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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 130 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 130

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 130: Returning To The Roots

It took a long time for Zhang Mu to recover before he walked out of the Inner City alone, and was incompatible with the bustling capital.

He leaped into Lee Pang San’s shop and looked at the fatty who was occupying the entire bed while sleeping. His heart stirred deeply looking at him. Even when he was going to die soon, he only met a person that was somewhat his friend?

Unfortunately, it was too late.

He put the cloth bag which holds the five third-ranked crystals gently on Lee Pang San’s bed and turned to walk away in an instant.

The gate of the outer city was not closed, and the guards were relatively more slack, which was opposite from the Inner City. They simply took a glance at Zhang Mu before letting him off. With a disabled second-ranked evolver going out of the city in the middle of the night, they were convinced that he would be taking his own life.

There were too many people who had given up on themselves. Hence, even the guards had no thoughts of consoling him.

With a heavy footstep, Zhang Mu’s figure gradually faded into the night.

Zhang Mu had no idea where to go now. The nearest city, except for Luoyang city, also required at least half a month to reach there. If he returned back to Luoyang city, then he would have to spend more time, with about twenty days.

In the past, the quantity did not matter much to him as the gaps were very insignificant. Usually, Zhang Mu could solve them smoothly as long as he never met with any unexpected situation. However, currently, he had no idea what other actions could mend the gaps.

He wanted to live badly, so he had been struggling all along. However, just like that, it seems that fate had made a huge joke on him. After suffering so many misfortune, yet when he was at the final step of succeeding, all of his hope was cut off.

Death. That was the only intention Zhang Mu had on his mind. Both of his eyes were dull and lifeless, the sleeves were pull down weakly, and with the cold wind blowing if someone did not look properly, he resembled the walking dead outside, a living corpse.

Even though he was far away from the safety border of Shan Xi city, along the way, there were not many mutated animals that attacked Zhang Mu.

Under regular days, Zhang Mu would have walked out successfully and thought that he was very fortunate. But this time, Zhang Mu did not matter that they existed. Because it would only be delaying his death if he was not devoured by them.

As he kept on walking, Zhang Mu felt a little tired as he slumped on the roadside and sat down.

Suddenly, he finally had an idea where he should go.

He thought of going back home instantly, back to the place where he was raised up, Luoyang city, his hometown.

However, the sky was too dark. Zhang Mu could not distinguish the way back home now.

Therefore, he randomly found a beat-up car that was stopped on the roadside, with no idea how many people had driven in this car. He broke down the car window and opened the door to lay inside, regardless of the situation around him.

Tonight, was his most relaxing night ever. Since he never extricated himself before. He was dead tired that he did not want to worry about anything that might happen. Even if there was, how could it be more prominent than death, right?

If he was really devoured by a passing mutated animal tonight, then Zhang Mu no longer need to be tired for these twenty days.

The nighttime flew quickly, and the first sign of dawn awakened Zhang Mu from his deep slumber. The matters that happened yesterday was too much for him to handle, causing Zhang Mu’s heart to feel exhausted as well. It appeared that this was the most he had slept in these three years after becoming a sub-merchant.

When he woke up and saw his absent arm, he realized that everything was real. He laughed at himself, “So there was no mutated animal pass by, huh? Otherwise, it would have a good meal. Zhang Mu, ah Zhang Mu, the peace that I usually hoped for, has become a mockery now?”

Zhang Mu pushed the door opened, and stood up looking at his surrounding for a while. Finally, he noticed where he was.

So I had traveled so far in the southeast direction?

But fortunately, there were still 19 days left so it should be sufficient. Anyway, Zhang Mu was not in a hurry. If he could return to Luoyang city before the deadline, it was good enough for him.

He looked at the merchant ring on his right ring finger. He really wanted to get rid of this finger too, but he knew that it was useless. He heard a piece of news regarding a small merchantman that tried to get rid of the fate of being a dry corpse before his death. At first, he cut off the finger that was wearing the merchant ring, but it was transferred to the other finger straightaway. After that, he chopped off the entire palm. As a result, the merchant ring had miraculously relocated to his other hand. In order to live, that ruthless guy cut off his fingers one after another. In the end, the other five fingers on his other hand, were chopped off too.

For the final time, the merchant ring really did not appear anymore. Therefore, he thought that he had gotten rid of this fate. Hence, he began to fool around at every prominent place. But on the day of his deadline, he was found dead on a prostitute’s bed abruptly.

Because his death looked extremely miserable, as he was sucked dry resulting in his death, it had caused a lot of sensation around the area. Finally, the city’s first, second, and third sub-merchants took over the matter. Because of the background of the entertainment facility, it requires the three sub-merchants to come forward at the same time before the boss behind was willing to hand over the corpse.

At first, they thought it was just a sub-merchant indulging the last moment before his deadline, and wanted the matter of sub-merchant not to be exposed to the public as much as possible. However, when they arrived at the scene, they were shocked because the four limbs of the dry corpse were chopped off. Looking at the wound, it had been around for a remarkable time already.

So the merchant ring was gone just like that?

After they took back the corpse and dissected the body, they found a ring-like shape inside the dead body’s heart. This news was spread across sub-merchant during one of the era merchant trade fairs, stating that the fate of a sub-merchant was indeed inescapable.

Thinking about this, Zhang Mu looked at the hand wearing the merchant ring and set off on his way home with a wry smile.

Not sure if it was just a coincidence or something was going on, but Zhang Mu was traveling safely with no accident on the way. Although it might have to do with Zhang Mu choosing the most secure road, he did not even encounter any danger.

No attacks from human, no walking deads surrounding him, no mutated animals preying on him, nothing at all.

However, no matter how things were odd, it had nothing to do with Zhang Mu anymore as he could see the outline of Luoyang city far away.

This time, he did not use the human skin mask to cover his identity since it was not necessary anymore.

After he paid the entrance fee to the city, he went to the place where it all started, which was the big lawn beside the people’s square. This part of the building was well protected. Zhang Mu leaned back under a big tree and rested quietly.

Time, only a day left.


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