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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 56 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: Because of Money


Looking at the number that decreased to zero, No. 35 was very distressed. Those were all the spiritual essences that he had collected in Xi’an City for the past ten days and yet, they all ended up in Zhang Mu’s hand. However, he could do nothing but accept the outcome.


Now, he only wished for Zhang Mu to disappear from his sight, but he endured, shaking his red robe. The flames around him began to rearrange themselves into different patterns, forming a bigger fire screen.


“Next is the Era General goods. The prices of these goods are fixed. Sorry, but I can’t replenish them for you.”


No. 35 only wanted Zhang Mu to disappear quickly, so he sped up the formation of the fire screen and showed him the list.


The robotic voice echoed again, “Ding! Ding! Ding! Merchant authority recognition: Number 001, a trainee merchant. Trade time: the tenth day of the Paradise Era. Discount: 20% off. Prices have automatically generated. Start.”


No. 35 was ignoring him while he didn’t want to talk with the era merchant, so he just went over the prices carefully.


Since he hadn’t finished his first task yet, Zhang Mu was currently only a trainee merchant. He didn’t hold much power, so the Era General goods were still the same as he had seen in Luoyang City, except that he discount Zhang Mu enjoyed now was different from back then, so the prices were higher.


Yet, he didn’t mind it much because he had a lot of crystals right now.


“Five-kilogram of dried food with a kilogram of water, essential for survival. Six first-ranked crystals per 100 units: 100,000 units remaining.”


“First-rank agility potion: promotes speed and agility by 0.2 times. After consuming 10 units, there will be no more effect. Ten first-ranked crystals per unit: 30 units remaining.”


“First-rank strength potion: promotes strength by 0.2 times. After consuming 10 units, there will be no more effect. Ten first-rank crystals per unit: 30 units remaining.”


“First-rank recovery potion: recovers a wound in 30 seconds according to the degree of injury. Fifty first-ranked crystals per unit: 10 units remaining.”


“First-rank weapon and armor: choice of your own weapon and armor. Ten crystals per unit: 20 units remaining.”


“Second-rank evolving potion: allows first-ranked evolvers to reach the second rank. Five hundred crystals per unit: 1 unit remaining.”


Except for the number of second-rank evolving potion being the same, the number of other goods increased.


Looking at the numbers, Zhang Mu noticed that Liu Shuo and the other second sub-merchant didn’t exchange for the second-ranked evolving potion.


After all, except for himself, no other era sub-merchant had enough crystals to exchange for it in the first several days. Even now, many people still weren’t aware of the functions of crystals and those who knew wouldn’t broadcast this information around.


So Zhang Mu was actually benefiting from this.


Not to mention the strength potions, even the recovery potions were deemed priceless in his past life. Providing that you were still alive, a first-rank recovery potion could heal a completely broken body in just one day.


Looking at the list, Zhang Mu looked up and stared at No. 35 with a frightening smile, “Except for food, I will buy all the General goods you have.”


No. 35 swallowed, “You really want everything?”


Zhang Mu grinned, “Yes!”


30 units of agility potion, 300 crystals; 30 units of strength potion, 300 crystals; 10 units of recovery potion, 500 crystals; 20 units of weapons and armor, 200 crystals; and one unit of second-rank evolving potion, 500 crystals.


Zhang Mu bought 1,800 crystals worth of items and still had funds left.


Zhang Mu spent his crystals like water.


No. 35 didn’t feel angry and calmed down quickly. He said to Zhang Mu, “Since you want all my goods, you’d better use your leftover 1,200 crystals.”


“What do you mean? You said the number of the goods couldn’t be changed,” Zhang Mu said, confused.


No. 35 looked at him with satisfaction. Finally, I have the initiative.


So he said slowly, “You can buy the 20,000 units of food.”


Zhang Mu smiled and answered, “Oh, sorry, even if I’m Number 001, the space of my ring is limited. 20,000 units won’t fit in its space.”


“That’s it?” No. 35 smiled. They looked at each other like two cunning foxes.


“I can give you a Merchant’s Ring. Of course, it can only store goods from my shop. It has a capacity of 100,000 units let alone 20,000. How about that? Are you interested now?”


“Haha, don’t look down on me. Ok, I will buy all the food. I have the crystals!”


Zhang Mu answered without any hesitation. No. 35’s smile faded. He didn’t expect Zhang Mu to actually clean out all his goods. It seemed that his momentum was suppressed once again. He smiled bitterly, “OK!”


In fact, Zhang Mu had his own plan. Five kilograms of dry food and one kilogram of water could sustain a person for three days. If Zhang Mu sold them, he might be able to get a high price, after all, the amount he possessed was quite large.


20,000 units can provide for 20,000 people for three days. During the early times when no one dared to search for a granary, 20,000 was a huge amount.


Before, Zhang Mu didn’t have the means to store so many things, but now No. 35 solved this problem. Although the ring could only store goods from Xi’an City, it was still a huge boon to him.


Thinking of this, he bought the food and water with all his remaining crystals.


“For the weapons, I want 10 spears and for the amours, I want 10 one-handed shields.”


Zhang Mu had his reasons for choosing to buy these: it was easy to resell these goods to others.


A small Merchant’s Ring with his name carved on it suddenly appeared on his right middle finger.


Meanwhile, the crystals in Zhang Mu’s ring turned into various types of potions. As for the weapons, armor, food, and water, they were all transferred into the exclusive ring of Xi’an City.


Zhang Mu calmed down and said, “I will start by strengthening myself.” Without permission, he had sat down on the ground with his legs crossed. He took out 10 agility potions and 20 strength potions.


His behavior was very rude, but No. 35 still warned him, “A human can only use 10 potions, do not blame me for not reminding you that it is wasteful to drink more.”


“I know. I can see the instructions on the bottle. I’m not blind.”


No. 35 felt doubt and stared at the sub-merchant, “Since you know, why did you take out so many?”


Zhang Mu didn’t answer him immediately. Firstly, he drank 10 strength potions. After that, he bit his left arm and poured the remaining strength potions and agility potions into his wound.


Magically, the potions didn’t overflow. It was as if the wound had transformed into an abyss that engulfed all that was poured in.


After all the bottles were emptied, Zhang Mu looked at No. 35 and said slowly with a weary smile, “It’s because they weren’t for me alone.”

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