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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 140 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 140

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 140: Psychic Barrier

Surrounding Zhang Mu, was a barrier constructed by his psychic power. Although it was only one meter away, it was indeed a safety shield formed by his ability.

It cannot be seen nor touched. Despite that, Zhang Mu did not feel the cold wind entering the range of his psychic barrier. In this area, he was able to control everything as he pleased. Subconsciously, he used his psychic power to control the Obsidian Beetle dagger that was placed on his body originally.

Looking at the Obsidian Beetle dagger floating in front of his eye, Zhang Mu had mixed feelings. Compared to handling the dagger in his hand, it seems to be more nimble when he controlled it with his psychic power.

But when Zhang Mu tried to extend his psychic power further, he would be powerless. The moment the Obsidian Beetle dagger left the range of the psychic barrier, he would lose control of it, and it would fall heavily on the ground.

Zhang Mu leaned down and picked up the Obsidian Beetle dagger. Holding it in his hand, he thought to himself, “It seems that I could only control roughly one meter around myself. Even though it was a little short, but at least within this range, practically I can manipulate how I want to. Seems like I need to prepare another weapon in case of emergency.”

Zhang Mu was not the type of person that pursues something flashy. He would not display this power just because he had them. He was good at keeping things hidden because he knew that every piece of card that was not revealed would be the key to turn the tides around. If the psychological manipulation could be applied well, then it could be used as a surprise attack in a typical battle.

Right now, he wanted to test out the durability of this psychological barrier. Since the Bloodvine Lotus was attached to his body, the psychic barrier would automatically exclude the Bloodvine Lotus as a target to intercept, allowing the vines to go in and out freely within the barrier.

Then, that only left the Obsidian Beetle who was stuffing itself with foods now.

Zhang Mu discovered that after he had advanced to the second rank, the telepathic distance with the Obsidian Beetle had increased considerably. He called out the Obsidian Beetle, “Little Black, have you finished eating? After you have finished eating, come here. I have a task for you.”

The Obsidian Beetle replied reluctantly, “Wait for a while, I still have not finished eating. Even though the brain of these first-ranked mutated animals was not sharp, as they dare to challenge my existence, but they were still tasty. Let me eat for a while. You wait for me first.”

Zhang Mu felt annoyed and hilarious at the same time. The attitude of Little Black was still the same no matter if it was first-rank or second-rank.

Unable to suppress any longer, Zhang Mu immediately withdrew back the psychic barrier that was caging him. Since it would not come over, then Zhang Mu would go there to meet him personally.

The Obsidian Beetle noticed that Zhang Mu was coming closer but ignored him. It was still selecting the most tender part of the mutated animal on the ground neither fast nor slow and cut a portion of it to savor the taste.

Zhang Mu naturally had a way to deal with it. He chuckled while summoning the Bloodvine Lotus. Under Zhang Mu’s control, it swept clean the whole ground while the Obsidian Beetle was watching the entire scene stunned and speechless. The remaining corpses of the mutated animal were deteriorated in an instant.

The Obsidian Beetle finally reacted. Fanning its wings, it fanned away those that were near the vines of the Bloodvine Lotus and stood firmly in front of the corpses to shield them.

However, there was a big difference between the Obsidian Beetle’s and the Bloodvine Lotus’s efficiency. The Bloodvine Lotus solely absorbed the most important flesh and blood essence in their body, so it was exterminating them effectively. All of the vines were swelled up in general while the flesh and blood essence was stored inside the Bloodvine Lotus’s body. As for the problem of digestion, it was beginning gradually.

The Obsidian Beetle rushed to the Bloodvine Lotus in a grimace, and it was swinging the claws on its forelimbs up and down. It looked as if it wanted to fight. However, it was ignored by the Bloodvine Lotus directly. After decomposing the energy stored inside the vines, it was continued to transport back towards the main body inside Zhang Mu’s left arm.

“You’re using this to steal my food? And you still wanted my help? You human have no conscience. I was protecting you while you were advancing just now and you are doing this to me?”

The Obsidian Beetle’s resentful voice sounded through their connection.

Despite that, Zhang Mu stood there chuckling wickedly. He laughed to the point where he could sense that the Obsidian Beetle was indeed mad at him. He quickly restrained himself and apologized, “That is because I am truly anxious right. Furthermore, those that were better should be eaten by you now. Why bother to fight with the Bloodvine Lotus for the leftovers? What do you say?”

The Obsidian Beetle snorted in its mind. It knew that Zhang Mu was fooling around. There was nothing left for it to eat, with only a pile of skin left over, so what can it do? It could only ask about the matter that Zhang Mu raised, “What kind of help do you need?”

Zhang Mu’s eye lit up. Finally, they were back to the topic, “My second-ranked ability, I want you to test it out for me.”

“Oh, what is it?” The Obsidian Beetle shook its head with interest. After hearing from Zhang Mu, it was also interested in the ability that he gained after the second-ranked advancement.

“It is a psychic barrier.” Zhang Mu answered subconsciously, but it caused the Obsidian Beetle to laugh out loud. For a moment, it did not reply to Zhang Mu.

“Psychic barrier? The one that the big white worm used to deal with me? You must know that dozens of them couldn’t even withstand my attacks. Didn’t you saw them yourself? Was it necessary for me to test it?”

Although the words from the Obsidian Beetle sounded arrogant, they were indeed true. Even though there was mysterious willpower inside the Obsidian Beetle at that time, controlling its body and strengthen its ability, but the strength of a second-ranked Obsidian Beetle could be seen clearly from the battle earlier. Hence, they were not empty words.

However, Zhang Mu was uncertain. Without a clear comparison, he would not know whether the power of the Obsidian Beetle could easily break through his psychic barrier.

“Let’s give it a try. I could not feel it myself, and the Bloodvine Lotus have the same presence as mine. I can only count on you now.”

Seeing the resolution in Zhang Mu’s eye, the Obsidian Beetle could only comply, “Well then, let me give it a go.”

Zhang Mu nodded his head lightly and retreated ten meters away from the Obsidian Beetle. Invoking his powers, the psychic barrier circled him instantly, encasing him with one-meter range.

Even though it could not see anything besides Zhang Mu, but the Obsidian Beetle and Zhang Mu were both second-ranked. Therefore, it noticed a difference in the air. Furthermore, they were linked by blood.

However, it believed that Zhang Mu’s barrier and the Nightmare Worm’s had not much difference. Additionally, the Nightmare Worms could restrict its movement too, so that it had no way to increase its speed instantly. Now, it did not feel any pressure from Zhang Mu’s psychic power. It accelerated abruptly and simply dived towards Zhang Mu. However, it was slammed into a colorless and odorless barrier, that was one meter away from Zhang Mu. With a bang, it hit onto a glass casing.

At the moment it collided with the barrier, the Obsidian Beetle’s mind was in turmoil. It raised the claws on its forelimb and slashed the barrier.

This glass casing, it couldn’t cut open?

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