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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 109 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 109

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 109: Returning To Poverty

Is it finally done?

Zhang Mu had already put on his psychological talisman around his neck. He looked at the weapon-making system in the mid-air. He really wanted to know what his Obsidian Beetle claw looked like after remaking.

A clear and long sound, the nine dragons on the furnace raised their heads. Nine streams of steam spurted out from the heads as if they had been suppressed in the small space for too long.

A loud clang followed after that. The cover of the furnace was opened and a few playful flames gushed out, breathing on the fresh air from outside.

Under Zhang Mu’s gaze, a fierce-looking dagger got lifted up in the steam and rose in the mid-air. It stopped right above the weapon-making furnace.

Once the dagger stabilised, a mechanical voice spoke from within the furnace, “order number: 001. Level 2 weapon advanced remaking. Time needed: 4 minutes 37 seconds. Completed.”

After confirming that nothing was wrong, the furnace continued, “target material is level 1 mutated animal material. After remaking, we combined the blue wind steel which is a third-grade purity material from the Blue wind series and the first-grade purity material, fire essence, from the Diya star series, using the three claws as the core to make a dagger. The length of the dagger is 34cm and the weight is 7.5kg.

Additional abilities: Evolvers could feed it non-attributed energy and the fire essence will convert it to fire-type energy. The blue wind steel will follow the speed of the user and sucked in wind-type energy from the surroundings to merge with the fire-type energy.”

At this moment, Zhang Mu felt that his 66 gold leaves were well spent. From the words the furnace was saying, this dagger had an additional fire- and wind-type attributes. Although the fire-type energy couldn’t be used directly, as a secondary function, it will add on to the power of the fire-type energy and made it stronger than normal fire-type evolvers.

“Hope to see you next time.” After saying this sentence, the weapon-making system disappeared into thin air. A gold light returned to the list of items.

The black dagger fell slowly through the air and landed on Zhang Mu’s hand. He held it tightly and examined its body.

It was a familiar feeling. It was the feeling of the Obsidian Beetle.

At the start, Zhang Mu was worried that the Obsidian Beetle claw would change totally after it was remade but luckily, when he held it in his hand, it still gave him the familiar feeling, just like the last time.

He was not sure if the weapon-making system had purposely observed him but he realised that the dagger’s length and weight were totally suitable for him. His power was increasing at a fast pace so when he used the Obsidian Beetle claw last time, he would feel that it was too light. After integrating the materials from the two series, this 7.5kg dagger was just the right weight for him.

He played with the dagger for a while. The dagger spun in Zhang Mu’s hand, light and handy as though an agile butterfly was flying between his fingers. It was like a beautiful piece of art.

The more Zhang Mu played with it, the more he liked it. This was only the normal state of the dagger. He hadn’t tried its additional functions but that would have to wait until he got out.

This was because, in the era merchant’s shop, all the different types of energy would be suppressed except for the era merchant’s energy. The psychological-type energy of Zero was suppressed too and that was why he became a normal agile-type evolver. But, in the era merchant’s shop, even if you could use your own strength, the era merchant was more powerful than a level 6 evolver so there was nothing much you could do to him either. 

Zhang Mu really wanted to go out and test the power of this dagger and forgot about no. 37 totally.

I need to give it a name. Zhang Mu was too lazy to think of one so he just called it Obsidian Beetle dagger.

This name was not flamboyant at all. It was not the least exaggerated.

At this instant, Zhang Mu finally remembered no. 37. No. 37 was standing beside him with a dark face. He quickly laughed and said, “the quality of the remaking is so good I can’t help it but want to play with it for a while more. Please don’t be angry.”

No. 37 looked at him. After a long time, he said, “since you have chosen the rewards, are you planning to start a new round of era training mission? I can give you the mission now.”

“Sure, give it to me now. That way, I don’t have to come back again and my deducted gold leaves would not go to waste. Can you help me to redeem 20000 first-rank crystals worth of current era goods first? Luoyang peony stamen could wait. Do this first.”

Zhang Mu suggested finishing the current era goods exchange first. No. 37 accepted his suggestion. 

Hence, Zhang Mu took out the 15000 first rank crystals as well as the other 5000 crystals he collected from the survival base leaders. There was a total of 20000 crystals. He exchanged it with no. 37.

“No. 37, no. 35 had given me an era merchant exclusive ring that could hold unlimited goods inside. Shouldn’t you do something too?”

No. 37 cursed no. 35 silently. In order to recover his losses and let Zhang Mu give him all his crystals, he even gave him the exclusive ring so early into the era merchant.

However, he couldn’t reject Zhang Mu too. Even other era merchants had given Zhang Mu things. If he, his direct superior, didn’t give him anything, it would not be good.

Hence, no. 37 made an era merchant ring appeared on Zhang Mu’s finger unwillingly. The size was similar to the one no. 35 gave Zhang Mu but there was the name of the city ‘Luoyang’ carved on it. 

In the process of time, these basic supplies would increase at the lowest speed. Hence, Zhang Mu took all the ability strengthening and first-rank recovery potion available and used the rest of the crystals to exchange for almost a hundred tons of food supplies as well as close to a thousand armors.

He had a full load of items now.

As for the mission this time, Zhang Mu remembered all the era local goods for the second mission. Whether it was the Luoyang peony stamen or the yellow river carp, their profit was the same. Thus, Zhang Mu bought the yellow river carp which had a lower cost.

He only asked for the carp again this time. Since it was his second purchase, there was no discount and he got five yellow river carp using 0.8 gold leaves.

When Zhang Mu walked out of the era merchants shop, he was really poor. That is if you only count the current cash on him.

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