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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 131 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 131

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 131: Awakening

It seems that nobody wanted to approach this area. Despite that, Zhang Mu was not in the mood to care about these matters. His heart was drowned into the pit of loneliness as if he was the only person left in the entire world.

Right now, Zhang Mu was not aware of the situation as he was not the original Zhang Mu that was cautious and careful.

He looked at the leaves above his head, falling one by one. He continued to hold this position with his head raised, as the fatigue in his heart was gradually induced.

Time flew quickly as the day time had alternate with the dark night. However, Zhang Mu could not tell the difference. He just observed the leaves on the tree continued to fall with every piece of the yellowish leaves seems like a sign informing him that he was going to wither soon like them. 

Looks like he really could not escape. Three years, yet the result was still the same.

Zhang Mu recalled everything he had been through for these three years. Recollecting how many hardships he had to suffer, with the most basic desire to survive. Each and every piece were carefully stored in his memory.

Suddenly, his heart tightened up, sending numerous warning signs towards his heart. Struggling out from his memory lane, he lifted his wrist and glance at the antique watch he brought from the trading fairs and smiled.

Only five minutes left? It had been a long day today.

But for no reason, time seems to stop ticking at this moment. Zhang Mu felt that the speed of the leaves was also slowing down immensely.

Whatever. Anyway, he was going to die five minutes later.

However, things were not going accordingly to Zhang Mu’s expectation. The last five minutes never arrived, and the entire world was quiet down. He could only hear the beating of his own heart pumping one after another and the ticking sound from the needles of his watch.

At first, Zhang Mu was waiting calmly for death to arrive. Despite that, his mind was entirely messed up now, and the fear was increasing little by little.

He thought of getting up, but he found that he had no strength at all. At this juncture, Zhang Mu’s mind was in a chaotic mess as he did not know what was the reason that triggered this. He struggled to turn his head and stared at the merchant ring on his right hand.

Why hadn’t the time arrived yet? Was it still not the time?

Zhang Mu’s heart had been suppressed for the whole time and was about to crumble apart. He knew that he was going to die for sure, and no matter what he did, it would be futile. But why did the fear had chosen this timing to escalate, when he was ready to accept the fact that he was going to die? Little by little, he was pulled into the abyss of despair.

Five minutes felt like a century long. The moment Zhang Mu’s eyes lost their light, the time appeared to return back to normal.

“Di, Di, Di Di Di Di……” 

At this second, the alarm that Zhang Mu set earlier rang all of a sudden. Zhang Mu only felt his heart twitched abruptly, as his vitality and something else he could not tell, was slowly stripped out from his body.

It seems to be caused by the merchant ring on his hand. But it seems to be something else too.

I’m going to be free. Finally, I am going to be free.

Zhang Mu, who was suppressed for such a long time, only had this thought running through his mind continuously.

However, the process was not completed all at once. Zhang Mu felt strange. Even though he had accepted the fact, but the speed of being stripped away was still remarkably slow, as if something on his body was resisting badly.

That is not right. Do I really want to die? What was still resisting? What was rejecting all of this? He had heard from other sub-merchants that the moment when their life stripped away, it was extremely short. However, when it was his turn, why did it become remarkably slow?

With just a little curiosity, Zhang Mu, who was formerly numb, started to regain a bit of his consciousness. He wanted to sink into his mind and find out what was affecting him psychologically.

He used the last remaining strength to immerse himself within his mind, trying to seek the reason. Later, he discovered that in the corner of his mind, there was a place being surrounded by a black fog.

He used all of his strength to get rid of the black fog and was stunned instantly.

It was a talisman.

Zhang Mu immediately recognized that it was a psychological talisman from the era merchant shop’s extra reward, other than the golden leaves. It was a treasure amongst those non-psychic ability evolvers.

But how did it appear here? Even if he compiled all of the additional reward given after completing the task, the number of golden leaves were not enough to buy such an expensive complementary item. Unless, he had one hundred golden leaves to afford it.

One hundred golden leaves. That’s right, Zhang Mu did complete a task and was rewarded with extra golden leaves, and had a hundred of golden leaves in the end.

This idea immediately aroused the muddlehead Zhang Mu as he sobered up abruptly.

This, was fake. Everything was fake!

Zhang Mu, who had regained consciousness, looked at the world again and was left with cold contempt.

This world was constructed by extracting from his memory, and it was a huge, huge trap.

Was it their purpose to let me suffocate on this virtual world? And then drain my soul bit by bit? 

At this time, Zhang Mu saw through the illusion and straight away reached out his hand and grabbed the psychological talisman tightly.

A roar from the bottom of his heart resounded.

“Wake up, let me wake up!”

Something seems to sense that Zhang Mu was regaining his consciousness as the merchant ring on his hand speeds up to strip away the life and soul away from Zhang Mu, wanting to eat the remaining half in one mouthful.

However, this can’t stop Zhang Mu from awakening.

The roar coming from Zhang Mu’s heart seems to spread from the deepest part of his soul to the entire sky, and to the entire world.


The small world seems to be shattered by this sound and started to crumble. The Earth slowly cracked, and the stars on the sky gradually fell one by one, dashing across the oppressed sky.

Now Zhang Mu had regained back the control of his body. Standing on the lawn, he looked at the scene of the world coming to an end, unmoving.

With a bang, the entire dream was shattered completely. Zhang Mu, who was lying on the house, finally opened his eyes. Shaking off the bearskin on his body, he grabbed tightly onto his Obsidian Beetle dagger.

At this moment, he found something that caused him to have goosebumps all over his body.

The house which only lived by two human and two creatures, was filled with silvery-white wireworm now.

Furthermore, the closest to them was only a meter away, with eyes closed.

After seeing what the worm in front of his eye looked like, Zhang Mu’s mood was like a violent storm at this moment.

It was the Nightmare Worm!

Zhang Mu subconsciously squeezed the second-ranked psychological talisman on his chest and looked at the Nightmare Worms that had gathered in the house.

But at this moment, all the eyes of the Nightmare Worm were opened in unison, and their alluring gaze was cast on Zhang Mu, the only person who had woken up.

That expression, was just like a human being!

But at the same time, something unexpected happened to Zhang Mu.

The psychological talisman on his chest, was broken!

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