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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 146 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 146

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 146: Crushed From All Sides

At this moment, Zhang Mu could felt that the air was getting colder, and it was a kind of cold that could seep through his psychic barrier. That terrified him, as it meant that it had the ability to penetrate his psychic barrier.

The Catastrophe Matrix finally realized that it was Zhang Mu controlling her dear son. In a flash, a roar sounded like a wild beast yelled out, “It is you! Let go of my Hao Hao!”

At this juncture, the wall shook as the eight spider legs of the Catastrophe Matrix exerted a sudden force. In a blink of an eye, it sped towards Zhang Mu and scared Yuan Rui. She immediately fell to the ground as the eight spider legs had landed in front of her with less than half a meter away.

That was not her acting mercy, but it was the psychic barrier that Zhang Mu had set up to block her attack. In the beginning, Zhang Mu was worried that he would not have the time to react and set up the psychic barrier in case there would be any sudden attacks. Furthermore, he did not know whether Hao Hao would be a detonator, so he left a hand there.

Now, it seemed like that was an essential move. Zhang Mu was a little concern even after the event. If he was careless, then the one getting stabbed now was likely Yuan Rui’s body.

Because of the speed of the spider leg’s attack, given his reaction speed, he would not be able to set up his psychic barrier on time. Even though his reaction was hugely improved when advanced to the second-rank.

Although the Catastrophe Matrix had lost her mind now, her combat instinct was abnormally powerful. The moment she noticed that her attack was blocked via these two meals in front of her eye, coupled with her dear son under that man’s control, her anger flared up vigorously as she used two spider legs near the belly to support her body. Meanwhile, the remaining six spider legs were acting like spears, stabbing at Zhang Mu’s psychic barrier.

With every stab, that area would have an enormous ring of ripples. Almost every second, there would be six ripples splattering on Zhang Mu’s psychic barrier at the same time.

Zhang Mu could sense clearly that the strength of his psychic barrier was getting weaker. He tried to use his psychic ability to fill in the gap, but doing so was merely delaying the period of his psychic barrier.

How could the Catastrophe Matrix be so powerful? It was enough to break through the most basic defense of the barrier. Even though the damage produced each time was not prominent, but the frequency was too fast. Furthermore, six areas were getting hit simultaneously. So what if the psychic barrier could handle the overload blows from the Obsidian Beetle? In the long run, this would be too much for the psychic barrier to manage.

He decided to take the initiative and fought back as things were not going to work if he stayed here and waited for death. Although he did not know what would happen to the first-ranked Bloodvine Lotus if it handles the Catastrophe Matrix, Zhang Mu had no other alternative to tackle it now. Could it be that he had to fight in close combat with a Catastrophe Matrix that was said to be invincible amongst the mutated animals?

His Obsidian Beetle dagger would lose its effect once it was beyond the psychic barrier. So now he could only rely on the Bloodvine Lotus in his left arm.

Just when Zhang Mu was coming up with a plan, the Catastrophe Matrix appeared to get a little impatient as it could not hit Zhang Mu, who was inside the invisible psychic barrier. With a jerk in her belly, it became inflated, and she spat out an enormous spider web layer after layer, wrapping around one-meter range from Zhang Mu and Yuan Rui.

At the same time, Zhang Mu could sense clearly that his psychic barrier was dissipating rapidly than before. He calculated the time for the barrier to hold on, and there were only three minutes left.

The spider webs that the Catastrophe Matrix spat was highly corrosive! Now, it was rapidly corroding Zhang Mu’s psychic barrier. After all, the main function of his psychic barrier was to deal with psychic attacks. When dealing with physical assaults and ability attacks, it would steadily weaken the defense of the barrier.

In the meantime, Yuan Rui wanted to use her life energy to support Zhang Mu as always but was rejected by Zhang Mu this time. Considering that the loss of psychic power was different from a regular injury, for him now, there would not be much effect.

Zhang Mu tried to look for a flaw under the layers of spider webs. However, after using his psychic power to detact, he only found five gaps that were enough for the vines of his Bloodvine Lotus to pass through.

There was no choice but to try it first now. At least, it was better than waiting for death.

After deciding, Zhang Mu summoned the Bloodvine Lotus. Under his control, the five vines penetrated out from the gaps of the spider web and headed straight toward the Catastrophe Matrix’s body to attack.

Apparently, he had underestimated the power of the Catastrophe Matrix.

Through the gaps, these five vines were heading towards the Catastrophe Matrix like a snake. However, it quickly sensed the attacks and retracted the six spear-like spider legs, blocking the vines from attacking.

Although the spider legs could not twist and swirl freely like the Bloodvine Lotus, it crushed every Zhang Mu’s vines in all direction using its agility and strength.

In the next second, these five vines were pinned to the ground by the six spider legs. Just like five small snakes getting caught by a human, they were squirming on the ground helplessly.

Zhang Mu was going to exert his power through the Bloodvine Lotus, but he saw something was injected into the spot where the vines of the Bloodvine Lotus was stabbed by the spider legs.

He recalled the tiny black eggs that were inside Hao Hao’s body and immediately gave up these five vines, using the main body of the Bloodvine Lotus to cut off their connection entirely.

Sure enough, those vines started to wither rapidly, losing their original color on the ground under the impact that the spider leg had inserted.

Oh boy! It was always the Bloodvine Lotus that was devouring the other party. He did not expect that there would be a day that it would be consumed instead.

However, Zhang Mu had no mood to feel sentimental now. The Bloodvine Lotus did not work, and the psychic barrier was about to destroy soon. Zhang Mu felt a little regret that he did not bring Little Black along this time.

Suddenly, the wall of the factory slammed open with a bang. The Catastrophe Matrix was shocked as it retracted its eight spider legs and went to a side to hide in panic.

“If you can’t beat them, remember to call people for help! No, call for a beetle!”

It was Little Black. It came to save me. But with such a far distance away, the range of telepathy should not be enough for it to sense that Zhang Mu was in danger.

Zhang Mu thought so in his heart as his eye fixed at the area where the wall had broken down.

In the dust, the enormous figure of Little Black slowly became sharper as the sickle-like claws danced up and down.

It was really Little Black!

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