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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 139 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 139

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

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Chapter 139: New Ability

It was not what Zhang Mu had expected. He thought that the Obsidian Beetle would make use of its agility to dodge yet, it had no tendency to slow down its speed. In just five seconds, every mutated animal that it came across, were either cut into two pieces by its steel-like wings or torn into pieces by its claw.

Occasionally, there were some fishes slipped through the net. Rushing into the 50 meters range from Zhang Mu, their lives were drained by the Bloodvine Lotus. Since it could only observe the Obsidian Beetle kill the mutated animals, it appeared to get a little impatient.

Nevertheless, its main body was grown inside Zhang Mu’s arm and could not extend much. It could only observe the Obsidian Beetle killed as many as it desired while enjoying different flavors of the mutated animals’ meat and their beast core.

When Zhang Mu saw this, his anxious heart was finally eased. Looked like he had underestimated the damage that the Obsidian Beetle could cause after its advancement. Besides the previous state, when it was handling the Nightmare Worm, it was still powerful nonetheless.

At this moment, Zhang Mu had already eaten ten soul crystals quietly. An inexplicable pulsation arose from his heart suddenly.

Finally, was it going to happen? The chance to the second-rank advancement!

He had been tempered by the soul crystals for a long time, causing him to feel a little numb towards them. But now the chance to advance was here. He gathered himself together and felt the changes in his body.

Just a moment ago, he felt that the cells in his body were hungry for energy. From the inside out, it wanted to draw out energy from the air and greedily absorbed them.

Zhang Mu knew that this was the signs that the ability had reached bottleneck and was a natural reaction of the body when it was going to advance. A person’s awakening ability was like water, and his body was the vessel. It would explode when the liquid had filled to the brim, yet the container did not increase its capacity.

That was also why advancing through the awakening ability was much more powerful than a normal evolver since the capacity required to progress was far more prominent.

Therefore, advancement was an extremely grave matter, but Zhang Mu was confident. The energy in the air was naturally scarce and was far from enough to advance from the first rank to the second rank.

Inside his merchant ring, there were more than ten thousands of the first-ranked crystals!

Under normal circumstances, for a first rank to advance straightaway, it only required about one thousands crystals to succeed. Meanwhile, when using the awakening ability to progress to the second-rank demanded at least three thousand crystals, with no upper limit.

Because the energy from the crystals required for every ability was different, it did not necessarily mean that the more crystals required, the more powerful it was. Nevertheless, it was always good to prepare more to take precaution beforehand.

He stuffed the remaining soul crystals on the ground back into the merchant ring. This time he would not be able to use them, but he could give it to Yuan Rui after his advancement. Even though the amount left was not enough for Yuan Rui to get another new ability, but it was enough to make up for the psychological loss drained by the Nightmare Worms.

Meanwhile, Zhang Mu also felt that remaining soul crystals would be enough to enhance her defense against the psychic attack until she would be able to defy the power of the Nightmare Worm, which was constructing dreams.

After putting away the soul crystals, Zhang Mu counted 10,000 crystals and took it out of his merchant ring in an orderly manner right away, immersing himself in the sea of crystals. Even the location of the Bloodvine Lotus was squeezed out of the way by the crystals.

The moment Zhang Mu summoned the crystals out, his body could sense the origin of the energy. Like a whale gulping down water, it drained the energy from the crystals frantically.

The pile of crystals nearest to Zhang Mu were turned to dust in an instant. After that, there would be new crystals attached to Zhang Mu before it was drained too.

Currently, each of his meridians was full and filled with the most primitive energy. Now, his psychic ability was not wavering anymore as the crystals were digested by his hungry body. Zhang Mu could only wait until his body was full.

In a blink of an eye, the three thousand crystals that was required by the awakening ability was absorbed by Zhang Mu. Furthermore, he could sense that it was far from enough as the sea of crystals around him were shrinking at speed visible to the naked eye.

His entire being was swelled up and filled with energy, yet it did not belong to him.

As time went by, Zhang Mu could felt that he was reaching the limit. He opened his eye and looked around his surrounding. He found that everything around him was turned into white dust. Only about one thousand of perfectly good crystals were laying quietly within the white dust.

Who would have thought that he had used about 9,000 crystals in the process of advancing from the first rank to the second rank? Zhang Mu felt heartache, but this also demonstrated the overbearing part of using the awakening ability to progress.

Zhang Mu closed his eye again. Now it was the time for the last moment of impact to arrive.

Now he had psychic power accumulating in his brain area while the accumulated energy in his body was reaching the bottleneck where he could accommodate them. So, he began to struggle to mobilize these energies that were about to overflow.

Crack, his brain seems to have cracked, and the pain was not something any ordinary people could withstand.

Even though Zhang Mu had been tempered for such a long time, his brain region was swollen up and cracked. That sensation was not like an ordinary explosion, but Zhang Mu knew that this was his final step to break through, so he must endure no matter what.

The poker-face expression on his face that did not change earlier was becoming scary gradually. But he could only grit his teeth quietly as the moment he loosened up, everything would be in vain, and he would be doomed eternally.

Fortunately, Zhang Mu had the chance to train on his psychological aspect some time ago. First was Zero, the second was the Nightmare Worms, and finally the wave of energy from the dozens of soul crystals. He should be able to endure this breakthrough.

After enduring the most ferocious wave, his entire being was relaxed as he could felt the psychic power gradually melt into the expanded brain area. Subsequently, feeling that his meridians were getting stronger after absorbing the energy that was stored, he sighed heavily in his heart. That was not easy.

Now he could understand the pain that the Obsidian Beetle had gone through when it was advancing. He did not want to go through that for the second time unquestionably.

When everything in his body was calmed down, Zhang Mu stood up abruptly and looked at both of his hand. Even though it looked as though there were no changes, but he felt an explosive power hidden inside.

However, the changes in his body were not important to him. In fact, Zhang Mu wanted to know what kind of psychic ability did he gained during the advancement immediately.

He began to mobilize an enormous psychic power stored in his brain area and release it outward.

It was this?!

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