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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 112 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 112

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 112: The Power of Obsidian Beetle

Just when the first person who running away almost reached the gate, Zhang Mu moved his body. He kicked his red leg on the floor and his whole body shot out like a cannon.

He twirled the Obsidian Beetle dagger continuously in his hand. The cannibals ran with all their strength but they were still unable to throw Zhang Mu off. 

Zhang Mu didn’t say much. They chose their own path so there was no way he would give them another chance. If they wanted to die in a more dignified manner, Zhang Mu could still satisfy them, as long as they picked up their weapon and not surrendered without giving any resistance.

However, this bunch of people was frightened out of their wits by Zhang Mu. They didn’t have any intention of resisting against him at all and just wanted to leave this place. These people had lost their value in Zhang Mu’s eyes and he even wondered if it was too humiliating to make them the first few victims of his Obsidian Beetle dagger. 

Zhang Mu looked at them as though they were a pile of rotten meat. His eyes were filled with contempt.

If that is the case, I don’t have to leave any pride for you all.

He grabbed his Obsidian Beetle dagger and faced it upwards. He injected some of his energy into the dagger and accelerated his speed to the maximum. He slashed forward forcefully.

As the wind roared loudly, the Obsidian Beetle dagger slashed through the air and flames spurted out of his dagger. At the start, only a little bit of flame appeared at the tip of the dagger but with the wind’s help, the flame got bigger and by the time he reached the bunch of people who closest to him, there was already a huge ball of flame on his dagger.

Under Zhang Mu’s control, the flame left the Obsidian Beetle dagger and became a fire tornado which kept growing bigger. It sucked up the few people that were in front of him.

The fire tornado didn’t stop there. It kept rushing forward. 

All the cannibals in its path were engulfed by it. They only had the time to give a painful scream because the temperature of the fire tornado was really high so it melted them the instant they came into contact with it. Their throat got melted too.

Zhang Mu felt that the air was very hot, he couldn’t breathe properly too. He quickly moved away from the fire tornado and killed those people that didn’t get sucked up. One dagger one life. After he finished, he stood at one side and watched silently.

He didn’t expect the flame to be different from the elements that were present of the Earth. Indeed, this is the power of the other stars, It was worth the high price he paid for it. 

Zhang Mu knew that if it was flame from Earth, a human could still struggle for a while even if the fire was so huge. However, the flame that came from the dagger was not so simple. Zhang Mu noticed that once these people came into contact with the flame, they would become part of the flame and even acted as the fuel for it to continue burning.

He lowered his head and looked at the Obsidian Beetle dagger in his hand. He felt it. Although this hot flame came out from the dagger a moment ago, it was still abnormally cold. There was no heat from it at all. It formed a stark contrast with the warmth in the air.

The flame disappeared as quickly as it appeared.

Once there were no more humans to feed it, the flame stopped spinning and slowly shrunk. The places that the fire tornado landed on had turned pitch black and those cannibals were just a pile of dust now. A small gust of wind blew and they disappeared, floating in the air.

From the moment they chose to step on this path, they should have thought of such an ending.

Since the dead couldn’t come back alive, you all will atone for your sins.

 Zhang Mu looked at the dust in the air and sighed with emotion. Actually, he had a part to play in this. Zhang Mu had guessed why Zero appeared. The place that Zero was at had fallen in his past life because of the invasion of the walking dead. This was why Zhang Mu didn’t remember him at all. Also, he was certain that such a person never existed in his past life.

Then that meant that his existence was due to his rebirth.

Due to some of his actions, such as wiping out certain walking deads, some people in the area who were supposed to die in the invasion survived.

Hence, Zero awakened his psychological abilities and the cannibals appeared.

Zero lived because of him and he almost died because of Zero. Everything was back at its starting point. There were no more cannibals, at least, for now.

Zhang Mu wondered if he could resolve the other things that had changed because of him. This time, he was just really lucky.

A gust of cold wind blew past him. He shivered. He stopped thinking about it. He didn’t even know if the things he caused were good or bad so why talked about resolving them now?

He slowly walked back to where he came from. In this entire North city survival base, only Gu Lin was left. He shrunk beside the big pot and didn’t want to raise his head.

He only looked up when he heard Zhang Mu’s footsteps. He said to Zhang Mu, “In the end, you killed them all. I am the only one left, right?”

For some reason, Zhang Mu felt that Gu Lin’s eyes were different from the rest of the cannibals. However, this would not make him forgive Gu Lin. But, he still responded to him.

Gu Lin laughed bitterly. He looked at Zhang Mu and said, “since I am the only one left, make it a quick one. If you can, can you leave a full corpse for me? In my hometown, we have a tradition. When we die, we need to have a full corpse. If not, we will go to hell.”

However, he suddenly thought of something and shook his head. He continued, “forget it, I probably will go to hell anyway. There is no point in having a full corpse.”

Zhang Mu looked at him with mixed emotions. He said, “okay.”

When he heard Zhang Mu’s reply, Gu Lin’s eyes lit up slightly. He thought that Zhang Mu would use the dagger to kill him.

He took out a key from his pocket and held it in front of Zhang Mu. “The secret room where we breed normal humans is beside the underground meeting room of this unfinished building. It is hidden well and there is a huge vase blocking it. This is the key.”

A man’s words are kind when the death is close.

After he finished speaking, Zhang Mu saw Gu Lin closing his eyes. When Gu Lin took out the key, he slit his throat lightly with the Obsidian Beetle dagger. A wound formed and blood flowed out profusely.

Gu Lin opened his eyes with some difficulty. He didn’t seem to feel the pain and was even taking his last look at the world.

Zhang Mu understood the emotion in Gu Lin’s eyes. He finally understood why he felt his eyes were different from the rest of the cannibals.

It was regret!

He heard the sighed that this spirit gave as it was about to leave the world.

“I want to stay alive too but I know.”

“I know that I can’t quit anymore.”

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