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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 142 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 142

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 142: Snooping Secretly

Compared to Zhang Mu, who marched with great delight into the house where Yuan Rui was at, the Obsidian Beetle appeared to be more gloomy. It was alone in the cold wind, summoning the wind current to play by itself. Unquestionably, it was still holding grudge regarding the previous matter. The power that it almost lost control had tied with Zhang Mu, an evolver with the second-ranked too. Does that imply that it was not as good as Zhang Mu now?

A mutated animal that signed a blood contact was thinking about overthrowing it’s master all day long, if Zhang Mu knew, he would have rolled his eye in anger.

While the time was still early, Zhang Mu set up his psychic barrier in the house to evade the cold wind. He found that this was more helpful than using the body of the mutated wolfdog, so he pulled Yuan Rui to his side. As for the mutated wolfdog, it was too huge to place inside Zhang Mu’s barrier with the one-meter range. Moreover, the mutated wolfdog had its long fur to cover itself so it should not be afraid of this level of cold wind.

This feeling, wrapping under his psychic barrier, felt warm and cozy as Zhang Mu slept soundly for the night.

When he got up the next morning, the Sun had already risen long ago. The psychic barrier had been set up for a night just like that. Since it did not receive any external attacks, so there was no problem with his energy getting depleted.

After recalling the psychic barrier constructed by his ability, Zhang Mu immediately felt a refreshing sensation in his mind and was full of spirit.

Seeing that Yuan Rui had gotten up, Zhang Mu immediately tugged the mutated wolfdog who was still snoring away. But the wolfdog seemed to be stuck to the ground as it refused to wake up. Zhang Mu was in for a penny, in for a pound as he lifted such a huge mutated wolfdog straightaway, and exited the house.

Presently, his strength and agility have made astonishing development at the same time. Lifting the mutated wolfdog that was weight in tons, was a piece of cake to him now.

Of course, Zhang Mu would not wake the mutated wolfdog deliberately. He reckoned that the mutated wolfdog who had the weakest psychological defense yesterday, and had suffered the greatest damaged amongst them.

When Zhang Mu walked past the Obsidian Beetle, he could only kick the back of the Obsidian Beetle using his leg to wake it up since both of his hands were occupied by the mutated wolfdog. After awakening, the Obsidian Beetle shrunk back to a smaller size and flew over to Yuan Rui’s shoulder.

This time, his destination was Shan Xi city, which was the city that Zhang Mu dreamt of earlier too. However, it should be in a chaos state currently. Zhang Mu held a little anticipation in his heart as he did not know how far would the base in Shan Xi city had developed after it had conquered by the bunch of strong evolvers. Judging by their approach and courage, to unite the entire city within a month was not impossible.

Zhang Mu did not know much in regards to the first inner base at Shan Xi city. All he knew was that there was a particularly famous base leader called Ice Queen. Just like the name, her appearance, and her personality were equally cold. Zhang Mu had seen her once from a distance before. Straightaway, he was stunned by the queen’s aura that she released, which considered everyone and everything was beneath her.

It was a kind of icy cold that chilled your bone, that would cause an evolver to be unable to use their ability from 500 meters away. That time Zhang Mu did not have any awakening ability, yet he could feel something obstructing the ordinary energy inside his body.

After that, he heard from people that it was the awakening ability of the Ice Queen, which was the Shan Xi city’s base leader.

Absolute zero degree!

What Zhang Mu saw was merely her power in the normal state. If he confronted her face to face, he had an intuition that he would freeze to death with just a glance from her.

Recalling that figure, Zhang Mu was yearning to go there now. In the beginning, he was not qualified to stand on the same level as those strong evolvers. But now, Zhang Mu was confident that he got what it takes.

Regardless of his physical quality right now, but in term of his powers, he could say that he had acquired four powerful additional abilities. A second-ranked Obsidian Beetle that signed a blood contract with him, a mutated wolfdog that obeyed him absolutely for now, and a Bloodvine Lotus in his left arm that he had a parasitic relationship with, that gave him a plant-type evolver status. Furthermore, now that he had advanced to the second rank, because of the emergence of the soul crystals, it allowed him to have an extra ability, a psychic defense that counted as an overlord amongst the innate awakening ability.

These four abilities, coupled with his status as the first era sub-merchant, Zhang Mu was completely fearless against those people that were blessed by the heaven that allowed them to enjoy exceptional advantages. Right now, he wanted to meet and compete with those strong evolvers that appeared in his past life.

That Ice Queen was rumored to be a great beauty. Unfortunately, she was too hypocritical at that time and wore a veil. Not sure if he had the chance to meet her this time, but if he did, he would tear off the veil assuming that she had worn them, just to see whether she was as gorgeous as the rumors said.

Zhang Mu thought to himself wickedly. Now he had the opportunity, so naturally, he should have fun for once.

He led Yuan Rui and the others to set out on their journey. Like always, the Obsidian Beetle carried Yuan Rui on its back. Meanwhile, the mutated wolfdog had changed its position with Zhang Mu. It was Zhang Mu that was carrying the mutated wolfdog with his both hand raised to the air, walking swiftly while the mutated wolfdog was still sleeping soundly.

As for the speed, it was even faster than before. Zhang Mu’s pace was the same as the Obsidian Beetle, who was flying at a low altitude. Because he had set up the psychic barrier, the weight of the mutated wolfdog was almost insignificant, just like holding a piece of plastic. That was how he could travel at a stable speed.

When it was lunchtime, Zhang Mu stop to rest at a small market in a town. The market that was supposed to be noisy in the first place was now empty without a trace of human presence. There were overturned stalls everywhere. Although the weather was freezing, some of the meat that was displayed was starting to rot. It appears that no one had visited this place before the Cataclysm began a month ago. Furthermore, it looked like the walking dead and mutated animal never been here too. Otherwise, the meat would not decay until this stage.

Zhang Mu looked around with suspicion and secretly kept an eye out. Although he could lift the mutated wolfdog effortlessly, it was tiring for him to maintain the same posture, so it was time for him to take a break. Even then, he remained cautiously while sitting down.

Even if the smell of the canned meat that Zhang Mu took out from his merchant ring had filled the air, the mutated wolfdog still hadn’t woken up yet. If not for the Obsidian Beetle telling Zhang Mu that it was just a regular sleep, Zhang Mu would have the impulse to nudge it up forcibly.

At this moment, there was a pair of eyes in a corner, staring at Zhang Mu and his party.

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