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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 110 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 110

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 110: Entering The East City Again

Zhang Mu walked along the small path quietly. He had stayed for a long time in the era merchant’s shop. It was almost afternoon now.

He walked forward aimlessly as he played with his Obsidian Beetle dagger. He was sorting out what happened to him today. He felt that Cataclysm was not as simple as what he imagined it to be.

As his status changed, the levels that he could touch was different. He felt that this world, this era, and this game got even more complicated and mysterious.

At the start, he thought that he would be able to grow up quickly after he was reborn and find the mastermind behind everything easily. However, now, he realised that his goal seemed too far away. He was just living slightly better life than his previous self.

Let’s not talk about those things that he couldn’t reach. Let’s talked about this small Luoyang city. Even in a small city like this, someone like Zero appeared.

A person who could threaten his life and controlled his existence. It was so scary.

Once he recalled how Zero could control his movements, Zhang Mu slowed down. He instinctively touched the jade pendant in front of his chest. When he felt the coolness from the pendant, he felt much more at ease.

Oh right, there were still more than 10 cannibals which were not settled. Zhang Mu suddenly had a goal. He stopped in his track and turned to run towards the East city.

He was still thinking about how to test the dagger power and now, there was a chance!

Zhang Mu smiled. He held the dagger as his clothes puffed up due to the wind. This set of trench coat looked really classy. The streets around him flew past.

Very soon, Zhang Mu reached the familiar unfinished building. He observed the movements inside from afar.

There were already no evolvers guarding the unfinished buildings. Seems like without Zero’s control and reminders, these evolvers felt relaxed. After all, not many people were able to threaten them.

Zhang Mu was one of them but he was brought somewhere by their leader. No one knew what was left of him but he probably wouldn’t be back. 

Zhang Mu didn’t hide. He just walked past the obstacles and went in directly. He went straight to the unfinished building in the middle of the area. He felt that they should be here.

His footsteps sounded especially loud since he didn’t hide it. He saw the 30 cannibals still sitting around the big pots. At the same time, these cannibals saw Zhang Mu too. He was moving towards them at an unbelievable speed. He seemed even faster than he was this morning.

Zhang Mu still remembered the white shirt guy whom Zero called Gu Lin. He should be the one in command right after Zero. Obviously, he was one of the first to notice Zhang Mu too and stood up instinctively. A commotion arose behind him.

By the time the rest of the people reacted, Zhang Mu was already in front of them. He stopped and looked at them mockingly.

Gulin was fearful of Zhang Mu’s Bloodvine Lotus. The Piranha on his chest had withered. He had to keep eating to maintain its last chance of revival. Also, Zero had threatened him just now so he had no courage to fight against Zhang Mu now. As for the people behind him, there was no need to mention them at all. When Zhang Mu’s Bloodvine Lotus came up from the ground in the morning, it killed ten people in an instant. It even sucked a body dry. This dying method was too scary for them. Even if they had fun killing people, when facing with their own death, they were fearful too.

Hence, at this moment, no one made a sound. They all grabbed the weapons, or the white bones, in their hands, afraid that Zhang Mu would make any move.

Since Zero was not here, Gu Lin was the second in command. He tried his best to overcome the fear in his heart. He looked away from Zhang Mu as he said, “Where is our leader? Didn’t you go out with him? Why don’t I see him.”

Zhang Mu faced the 30 people all alone but his aura didn’t lose to them. He said slowly, “If you are talking about that silver-hair old man, he should be dead by now. I am sorry, I didn’t leave any bits of him to keep as a souvenir for you all.”

Everyone looked at Zhang Mu as if they were looking at a ghost. They didn’t believe him.

Although he was really powerful, in front of their leader, he couldn’t move at all. Everyone saw it. However, the same person was saying that their leader was dead. They couldn’t believe him at all. They felt that Zhang Mu might have some special ability which allowed him to escape from their leader and ran back using his fast speed.

Zhang Mu smiled gently as he looked at the people’s suspicious gaze.

The only one who believed Zhang Mu was Gu Lin. He didn’t know why but when he saw the casual smile on Zhang Mu’s face, he felt that what he said was not impossible too.

Once a person started to suspect himself, the suspicion would get bigger. Gu Lin thought of a way to ascertain whether their leader was really dead and he slowly calmed down.

Zhang Mu didn’t stop him. He watched him silently.

After a few seconds, Gu Lin suddenly raised his head. His face was pale. He said with much effort, “our leader is really dead.”

The rest of the people were sneering at Zhang Mu. When they heard what Gu Lin said, they got unhappy and someone shouted at Gu Lin, “Gu Lin, are you frightened by this young boy? Do you know what is the consequences if the leader heard what you say? I think that since your Piranha has withered, you should not be the second in command anymore. You are too much of a coward now.”

The other people didn’t say anything but they looked at Gu Lin suspiciously too.

Gu Lin didn’t look at them. He placed all his attention on Zhang Mu. He continued, “you stupid bunch of people. Feel it for yourself. Is there any reaction from the seed in your heart?”

Once he said this, the noisy bunch of people quietened down and started feeling their seeds.

Some people realised that what Gu Lin said was true. The seed that Zero planted in their heart, which was to keep them from betraying him, had no reaction at all. The scene turned dead silent.

“It’s true. That man is dead.”

Gu Lin’s words were filled with relief and fear.

How did Zhang Mu do it?

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