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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 111 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 111

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 111: Trying His Hand

Zhang Mu, on the other hand, started to think more highly of Gu Lin. No wonder Zero made him the second in command. It was not only because of his plant-type energy. If this person was not controlled, he would be really scary too.

“So, can you let me go?”

What Zhang Mu didn’t expect was that Gu Lin would start pleading with him. He no longer had the arrogance that he had when Zhang Mu met him. 

However, Zhang Mu already made a decision in his heart. He smiled faintly and gave him his answer, “No.”

Gu Lin predicted that Zhang Mu would say this. He was just trying to test his luck just now. He lowered his head hopelessly.

They couldn’t win Zhang Mu last time. They lost to his weird and aggressive Bloodvines. Now, he even managed to kill their leader. No one had the courage to retaliate against him.

Numbers don’t work in front of real power.

Once Gu Lin said this, a portion of the cannibals woke up. They understood the situation now. Some of them even kneeled on the floor and begged Zhang Mu. They even said things like they had an 80 years old mother and a three years old kid. 

“We didn’t want to do it too. That crazy person forced us. We really didn’t want to do it.”

Zhang Mu had to applaud some of their acting skills. Tears just appeared in a second. If they could grab his leg and hugged him while crying, they probably would. Their acting skills could be compared to those second-tier actors.

“Yes, we were forced to eat human meat. If he didn’t force us, if he didn’t plant the seed in us, we will not eat this kind of things.”

“Please give us a chance. We will not eat human meat again after we get out of here. Without the control of his psychological seed, I feel disgusted seeing human meat now.”

“Yes, I can’t eat them anymore too.”

Zhang Mu sneered when he heard all these excuses. They could probably use these reasons to coax people that weren’t aware of the situation but for him, he had already seen their true nature.

Even if they were forced by Zero at the start, they definitely got addicted to it along the way and couldn’t give up on human meat anymore. Also, those people who really kept that principals were already dead. They had probably become their food already. 

Since those people who kept their principals were already dead, there was no way Zhang Mu would let go of these people who had betrayed the human race. No matter how much they pleaded and begged and promised now, once they got addicted to it, they would not be able to control themselves. It was like getting a drug addiction.

Even if the presence of Zhang Mu made them stopped for a period of time, as the time goes by, they would listen to the desires in their heart and by that time, Zhang Mu could not do anything anymore. Letting them go would only result in more humans getting hurt.

Zhang Mu took out the Obsidian Beetle dagger and pointed at them as a reply.

There were also evolvers that didn’t beg Zhang Mu. These people knew that Zhang Mu would not let them go so they didn’t plead to him like all those cowards.

One of the men with a ring on his nose sneered and raised his machete in front of his fat chest. He turned back and said to the rest of the people, “at most, we will just die. When I started eating human meat, I was already prepared to be eaten by other people too. Why are you all so scared now? If you all don’t want to die now, split up. His vines are really weird. Don’t fall into the same trap again. Everything else will be easier after that. He is not so scary.”

However, Gu Lin had no intention of fighting against Zhang Mu. He was the only one who survived the attack of the Bloodvine Lotus. The rest of the evolvers were all dead. Hence, these people here didn’t know how scary those vines are.

The other evolvers just thought that Gu Lin was scared out of his wits and didn’t care about him. They listened to the man with a nose-ring and split up, surrounding Zhang Mu from all directions.

Zhang Mu never stopped their actions at all. He never planned to use the power of the Bloodvine Lotus this time. He just viewed these people as the testing subject for his Obsidian Beetle dagger.

Once most of the people were ready, Zhang Mu kicked his right leg on the ground and rushed towards the man with the nose-ring. Although he didn’t plan to use the Bloodvine Lotus, he was not going to remind them stupidly too.

As expected, when Zhang Mu rushed over. The man with the nose-ring got nervous and grabbed his machete tightly. His eyes turned to look on the ground and he shouted, “be aware of the movement on the ground. Be careful of where the vines will come out.”

Zhang Mu appeared in front of the bunch of people in a blink of an eye. However, to their surprise, no vines popped out from the ground. They were very confused.

Someone observant noticed that the dagger in Zhang Mu’s hand was different from the claw just now. However, he didn’t think much about it. He just thought that Zhang Mu changed his weapon.

Zhang Mu jumped high up. The man in nose-ring knew that he would aim at him first and knew that he had to take on his attack. However, he still glanced at his surroundings and prepared to retreat once things go wrong.

“If you lose your focus in a fight, you are looking for death.”

Zhang Mu’s indifferent voice came from the air. The next second, his Obsidian Beetle dagger struck forcefully on the man’s machete. To everyone’s surprise, the powerful looking machete got cut like a piece of tofu by the small and exquisite dagger.

The attacks didn’t subside. The dagger followed the movement of gravity and continued moving down, cutting the man into half just like that.

The man with nose-ring only realized just before his death that Zhang Mu had no intentions to use his vines. Yet, he put most of his attention on the vines.

However, even if he didn’t divert his attention, he would never expect his machete to be so useless in front of Zhang Mu’s new Obsidian Beetle dagger.

He might be able to exchange some moves with Zhang Mu but in the end, he would still die.

When the other evolvers saw the man with nose-ring died, they gave up trying to retaliate. They rushed towards the exit in a flurry.

Zhang Mu stroked his dagger and looked at the people running away. He licked his dry lips and said slowly, “the show is only just starting!”

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