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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 128 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 128

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 128: Eden’s World

Feeling helpless, even though he wanted to explain himself, but he could only go along with the excuse that Lee Pang San came up with and told him that he wanted to find a nice lady to help ease his stress.

That was the only purpose for low-ranked evolvers to go to the Inner City. Therefore, he could only pretend to be exposed by Lee Pang San and smiled wholeheartedly, “Life should be enjoyed thoroughly, so why shouldn’t we enjoy them to the fullest when we had the chance? Even though I have turned like this, but the path of collecting herbs has not been cut off. Doesn’t it mean that I’m still competent to survive? I don’t have a family to raise so these crystals will be kept as interest.” 

Lee Pang San squinted his small eyes and glanced at Zhang Mu, “Wow, I didn’t know you were such a pervert hungry ghost. Even with a broken arm, you act as if a normal person who goes in and have fun.” 

Zhang Mu laughed and clinked his cup with Lee Pang San again before he drank down the contents. The bottles of good Mao Tai that were treasured by Lee Pang San for a year was finished completely. Reminiscent of the spicy taste, he could not help but smack on the table and announced, “Good liquor! Finally, I managed to drink it today.”

Li Pang San threw his chopsticks on the table as he leaned against the chair, “These days were so boring, it must be nice to dawdle outside the city. For someone like me that does not dare to step outside, I really envy herbs collectors like you, able to wander outdoors. My life now, besides looking after this shop, was to help to import goods. So bothersome.”

“We, herbs collector use our life in exchange for money, are you sure that you want this kind of freedom? Besides you’re a big boss, you can call someone to do your bidding. Just by sitting in the shop would bring you a large sum of crystals too. Isn’t this easy?” Zhang Mu raised his eyebrow in a joking manner.

Li Pang San vomited on the ground and poured out his grievances to Zhang Mu, “You also said this. But this is the outer city, if it’s at the Inner City, what big boss? I will only be a small delivery guy. If it were not for them being lazy to handle my goods, I might not have any work.”

“That’s because you got no power. No power means that you will be treated like a dog, being boss around and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

This Li Pang San had a better life than ordinary people with no ability. If not, why would Zhang Mu need to rely on their relationship to sneak inside? However, just like what he had mentioned, even if he had the wealth, compared to those high ranking evolvers, he was merely a relatively rich bug.

It was better in the city as the base would keep matters under control. But if you dare to take a step out of the city, don’t need to mention about encountering attacks from the mutated animals, there would be someone eyeing on his family property and his pocket full of crystals.

That was one of the reasons Li Pang San did not dare to step out of Shan Xi city. Money was just a matter of course, but if he was controlled by someone, surrendering over his possessions might get him to be thrown out in the wilderness.

That was the misery of being a nobody.

Zhang Mu thought of his circumstances and did not want to carry on the conversation instantly. Hence, he quickly changed the topic, “So when can I get in? After venting, I will come out right away. I must take advantage of harvesting herbs that are high value before I become useless and come to your place to retire.”

“Retire? Haha, fine. Come to my place and give me a hand. The pay is not as good as you have now, but I can give you three meals a day, eat and drink to your heart’s content, plus one hundred of second-ranked crystals a month. I, Li Pang San, can guarantee you this.” Li Pang San who had downed more, now had a red face as he patted on his chest and vouched for Zhang Mu, “I am not bragging, but my treatment is definitely the best on this outer city. If not for you, I would not give this price for a normal second-ranked evolver who was on his peak.”

Once the words left his mouth, Li Pang San realized he had said the wrong thing but seeing Zhang Mu was not angry he quickly restrained himself. It was also the shock that made him sobered up a little. He smacked his head suddenly when he thought of the question that Zhang Mu asked previously. Looking at the watch on his wrist, he pushed away from the chair and sat up, “Oh no. There was half an hour left until the appointed time. Brother Zhang, let me send you in. It is the same old place, Eden’s World. Although it was still the same, not charging you any other fees but this time, the fee to enter the Inner City had to be paid by yourself. After all, it was one hundred second-ranked crystals. Even I couldn’t bear the cost too.”

Still at the Eden’s World? Just nice there was no need for me to run as the Shan Xi city’s era merchant shop was behind the Eden’s World. Although there might be some people watching, there would be some bad people mingling around at the entertainment facilities too. As long as Zhang Mu was careful, no one would recognize him when he entered.

“Sure thing, remember to take into accounts. Next time, I will pay you back with the medical herbs. You said that the time is not early now, so let’s hurry and don’t delay anymore. You will get into trouble if it’s too late.” Zhang Mu rushed Li Pang San. Straight away, he pulled him outside.

Li Pang San stopped him and laughed at him, “You still have not carried the mutated pig, yet you want to go to Eden’s World to play? As an older brother, I would like to remind you that after delivering the goods, remember to clean yourself up. Even if a lady cannot detect your power, with the smell on your body, they would not be joining you.”

“Remember to come back before 12 midnight, or you will need to pay a fee for an overnight stay tomorrow morning when you go out of the city.”

“I get it, I get it. This is not my first time there.” Zhang Mu let Li Pang San pointed out the place of the mutated pig. He then carried with his right hand immediately and put on his right shoulder as he walked out steadily.

“You’re indeed a second-ranked evolver! Even without an arm, you’re able to pick up this pig with a weight of nearly a ton easily. Aw, if only I can evolve to the second rank, if not now I wouldn’t be so tired.”

Looking at the view of Zhang Mu’s back slowly disappearing, a cool breeze blew over Li Pang San as his heart started to feel lonely inside.

Among the envious eyes from the passers-by, Zhang Mu carried the token that Li Pang San entrusted him with, and walked to the gate of the Inner City which he was stopped by the guards stationed there.

He had to admit that the smell coming from the mutated pig was really strong, causing the third-ranked guards to frown involuntarily as he said, “Li Pang San’s goods?”

Zhang Mu nodded his head and said nothing as he showed the order slip hanging on his left arm. After that, he was sent into the Inner City with a look of disgust.

The guards saw the missing left arm on Zhang Mu and regarded it as nothing. They had seen countless low ranked evolvers died every day, so why should they care about him? He could only curse Li Pang San in his heart as the goods he had to deliver this time, almost caused him to throw up the food he just ate for dinner.

Compared to the Outer city, the Inner City was very deserted. There were few people on the streets as the majority of them was preparing for the night event to start. So why would they stroll outside at this timing?

Zhang Mu took a glance at the most prosperous street in the center of the Inner city. After that, he took a long walk on a familiar road and entered a hidden courtyard. It was a tunnel offered by Eden’s World, for people like Zhang Mu, who came from the Outer city to deliver goods.

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