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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 101 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 101

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 101: Advance Trading

Zhang Mu was dumbfounded. According to what no.37 said, he would have to take out 20 gold leaves to compensate him.

However, Zhang Mu was penniless now. All he had was his era’s local goods. Besides that, he had nothing on him.

However, he never thought about whether he would be behind in payment. There was no relationship spoken in trading, much less so when doing trading with an interest-driven era merchant. If he dared to pretend to accept it and then be unable to pay it back, he would probably need to pay with his life. Zhang Mu knew the weight of the situation.

No one can owe the era merchant’s shop, even if it was just a crystal!

This was an important rule to all the era merchants in the future.

As for the other option, Zhang Mu didn’t even want to think about it. With the merchant’s personality, he would not give any good installment plans to help him repay his debt.

As expected, no. 37’s indifferent voice rang beside his ear, “I think that you have no ability to pay the 20 gold leaves now. Since you are back, you must have completed the mission. However, even if you had a good harvest, you would only bring a portion of your era’s local goods. Deducting the gold leaves that you needed for the mission, you would not have much left right? Should I give you a good installment deal for the rest of your debt?”

“Do you want to pay it back in one month, three months or six months? The interest every month would be 10% of the amount you put under the credit. How does this sound? Since this is the first time you are paying compensation, I will offer you a promotion. If not, I would normally ask for a 20% interest.”

One month and he wanted 10%. Based on what he said, he still wanted to get 20%. He is really opening his mouth wide. Zhang Mu was thinking about what no. 37’s expression would be like after he took out his era’s local goods later.

When he realised that Zhang Mu didn’t reply him, no. 37 smiled, “do you think that my price is too high? You did use me to deal with your trouble. I can be considered as your life saviour. With your ability, it would almost be impossible for you to retaliate against him. If I didn’t act, you would be a cold corpse now. So, after I said all this, do you think that it is worth it now? Is your life not worth 10 gold leaves?”

However, Zhang Mu still kept quiet. Actually, he was calculating his harvest this time. When he brought out the 11 White Jade Donkey Statue, how would no. 37 look at him?

However, no. 37 still thought that Zhang Mu felt heart pain to give him the 20 gold leaves. It was still too hard to take out 20 gold leaves even if you pay for it through installment. He sighed helplessly and said, “001, if you still think that it is expensive, I have nothing to say too. By right, an era merchant needs to pay the penalty of coming in before the exchange date immediately. I can delay my share of the leaves. This is your first time breaking this rule. It is partly my fault for not telling you because I didn’t think that there would be era merchants returning in the first month to finish their exchange.

How about this, since I have the responsibility too, I will take half of it. You will be responsible for the remaining 5 gold leaves. This way, you will not have many thoughts about it, right? As for my fee, I will give you a three-month installment. You will not need to pay the interest anymore. This is the best I can help you.”

Zhang Mu stared at no. 37 as he kept talking and didn’t interrupt him. In the end, no.37 lowered the number of gold leaves to 15 for him.

He asked subconsciously, “so that is a total of 15 gold leaves?”

No. 37 looked at him strangely, “yes, 25 gold leaves in total. Five gold leaves must be paid immediately and ten of them can be paid in three months. You will pay three gold leaves in the first two months and four gold leaves in the last month.”

In order to let Zhang Mu forget about his worry, he even patted Zhang Mu’s shoulder, “after you completed more mission, your era merchant’s authorisation would increase and the initial funds for your mission would increase steadily too. The number of items you can bring back would increase too.

That way, ten gold leaves would mean nothing much to you.

“So, what era’s local goods do you have? I can help you see the price and then you will know if you can afford the penalty fee. If it is not enough, it will be deducted from your next mission. I am being restricted by rules too. If you are unlucky and the local goods you have have a low retail price here, it might only be slightly above the reward of completing the mission. If that is the case, I can’t help you too.

The deduction of the penalty is done by the system. It is not within my responsibility and I can’t control it.”

Zhang Mu knew what he meant. Out of the four cities around Luoyang, one of their local goods was selling at a low price. He heard that it was only 5% higher than its cost price. That means that he would only earn half a gold leaf. Now, no.37 was afraid that Zhang Mu would be unlucky and choose this city’s era merchant’s shop as his partner for exchange.

In his past life, his luck wasn’t really good. However, now, he had something that was powerful than luck. Foresight. Also, his luck had changed after he was reborn.

“Its Xi’an.”

Zhang Mu’s soft voice sounded like an explosion in no. 37’s ear. He was the owner of the era merchant’s shop so he knew about the price of the different goods at his shop. 001 chose the one that gave the highest retail price for his goods, no. 35.

This guy is so lucky. He almost couldn’t control his elegant aura but he managed to stop himself just in time. He gave a complicated look to Zhang Mu, “I didn’t know that you would be so lucky. As expected of the first era sub-merchant in this testing field.”

No. 37 looked at Zhang Mu and seemed to be considering something. It might be a coincidence if it happened once and luck if it happened twice, but if it happened three or four times, things would be more complicated.

Zhang Mu guilty as no. 37 stared at him. However, he didn’t show any emotions on his face and looked back at no. 37.

After a while, no.37 seemed to give up thinking and said to Zhang Mu slowly, “if the things you had are from Xi’an, then most probably you would have enough for your penalty fee this time. You will not need to do any installment and you might even have some extra. What kind of luck do you have? My price for the good from Xi’an is the highest among all the era merchant shops in this area.”

“Okay then, take out all the things you hid in your era merchant’s ring and I will calculate the price for you.”

“Are you prepared?” Zhang Mu suddenly asked no. 37.

No. 37 looked at Zhang Mu in surprise, “yes, why?”

Zhang Mu said softly, “okay then.”

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