nose as he interrupted the magnificent opening.

No. 35 shook and looked at him with a little anger. He thought that his grand opening would shock this sub-merchant. Unexpectedly, he was stopped and now, he’s left feeling like he choked on a steamed bun.

“Alright, take a look by yourself.”

No. 35 seemed to have lost his patience. The flames around him burned and formed a screen in the air, showing the trade list to Zhang Mu.

He should be quick from the very beginning, I don’t want to see his show at all!

Of course, Zhang Mu thought so in his heart. By no means did he speak his thoughts out loud. It would only further irritate No. 35 who was already very impatient.

Moreover, he had a plan, even though he didn’t know whether it would succeed or not. Fortunately, he had a reliable title. It didn’t matter even if he failed.

His train of thoughts was interrupted by No. 35’s angry voice, “According to the rule, trading of the Era regional goods comes first. Give me your Luoyang Peony Buds and I will give you golden leaves.”

Hearing that, Zhang Mu opened up his Merchant’s Ring without hesitation. Golden doors opened and eight Luoyang Peony Buds flew towards No. 35.

No. 35 smiled at first, but quickly, he became serious and said in a cold tone, “The purchase price of the Luoyang Peony Bud is… three golden leaves in my store.”

Even though Zhang Mu had known the price early on, he still swallowed his saliva after hearing it. It was a 200% profit already, not to mention that he had gotten the Luoyang Peony Bud at half price! Right now, Zhang Mu had in his possession eight Luoyang Peony Buds which would translate into 24 golden leaves.

One must keep in mind that Zhang Mu only needed 10 golden leaves to complete his task this month. In his past life, Zhang Mu had fulfilled this mission only after visiting the Era store twice, but he accomplished it so easily now.

And this wasn’t the end. He will buy a batch of goods here, sell them to other people and earn a lot of money!

“How about it? Do you want to trade them?”

Zhang Mu nodded and said, “Yes! I will trade them all!”

Zhang Mu didn’t lose his cool. He had calculated that the golden leaves he would get could be used to exchange for many goods.

Once he got Zhang Mu’s answer, No. 35 waved his sleeve and put away the eight Luoyang Peony Buds. He said with a smile, “Since you have 24 golden leaves, I’ll show you the list of Era regional goods in Xi’an.”

Under No. 35’s control, the fire screen’s display changed accordingly.

At the same time, flame surged out from the fire screen and flew towards Zhang Mu, illuminating his whole body. He wasn’t shocked and let it scan his body.

One second later, the scan was over. A cold, mechanical voice echoed in the air, “Ding! Ding! Ding! Merchant authority recognition: Number 001, a trainee merchant. Trade time: the tenth day of the Paradise Era. Discount: 20% off. Prices have automatically generated.”

Seeing the low prices, Zhang Mu exposed a greedy look.

“Tea Seed Oil, one unit/half golden leaf, remaining: 15 units.”

“Pita Bread Soaked in Soup, one unit/half golden leaf, remaining: 9 units.”

“White Jade Donkey Statue, one unit/2.4 golden leaves, remaining: 4 units.”

It seemed that the second sub-merchant of Xi’an didn’t buy a White Jade Donkey Statue. Only Liu Shuo bought one which currently resided in Zhang Mu’s ring.

No. 35’s heart was dripping blood as he thought that Zhang Mu would buy all his goods. But what Zhang Mu said made him doubt his hearing.

“Your goods are too little. Can you get six more White Jade Donkey Statues? I will buy them all if you can.”

Unexpectedly, Zhang Mu asked an Era merchant to make a replenishment. Normally, if there were no goods, sub-merchant would leave and come the next time, but Zhang Mu asked for a replenishment.

Actually, he was trying. If it worked, he would make a fortune.

No. 35 was about to shout an abuse, but Zhang Mu said first, “My golden leaves can buy all of your Era regional goods. As Number 009 has died, do you want your next four sub-merchants to begin their first trade without any good? That will be a big loss for you.”

What he said made No. 35 think. If Zhang Mu bought all his goods, he wouldn’t be able to arrange any new task for his sub-merchants. Moreover, according to the rule, he couldn’t give them any special treatment. If so, the four sub-merchants would lose from the starting line.

But in the early times of the new era, Zhang Mu, as Number 001, could use a little authority to let No. 35 make a replenishment. Although he might have to suffer a little loss, it would be better than all four of his sub-merchants not being able to get any goods.

However, seeing the merchant’s eager look, No. 35 felt like he was being led by the nose.

The most important thing was that Zhang Mu was not his sub-merchant. If he helped Zhang Mu, No. 37 was the one enjoying all the benefits.

No. 35 asked Zhang Mu questioningly, “Why do you only want White Jade Donkey Statues? You don’t know the resale price of goods, can you?”

Zhang Mu had already prepared for this question. He said calmly, “How can it be possible? I just like to bet. I either don’t buy any or I’ll buy everything of one kind. I like things to be exciting and I like the feeling of taking a risk. As you can see, in Luoyang City, I bought eight Luoyang Peony Buds and gave up the Yellow River Carp without any hesitation. ”

After a while, No. 35 decided to believe his words, but he had to admit that Zhang Mu was just too lucky. Perhaps this was the reason why he could become the first sub-merchant of Testing Field No. 37.

No. 35 finally calmed down and gritted his teeth, “I’ll make more White Jade Donkey Statue.”

Under No. 35’s eyes, the number of White Jade Donkey Statue on the list was increased to ten.

Unexpectedly, No. 35 really did increase the inventory!

Zhang Mu looked very calm but in fact, he was excited beyond words. He had achieved a goal no one else accomplished in his previous life!

“Number 001 buys 10 White Jade Donkey Statues. The price is 24 golden leaves.”

As the cold mechanical voice echoed again, all the golden leaves in his hand disappeared, but he didn’t care about it at all. Looking at the 11 White Jade Donkey Statues, Zhang Mu laughed.

I did it! I have made a great fortune overnight!


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