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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 108 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 108

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 108: Nothing Left

Zhang Mu felt that a minute lasted for almost a century. However, there was nothing he could do. He needed to take this bet. There were not many ways in which he could increase his abilities now.


Finally, the sound that he was waiting for rang and Zhang Mu’s heart was lifted up again.

“The system has verified that the target material is made of a level 1 mutated animals.”

Zhang Mu’s heart sank when he heard those words. Is it not possible? Has he lost his bet? The Obsidian Beetle was not up to the standard?

However, Zhang Mu’s emotions were brought up again because the furnace spoke again.

“There is a change in the decision. Although the material is made from a level 1 mutated animal, there is a value in strengthening the weapon. The weapon reached the criteria for strengthening. Era sub-merchant no. 001, please choose the level.”

He took a long breath. Zhang Mu’s emotions were like riding a roller coaster. He felt that he was being tortured by the furnace.

Seems like his Obsidian Beetle really has a secret. It even managed to fulfill the criteria of something as strict as the weapon-making system.

“No. 001 chose the remaking of a level 2 weapon. Please choose one of the options below.”

“Basic remaking, 22 gold leaves. Just the basic remaking of weapons based on the original material.”

“Intermediate remaking, 33 gold leaves. Use a bit of the special materials from the era merchants shop and combine it with the weapon. There might be an improvement in the weapon but don’t bear too much hope.”

“Advanced remaking. 66 gold leaves. Combining the weapon with materials from the era merchants shop and remake the weapon based on its abilities and functions. You will get unexpected surprises.”

“Special remaking. Price is subjective. The weapon-holder would make their own request and the weapon would be customised for them. However, no. 001 doesn’t have this authority yet. You need to be a middle level era sub-merchant in order to select this option.”

After he heard what the furnace said, Zhang Mu gave a weird expression. He wanted to choose the special remaking option but he was rejected by the furnace just like that? And this happened even after no. 37 helped him to get more authorities.

Zhang Mu glanced at no. 37 but no. 37 expressed that he could not do anything either. He could only afford to unlock the basic level era sub-merchant status for Zhang Mu now. No matter how well he performed from the mission this time, he had only completed a mission for the sub-merchants on probation. He was still far away from the requirements of being a basic level sub-merchant, which was to complete five missions.

Since this was the case, Zhang Mu had no choice but to choose the next best option. He said to the furnace directly, “weapon-making system, I choose the advanced remaking option.”

This was a machine. Hence, it would not ask Zhang Mu how he got so many gold leaves. It would just proceed with this order.

“No. 001 choose a level 2 weapon advanced remaking option. The cost will be 66 gold leaves. Are you sure?”

Hearing the cold and mechanical voice of the furnace, Zhang Mu hurriedly said, “Yes.”

The moment he said that, his gold leaves were taken away. Zhang Mu didn’t have to look at it to know that 66 of his gold leaves were gone. The speed of the era merchant’s shop was amazing.

“Is there a style that you want for your weapon? Based on the size of your weapon, you can choose between a dagger, cutlass, claw, steel thorn etc. No. 001, please select an option.”

Zhang Mu replied without any hesitation, “dagger, I want a dagger.”

“No. 001, your bill has been settle. Your weapon will be undergoing remaking now. Time required: five minutes. Please wait.”

After that, the system didn’t speak anymore. The nine dragons on the nine dragon furnace suddenly raised their heads as though they were roaring to the sky and white smoke started coming out from their mouth.”

Zhang Mu could almost see the Obsidian Beetle melting and combining with other materials. However, no matter how much he used his creativity, he could not have guessed what it would look like later.

Hence, Zhang Mu started planning what he should do with his remaining gold leaves.

This remaking of weapon cost him most of his fortune so he had no more money to buy most of the things that he put on his secondary list.

Ruling out most of the options, he was left with two choices that caused him in a dilemma.

“Psychological talisman, able to guard against level 2 psychological evolvers. The cost is 15 gold leaves.”

“Advanced insane potion, able to increase your speed and strength two to three times and the effect can last for one hour. Only limited to evolvers level 2 and below. No side effects. The cost is 18 gold leaves.”

Zhang Mu really wanted the psychological talisman because he lack a protection against this kind of power. However, the insane potion that had no side effects was really tempting too. All the potions that could increase strength had a side effect. The user would feel weak for a period of time after the potion was used. Hence, this potion was really suitable for Zhang Mu. If his strength and speed was increased by three times, that would be a really scary thing. This was the reason he was in a huge dilemma.

Which one should he choose?

Zhang Mu thought for a few minutes before making a decision. He told no. 37 firmly, “I will choose the psychological talisman and a unit of second-rank recovery potion. For the remaining 1.5 gold leaves left, change it to 1500 crystals.”

Zhang Mu was really traumatised by Zero. Now, he lacked something that could defend himself against a psychological evolver so the moment he met someone like Zero, he was helpless. He would be trampled upon by them.

Although it was impossible that someone like Zero would appear again, but nothing is certain right? The world is so big and anything can happen. After this occurrence, Zhang Mu didn’t dare to rely too much on his evaluations.

It was more important to make sure that he would still have the chance to live when he met a psychological evolver as compared to having the potion to increase his speed and strength. He would rather ensure his own safety. Anyway, he could rely on his combat abilities, mutated animals, and the Bloodvine Lotus in a fight.

No. 37 nodded and said, “okay, the cost will be  21.5 gold leaves. You will get one psychological talisman, a unit of second-rank recovery potion, and 1500 crystals.”

“Exchange complete.”

Now, Zhang Mu had no more gold leaves. A jade talisman landed in his hand. It calmed him down.

At this moment, the weapon-making system had completed its advance remaking session and it gave a mechanical sound that sounded really pleasant to Zhang Mu.

“Advanced remaking is completed. No. 001, please check your item.”

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