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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 127 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 127

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 127: Broken Body with Strong Determination

Rather than sneaking, in fact, it was only a chance to enter the Inner City for a day, by transporting fresh fruits or other necessary items for the high ranked evolvers.

Even if your identity was extremely insignificant, as long as you were willing to have a makeover in exchange for a day of a good time, a lot of people were up for it. Hence, it was hugely sought after by all kinds of people. With the mixed crowd of good and bad people, it allowed Zhang Mu to hide his identity easily. 

Without doubts, the sub-merchants had become daring nowadays as no one could attack them, considering that the era merchant shop were all inside the city. With the help of the cloak, it also allowed the sub-merchants to leave the city safely for a long time. Hence, as long as your face was covered, the sub-merchants would be able to trade with a peace of mind. In addition, there were a lot of people wearing masks to cover their face at the red light district area.

Although these were all known facts around the public, an old face was still needed.

Zhang Mu sneaked into the back of an open food store at the outer city and shouted towards the courtyard, “Boss Li, your old customer has arrived, yet no one is here to welcome me inside?”

Hearing Zhang Mu’s voice, a quivering figure ran out from the back of the kitchen, causing the fats on his body trembled. After watching him, this caused Zhang Mu to lose all of his appetites even though he had not been eating for a whole day.

Seeing that the fat man with a round body was going to pounce on him to give him a bear hug, Zhang Mu sneaked away as chills went down his spine. Looking at the fat man, he said, “Boss Li, did you just slaughtered mutated pork meat? How did your body get so greasy? Do not come over here. I have not eaten today, yet looking at you makes me full immediately.”

“Brother Zhang, how can you say such words to hurt my, Li Pang San’s heart? You have not been here for a month and I have missed you dearly. How did you know that I have mutated pork meat? Apart from sending it over to the high-ranked sirs, I have left some scraps behind to eat them by myself after I am done. Now that you’re here, let’s have a feast.”

Once Zhang Mu heard that Li Pang San had mutated pork meat, his eye lit up immediately. No matter how greasy Li Pang San was, he patted his shoulder and said, “Wow Old Li, you can even get mutated pork meat? It should not be a first-ranked or second-ranked, right? If not, you won’t be bragging it to me now.”

A pride expression showed up on Li Pang San’s face as he patted on his fat tummy and answered, “Of course. Who am I, Li Pang San? The title of the best food store is not out there for fun.” 

At this moment, he saw that Zhang Mu’s left arm was strange. He looked serious and stared at Zhang Mu’s empty sleeve, “Brother Zhang, what happened to you?”

Zhang Mu took his words genuinely and replied to him right away, “The river outside the city. It was done by a swarm of second-ranked piranhas. If not for my fast reaction, probably my life would end there.”

“Second-ranked piranhas?” Li Pang San’s eyes were filled with horror. “You entered the river and came out alive? Are you really a second-ranked evolver with no ability? You must know that no one outside the city would get close to it. Even when there were people pass away near the shore, the sirs inside the city do not even bother about them. Because once they summon their power, these piranhas would not attack.

Therefore, it had become a taboo area for low-ranked people like us. Most people would not go there, and I remembered telling you that the place was dangerous.”

“But you never told me that the place was dangerous because of the second-ranked piranhas.” A helpless expression filled Zhang Mu’s sour face.

At this point, a guilty expression appeared on Li Pang San’s face. He never expected that Zhang Mu would lose his arm there. Even though he was a person that liked to laugh and joke about, but he knew how serious was it for a person like Zhang Mu, which was disabled and could not be healed. “This was all my fault. I should have said it clearer to you.”

Zhang Mu spoke while waving his remaining right arm, “Boss Li, don’t blame yourself. That time I was forced too. If not, who would enter the river?”

In this Cataclysm, people like Li Pang San were hard to find as his words touched Zhang Mu’s cold heart.

“To be able to force you to jump into the river, on such a safe place like Shan Xi city, was it a third-ranked mutated animal?”

Seeing Zhang Mu having such a carefree attitude, Li Pang San felt relieved a little.

“No, if it was a third-ranked mutated animal, I won’t be able to come back. It was a dozen of new second-ranked mutated animals.”

Li Pang San looked at Zhang Mu with a shocked expression, “A dozen of them? When did they come here? No wonder. So what does Brother Zhang plans to do next?”

Previously, Zhang Mu told Li Pang San that he was a herbs collector as it was very common here. Even though the majority of them couldn’t get a good medical herb, but Zhang Mu was able to take out some suitable best-selling herbs. This was how he met Li Pang San.

“Let’s stop talking about it.” Before Li Pang San continued to speak, Zhang Mu put his hand on Li Pang San’s shoulder, not caring about the grease on his body as Zhang Mu said, “Fatty, just now did you said that you would treat me to eat a third-ranked mutated animal? Till this day, I have not tasted any third-ranked animals before. Even if it was just a normal mutated pig, I’m fine with it too. Also, I remembered you have a few hidden good liquors, how about using it to comfort me?”

Hearing that Zhang Mu remembered his liquor, a hurtful expression that could not be covered appeared on Li Pang San’s face. But looking at Zhang Mu’s broken arm, he gritted his teeth as he had made a huge decision, “Sure, since Brother Zhang had said the word, then me, Li Pang San, will take out two bottles to drink with Brother Zhang today.”

Zhang Mu never expected that Li Pang San would take out his precious white liquor. With a face of joy, he hung on to Li Pang San’s body as they went to the back kitchen, completely forgotten about his injuries.

Taking a sip of Mao Tai, Zhang Mu’s eye was intoxicated. Putting down the wine cup, he picked out a piece of pork meat with his chopsticks and put in his mouth.

A warm heat melts in his mouth. Eating the meat of a third-ranked mutated animal while he was a second-ranked evolver, would help the energy in his body to grow, causing the bottleneck of the second rank to be loosened. Happiness could be seen on Zhang Mu’s face in an instant as he picked up a pig’s trotter with his hand straightaway to eat.

“Can you eat slowly? I haven’t touched my chopsticks yet. Slow down, slow down, please.” Li Pang San felt a little regret on bringing Zhang Mu to eat his dinner together this time. He was behaving a lunatic. Even with one hand, he was able to eat like a tornado, sweeping clean of the food on the table.

At first, Li Pang San was preparing to drink some liquor first, but when he noticed that if he ate later, there might not be any meat remained for him. Hence, using both hands, he was snatching the food with Zhang Mu.

After clearing the plates on the table, Zhang Mu lifted his wine cup and clinked with Li Pang San as he asked tentatively, “Fatty, the mutated pork meat have to be delivered to the Inner City tonight right? Let me do it this time.”

“No problem!”

Li Pang San appears to be drunk as he looked at Zhang Mu in a joking manner, “Brother Zhang, your hand was disabled, yet you are still thinking of having a dissolute life. You really have a broken body yet a strong spirit. I’m impressed.”

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