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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: Metamorphosis of the Bloodvine Demon Lotus

Zhang Mu was betting because he has heard of a summoner-type evolver that had given his mutated creature a potion in his past life. However, he didn’t know if mutated animals could actually consume them.

If the Bloodvine Lotus could absorb the energy in these potions, its power would be strengthened to a new level.

However, after Zhang Mu poured the 20 potions into his left arm, the wound healed, but the Bloodvine Lotus had no reaction.

Did I guess wrong?

Zhang Mu felt pity. After all, these potions were valuable not only because of the price but also because their quantities were limited. He can’t buy any more until 20 days later.

Why didn’t it work? The Bloodvine Lotus had absorbed all the energy. If the Bloodvine Lotus rejected this energy, it wouldn’t have swallowed the liquids.

What happened?

All of a sudden, he came to a realization and started laughing happily. Looking at Zhang Mu, No. 35 doubted whether the sub-merchant had schizophrenia or not.

Haha! I forgot that the Bloodvine Lotus had entered a deep sleep after losing too much energy.

Although the agility potions and the strength potions held powerful efficacy, they didn’t help with recovering from injuries. In this case, the Bloodvine Lotus wouldn’t be able to use their energy to heal its wound.

As Zhang Mu realized this fact, he held out his right hand, on which a green potion appeared.

It was a first-ranked recovery potion.

First-ranked recovery potions were infused with the purest life energy in the world, bestowing it the ability to heal all wounds.

“Bloodvine Lotus, don’t worry. I will help you wake up right now.”

Zhang Mu felt guilt towards the mutated plant as it had been severely injured trying to protect him. Although it only possessed basic instincts, it still saved him, which moved his heart. Zhang Mu wouldn’t be stingy with it over a recover potion.

Zhang Mu didn’t care about his wound. He tore it apart again and poured the recovery potion inside.

“Wake up! Bloodvine Lotus!”

Zhang Mu roared in pain.


As the life energy surged into his arm, Zhang Mu felt something as if a heart was pounding in his left arm.

“Dong! Dongdong! Dongdong!

As the sound became louder and louder, Zhang Mu became more elated.

Beside him, No. 35 stared at Zhang Mu with a seriousness.

This fluctuation of life… it can’t be…


The Bloodvine Lotus woke up and exploded out from Zhang Mu’s left arm, twining around it. A moment later, more than ten vines – each twice as strong as before – broke through the skin and started waving crazily in the air like snakes.

Zhang Mu could feel the Bloodvine Lotus’s intimacy and trust through the mental bond they shared as he touched the vines softly.

However, in the next second, the vine noticed the other living creature in this space and suddenly went crazy.

As it just woke up, its whole consciousness was filled with blood-thirsty impulsions.

Dozens of vines turned around in the air and attacked No. 35 before Zhang Mu could react.


No. 35 wasn’t shocked. His right hand reached out and stopped the swinging vines.

“Unexpectedly, somebody had gotten to it. What a lucky guy you are.”

No. 35 said slowly. He looked towards Zhang Mu with complex emotions.

Is there something about the Bloodvine Lotus that I don’t know of?

Zhang Mu was curious and asked, “No. 35, what is it exactly?”

No. 35 shook his head and answered, “I’m not allowed to say, but let me warn you. If you can’t control it well, you’ll get injured, to say the least, but you may also be doomed eternally.”

Is it really this serious? I knew the guy who owned the Bloodvine Lotus before. Indeed, his behavior was strange sometimes, but it wasn’t as bad as what No. 35 is saying.

Although the Era merchant concealed his emotion well, Zhang Mu still noticed the fear in his eyes.

Does the Bloodvine Lotus really hold some unknown secret? Otherwise, why would the Era merchant become so scared?

Zhang Mu noted this down in his mind. Era merchants were powerful beings. There must be a reason for his fear.

“You can retract it now.” No. 35 put down his arm and said to Zhang Mu.

Zhang Mu ordered the Bloodvine Lotus in his heart, then smiled bitterly, “Sorry, but I can’t control it now. I think that we have to wait for it to use up its energy.”

No. 35 glanced at him scornfully and said, “If we do as you say, the Bloodvine Lotus won’t rest until daybreak.”

No. 35 waved his sleeve and his flames turned into a flock of firebirds, speeding towards the vines.

The Era merchant’s power was strong. His flames burned the vines, making the Bloodvine Lotus struggle painfully. Zhang Mu felt sorry but he could do nothing.

In just a few seconds, dozens of vines have been burnt and fell to the ground, charred. It then shrunk back into his arm quickly.

Zhang Mu was about to comfort the injured plant when he found a marvelous discovery.

Where the vines have been burned was recovering and strengthening.

The Bloodvine Lotus can become stronger as it recovers from battle!

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