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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 115

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 115: The Heart Is In A Mess

On the way back, those normal people that escaped from the unfinished building wanted to seek protection from Zhang Mu. However, when most of them saw Zhang Mu’s dark face, they didn’t go forward. They just followed behind him silently.

As he looked at the people following behind him, a certain fire started burning in his heart. A murderous intent spread from his heart and his heart became heavier and heavier. He started to feel suffocated.

Now you know that humans should help each other? Now you know that you need a comrade?

What are you doing before this then? When you looked at the little girl being bullied, did you think that you are a part of humanity?

This seed of thought spread like wildfire across Zhang Mu’s mind and he slowly stopped walking. He turned to look at the people that were more than ten meters behind him. The person leading them was a middle-aged man. He looked at him flatteringly.

They thought that Zhang Mu changed his mind and was willing to bring them along now. Their eyes instantly lit up with hope.

However, the next second, Zhang Mu immediately appeared in front of the middle-aged man. When he saw the expression on Zhang Mu’s face clearly, the middle-aged man felt that something was amiss. Zhang Mu didn’t look like he changed his mind.

Zhang Mu was engulfed in an oppressive aura. The middle-aged hurriedly turned and ran away. Zhang Mu looked like a devil now. He let out an evil smile and lowered his head. Zhang Mu said slowly, “Since I save your life, I will take it back now.”

The moment he finished his sentence, a killing intent appeared in his eyes and he looked really scary. He kicked his leg on the ground and threw his Obsidian Beetle dagger directly to the middle-aged man.


The Obsidian Beetle dagger landed itself accurately in the middle-aged man heart. It didn’t meet any obstacles and pierced directly through his spine. Then, it maintained its speed and stabbed into the ground. Only the handle of the dagger was above the ground. You could tell how furious Zhang Mu was and how much force he used to throw the dagger.

Zhang Mu slowly walked over and stepped on the middle-aged man’s body as he went to pick up his dagger. He grabbed the handle and pulled it up, keeping it back onto his waist.

He scanned the people around him who were weak from fear. He said with the voice that could be heard by every one of them, “now, go away. If any of you appeared in front of me again, I will take your lives back.”

After that, he turned and walked away. No one followed him anymore. Zhang Mu’s heart slowly calmed down.

If these people didn’t follow him, he would not have the urge to kill them. They just dug their own grave.

He thought that the apocalypse changed humanity but it was just the start of Cataclysm now. Maybe, humans are ugly, to begin with. The ugliness was just suppressed before Cataclysm. 

This was his first time killing someone who didn’t provoke him. Zhang Mu felt that there was something wrong with him today. His emotions were too easily triggered. It was not like him at all. Is it because the emotions from his current self were slowly integrating inside him?

He touched the jade pendant in front of him instinctively. He felt more at peace.

When he went back to the survival base, he saw Wang Liang waiting for him at the gate. He walked over.

“Brother Mu, how is it?” Wang Liang looked at Zhang Mu nervously. He didn’t know about Zero’s abilities but he knew that there were around 50 to 60 evolvers over there and they were at their prime. He was worried that Zhang Mu would be in a dangerous position.

After Zhang Mu left, he regretted his decision. He always felt that Zhang Mu was someone very powerful but after calming down, he realized that he was too optimistic. No matter how powerful Zhang Mu was, he was a human. He was the same as them. He had a head above his shoulders and it sounded too difficult for him to fight against 50 people alone.

However, when he saw Zhang Mu coming back safely, he finally felt at ease. The development of this survival base needed Zhang Mu. If Zhang Mu didn’t come back this time, Wang Liang would have no chance to turn the tables around anymore.

If Wang Liang knew that the 50 evolvers were nothing as compared to the dangers Zhang Mu faced, he would probably be speechless in astonishment.

Zhang Mu had no mood to tell Wang Liang the stories now. He just said indifferently, “yes, no one left from the North city.”

Wang Liang predicted this outcome but when he heard it directly from Zhang Mu, he still felt a sense of relief. Although he didn’t kill them personally, he managed to answer his brothers below.

However, he felt that Zhang Mu’s mood was not very good for some reason. Based on their relationship, he shouldn’t react like this when he knew that he came out personally to welcome him.

“Brother Mu, you must be tired. Go back and have some rest first. I thank you on behalf of my brothers.”

When he saw the sincerity in Wang Liang’s eyes, Zhang Mu felt that he shouldn’t vent his anger on his. He softened his tone and said, “Ah Liang, you shouldn’t stand here and wait for me directly. If anyone sees you, how can you be their leader anymore?

Yes, I feel a little uncomfortable. I will go back first. You don’t have to send me. It is very near from here.”

“Okay, as long as you are fine. You did this for me, this is what I should do. You go ahead first.”

Zhang Mu waved his hand and walked passed Wang Liang towards his own house.

When he walked into the courtyard, the Obsidian Beetle cocoon was still in the same place. However, its glow got darker. Zhang Mu guessed that the energy on the cocoon was being sucked in by the Obsidian Beetle.

That is good. He was going to leave again soon so this mutated Obsidian Beetle who just reached level 2 would be a great help to him. If it really needed to evolve for such a long time, Zhang Mu would have to leave by himself.

During Cataclysm, time was the most important and precious thing to the era sub-merchants.

Zhang Mu had the confidence that he would complete his second mission before other merchants completed their first one. 

He walked into his house and laid on the bed. He looked at the white ceiling and went into a daze. 

At this moment, Yuan Rui pushed the door and walked in. She carried a pot of clean water and placed the towel in front of Zhang Mu to wipe his face. 

Since Zhang Mu was not talking, she started to speak, “Uncle, Brother Wang says that you went out. Just now, I saw you were looking really tired. What happened? Did you fight again?”

Zhang Mu didn’t reply Yuan Rui. He patted Yuan Rui’s hand and signaled for her to move the towel away. He asked her a question that was totally not related at all.

“Yuan Rui, do you think that it is overly confident and stupid for one person to help the injustice in the world?”

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