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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 144 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 144

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 144: The Abandoned Factory

At this moment, Yuan Rui was touched. But knowing that she did not have the power to help, she could only look at Zhang Mu with puppy eyes begging for help. In the meantime, Zhang Mu wanted to know what secret was the little boy hiding behind him.

Under Yuan Rui’s hopeful eye, Zhang Mu gently nodded his head. She stood up immediately and put the little boy in her arm as she asked him affectionately, “Can you tell us where is your mother, and lead us there? Big brother is incredibly powerful, so he will certainly rescue your mother out of there.”

The little boy pointed his finger to a direction, and Yuan Rui simply ran over there. Meanwhile, Zhang Mu ordered the Obsidian Beetle to take care of the mutated wolfdog since it claimed that it did not want to move.

With the current strength of Zhang Mu, if he and Yuan Rui truly encountered something that they could not handle, unless the willpower inside its body decided to give a helping hand, then the Obsidian Beetle would not be able to help them much too.

Therefore, it would be better for the Obsidian Beetle to look after the mutated wolfdog. Zhang Mu quickly caught up with Yuan Rui and moved forward together.

Although the emergence of this little boy was indeed a little strange, Zhang Mu believed that his appearance was not a coincidence as he was the type of person that would think about the worst case scenario first. But if it was indeed a child that was fortunate enough to escape and his mother was still attacked by the walking dead or something else, then he did not mind to give a helping hand.

Just that the chances of this ‘truth’ that Yuan Rui already believed, was merely a tiny possibility in Zhang Mu’s heart. From the moment this little boy had appeared, he already set up his psychic barrier quietly.

Within the one-meter range, everything would be under his control. Currently, Yuan Rui and the little boy were all under his control without any restrains putting on them yet.

In case something truly happened, he was confident that he would kill the threat in time.

Furthermore, Zhang Mu was a genuine second-ranked evolver now.

Very quickly, they had arrived at an abandoned factory with the help of the little boy.

This factory did not appear to be deserted after the Cataclysm, which only happened a month ago. Zhang Mu looked at the walls with yellowish stains and concluded that this factory had been abandoned for several years before the Cataclysm.

Why did they escape to such a place? Also, didn’t he claimed that his mother was getting attacked? However, looking at this factory covered in dust all over, there were no signs of life.

Zhang Mu questioned the little boy out loud, “Didn’t you said that your mother was under attack and was in danger?”

At this point, Yuan Rui’s eyes had filled with disbelief too. She felt that the little boy was telling the truth, however the facts were placed right in front of her, reminding her that something had gone wrong. She frowned and slightly loosen her gripped on the little boy.

Meanwhile, the little boy who was well-behaved on Yuan Rui’s arm earlier, was now struggling to break free from her grasp. Yuan Rui found that he had extraordinary strength and quickly put him down.

The little boy looked at Zhang Mu angrily and answered, “Hao Hao did not lie. My mother is really in danger. She said that she was in pain, so Hao Hao quickly ran out. Hao Hao did not lie to anyone. Forget it. You guys don’t need to come anymore. Hao Hao can save mother by myself too. Hao Hao does not need your help.”

Just like that, he ran inside while Zhang Mu was left dumb-founded. Very quickly, he was swallowed up by the darkness of the factory, with nothing left.

“I don’t think I said anything wrong, right? I was merely asking it casually, and this child made such a huge fuss about it.” Zhang Mu was totally at a loss. Assuming that there was something wrong with this child, he would not stop his act the moment they arrived at this place. But if there was nothing wrong with him, then his mother should be in danger. Instead, the situation now did not appears to be that case too.

Standing beside Zhang Mu, Yuan Rui gave him a blank look. As if blaming him for being too straightforward.

Feeling worried, Yuan Rui wanted to follow the little boy, but was grabbed by Zhang Mu in the arm, “What is the use for you to go in alone? Stay here. On second thought, I don’t feel at ease putting you here, so follow behind me.”

After that, Zhang Mu took Yuan Rui and walked into the abandoned factory together. He walked sideways so that he could protect Yuan Rui behind him.

The corner of his mouth raised into a smile as he muttered in his heart, “Just nice, I also wanted to take a look behind this trick.”

Besides the discarded tire on the two sides of the road, so far, there was nothing strange appeared.

It was incredibly creepy as the quiet atmosphere was matched with the eerie setting. Yuan Rui could feel that her heart was in her mouth as she held onto Zhang Mu and looked around her. She did not dare to let go of his hand for a moment.

“Uncle, why was it so creepy here?” Yuan Rui could not help but to break the silence around her.

Zhang Mu did not glance back and continued to investigate every corner of the factory carefully. He gradually responded, “You finally felt afraid now? You were still blaming me just now. I told you earlier, do not believe anything that you saw with your eyes.”

After suffering such a blow from Zhang Mu, Yuan Rui was even more depressed. She casually took a glance around and found a figure. Straightaway, she started to scream out loud, unable to control her emotion anymore.

“There’s someone! Uncle, there is someone over there! Quickly look!”

The screams echoed around the empty factory, and Yuan Rui immediately shrank into Zhang Mu’s arm, no longer dare to look anymore.

Zhang Mu looked at the direction of Yuan Rui’s scream. There was indeed a black figure over there, and it resembled the little boy. Was he there formerly?

Zhang Mu was not afraid as he called out loudly to ask that black figure, “Hao Hao? Your mother? Just now, why did you run away?”

When he heard Zhang Mu called out his name, that small black figure turned around slowly. With the help of the dim light, Zhang Mu could see his face clearly and was stunned in an instant.

The little boy’s face was covered thoroughly with broken blood vessels. Meanwhile, his eyeball was starting to turn white too. The moment when Zhang Mu thought that he was bitten by the walking dead and was going to turn into a new one, an unimaginable matter occurred.

That little boy had started to speak!

“Didn’t I told you not to follow me? Why don’t you listen to Hao Hao?”

Zhang Mu squinted his eye to look closely at that little boy and saw that he was displaying sharp fangs at them. Using his childlike voice, he said, “My mother told me that those people who are disobedient, all of them must die!”

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