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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 67 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 67

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Chapter 67: Ten Tons of Rice


“What?! You have ten tons of rice?” Wang Liang was shocked.


Zhang Mu had so much rice! If it was real, Wang Liang would like to give Zhang Mu all the animal cores to exchange the rice from him. Since Zhang Mu had told him the importance of animal core, if he wanted to evolve himself, then animal cores would be necessary.


However, he also knew that the energy in his body was still growing. He didn’t need to use them right now. Compared to the increase his power, he would rather to get the ten tons of rice, which could buffer against the difficulty the whole habitation was facing. There were about one thousand people living in this habitation. Ten tons of rice could support them to live for at least ten days.


Wang Liang needed time right now!


Why did he keep sending evolvers to clean the walking dead in the city? Because they were in lack of food. Ordinary people didn’t eat too much food everyday, but almost all evolvers were big eaters!


These days, he arranged for ordinary people to build defense facilities around the habitation and let evolvers kill the walking dead in the city.


So far, they had almost cleaned up the walking dead around the habitation, but they didn’t dare to attack walking dead crowds, which had forced them into these very adverse circumstances.


If Wang Liang went to collect the resources in the city, then he had to survey the terrain first and arrange the transit route. During this period of time, the habitation would consume a great amount of food. If any accident happened, they would run out of food.


However, Zhang Mu had appeared and helped them solve all problems. Twenty set of weapons would become their trump card when they cleaned walking dead crowd. And the ten tons of rice would keep away the fear of food shortage.


Suddenly, Wang Liang thought of something. His enthusiasm faded like the fall of tide.


“Brother Mu, how can you bring me the ten tons of rice alone? They can even fill half of the space in the storehouse!” Wang Liang asked with a puzzled look. He was curious about Merchant’s Ring and had asked “the Second” about it. The Second told him that his ring could only store things for a few cubic metres. Even if Zhang Mu didn’t put anything else in his ring, his ring wouldn’t be able to hold ten tons of rice!


Zhang Mu give him a mysterious smile and said, “It’s not something you should care about. Just tell me will you agree to my requirement or not. You need to worry about anything.”


Wang Liang ground his teeth and looked at the box. “Ok, deal!”


Zhang Mu smiled. He stretched out his right hand, and instantly, a small black hole appeared beside his Merchant’s Ring. In Wang Liang’s surprised eyes, the box had been absorbed into Zhang Mu’s ring.


Zhang Mu patted Wang Liang’s shoulder, who was still gazing at the space with his eyes opened wide. “Don’t worry. The storehouse is too small. Lead me to an open space so that I can take out the rice!”


Wang Liang was still half believing and half doubting whether Zhang Mu’s ring could really hold so much rice, but he had no choice. He followed Zhang Mu, walking out of the storehouse.


Zhang Mu looked around and saw an open space behind the storehouse. He thought that it was fit for the requirement, so he directly walked to the open space and said to Wang Liang, “I will put the rice here. Your guys can carry them into the storehouse yourself.”


Wang Liang nodded and gazed at Zhang Mu with interest.


Zhang Mu looked at the ground and stroked the special Merchant’s Ring, which he had obtained from the Era merchant in Xi’an, with his left hand.


Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!


While Zhang Mu’s finger touched the ring, instantly, one bag of rice after another was poured out from the ring and piled up on the ground. After a while, Zhang Mu had put all the rice on the ground, and then he started to put a bucket of water after another bucket on the ground.




Zhang Mu smiled, “They are free gifts, a total of two tons. Thank you for shopping.”


Wang Liang gazed at the rice and the water with rapture. He subconsciously panted and swallowed his saliva. Zhang Mu smiled looking at him.


Zhang Mu knew what a new-built habitation needed: food and weapon, and he could give them both. He had only spent a hundred and twenty crystals for that rice, but now, he could exchange it for fifty animal cores. By any measure, he had made a killing.


With those animal cores, Little Black would be more emboldened to start its evolution.


At this time, Wang Liang didn’t mind how Zhang Mu could offer him so much rice and water. What he needed to do now was to call more people to move the food and water. He called up the guards, and told them to put part of rice into the storehouse, and the remaining into the garage which was in the center of the whole habitation.


Wang Liang looked at Zhang Mu with a mixture of emotions spreading over his face. Zhang Mu had become more mysterious in his heart. Even if not judging him from his power, his trading technique and boldness were much better than “the Second”.

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Legendary Emperor Yongye

Thanks for the chapter 😀


They’d get diabetes because of carbohydrate content in the rice.

Isaac Steinway

Not in an environment where they instantly use the energy they get from it, diabetes is a disease that is caused from those energy cells not being used and stagnating, rotting.

Princess Renesmee

Thanks for the chapter ?

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