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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 147 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 147

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 147: Teaming Up For The Fight

The emergence of the Obsidian Beetle thoroughly provoked the Catastrophe Matrix who was hiding at one corner. But with the second-ranked aura from the Obsidian Beetle, it did not act recklessly and was staring at the Obsidian Beetle, who was walking step by step toward Zhang Mu.

“Why did you come here?” Zhang Mu asked with some skepticism. After all, the distance between him and the Obsidian Beetle was too far apart so it should not be able to hear Zhang Mu’s voice.

The Obsidian Beetle looked at him with disdain and answered, “If I did not come here, your glass casing would be worn out already, and became food for that fat spider to ingest.”

Listening to the Obsidian Beetle mocking him, Zhang Mu felt annoyed in his heart. The ability he had gained after the advancement was mainly for defense. If not, he would not fall under such a passive situation when dealing with the enemy.

“Stop talking nonsense. What happened exactly?” Zhang Mu questioned the Obsidian Beetle in his mind.

The Obsidian Beetle replied to him indolently, “I smelled a rotten scent in the air that makes me feel sick. At first, I thought it was nothing, but suddenly, I realized that it was the same scent as the little boy that you brought along. So I followed the trail of the scent and flew along with that stupid dog.

It was so embarrassing to see you in such predicament, ” The chuckles of the Obsidian Beetle echoed inside Zhang Mu’s mind. Zhang Mu automatically shied away from the Obsidian Beetle’s mockery and turned to look at the Catastrophe Matrix with his cold eyes.

Zhang Mu knew the reason why the Obsidian Beetle could smell the scent now. That rotten odor was coming from the original mutated animal of the Catastrophe Matrix. Not only did the soul of the human was corrupted when devoured by the mutated animal, but the mutated animal was also tainted by the human’s negative emotion simultaneously. In this case, the Obsidian Beetle, which was also a mutated animal, could sniff out the odor that was making it nausea.

“Help me to remove this spider webs on my psychic barrier first. It is very tough for me to break through from the inside.” Zhang Mu, who realized he was still tied down, told the Obsidian Beetle.

The Obsidian Beetle quickly summoned a few wind blades to cut the spider webs. At this moment, Zhang Mu did not release the defensive psychic barrier. This way, it would be easier for the wind blades to strike.

Furthermore, he suspected that the spider webs had a great corrosive nature. If he or Yuan Rui’s body was affected, it was likely that their skin would suffer immense damage.

Just like that, the psychic barrier was still holding up. Zhang Mu raised his head and looked at the wind blades cutting with great effort at the spider webs that were wrapping them tightly from the outside.

But at this moment, the Catastrophe Matrix could see that Zhang Mu was thinking of escaping from the spider webs. Moreover, she also saw that her child, Hao Hao, was now stunned and put to one side by Zhang Mu, who was afraid that he would cause trouble. Instantly, her anger started to flare up again. Regardless of the vigor from the Obsidian Beetle, it headed straight to attack the Obsidian Beetle’s body.

Even though the physical instinct of the mutated animal had a strict hierarchy system, creating a moment of hesitation when attacking the Obsidian Beetle, but the madness of its human consciousness was dominating the Catastrophe Matrix. Therefore, it continued to exert 100% of its power, using eight spider legs to stab at the back of the Obsidian Beetle.

The Obsidian Beetle heard the attack coming behind and turned right away to fight with the Catastrophe Matrix. Just now, the attack had sliced all the way down from the Obsidian Beetle’s shell to the edge of its back. Since the top was the toughest part, it did not suffer much damage. As for the sides, sparks fly from the spider legs as it drew a few scratches.

Now the Obsidian Beetle’s anger was even stronger than the Catastrophe Matrix. No one managed to injure it until now, but this neither human nor spider in front of its eye, along with the disgusting rotten odor that turned down its appetite, had the nerve to damage its beautiful shell. How could the Obsidian Beetle tolerated such a shameful thing? The Obsidian Beetle gave up using its ability and shoved down the Catastrophe Matrix who almost had the same size. By taking advantage of its body, which was sturdier than the Catastrophe Matrix.

With the unexpected incident, the Obsidian Beetle no longer controlled and sustained the wind blades. Very soon, they had vanished in the air. Fortunately, they had made a vast contribution as the fibrous spider web had sliced to the point where it was about to break apart.

Zhang Mu took advantage of this opportunity and used the remaining psychic power to support the crumbling psychic barrier. Meanwhile, he was summoning the Bloodvine Lotus for a full-scale attack. In an instant, he broke through the spider web’s defenses. When the vines touched the spider web, it appeared to suffer extensive damage and shrank a little. But under Zhang Mu’s control, there was no hesitation. Acting quickly, it tore away the spider webs that were wrapping him and threw them to the side.

Although it had received a little damage, the regeneration ability of the Bloodvine Lotus could not be underestimated. The limbs that were slightly withered was quickly replaced with a new part to wrap around Zhang Mu.

Zhang Mu observed the battle of the Obsidian Beetle and the Catastrophe Matrix. It was merely a close-range fight between the mutated animal using the most primitive method. The Obsidian Beetle naturally had forgotten to use its wind-type ability in anger. On the other hand, the Catastrophe Matrix was provoked by the Obsidian Beetle and started to show its primitive ferocity and battle instinct. Both parties were tumbling on the ground, neck to neck, and was entangled together. The claws of the Obsidian Beetle and the spider legs of the Catastrophe Matrix, both left a few scratch marks on each other bodies.

After inspecting carefully, Zhang Mu realized that the Catastrophe Matrix did not seem to use its full force. Although it looked like it was exchanging blows with the Obsidian Beetle, he realized that the Catastrophe Matrix had fallen behind a little.

After verifying for another minute, he finally confirmed his guess. Hence, he said in his mind to remind the Obsidian Beetle who had the upper hand, “She is protecting her belly, go and attack that part.”

Hearing Zhang Mu’s voice, the enthusiasm in the Obsidian Beetle’s eye resolved a little. It also felt that this monster was not easy to handle and remembered the reminder from Zhang Mu.

Every time the claws swang, it deliberately took care of the Catastrophe Matrix’s belly. This time, the Catastrophe Matrix was at a loss as the attacks were getting disorganized. It could only defend itself while the Obsidian Beetle kept on attacking steadily, leaving no chance for it to retaliate. In the end, all eight spider legs were used to protect the swelling belly.

At this moment, Zhang Mu made his move. The Obsidian Beetle and the Catastrophe Matrix finally separated from each other, so it was the best time to take action!

He used the vines of the Bloodvine Lotus to prop him up from the ground and to add on speed to himself. In a blink of an eye, he round to the back of the Catastrophe Matrix.

Currently, the Catastrophe Matrix was concentrating on defending the Obsidian Beetle in front of its eye. Zhang Mu raised his Obsidian Beetle Dagger to the air and cut a big hole on the Catastrophe Matrix’s open back. Yellow pus flowed out from the injury and flow to the ground. Zhang Mu quickly retracted the Obsidian Beetle Dagger from the wound, and there was still a green smoke rising from the dagger. Zhang Mu looked at it with a heartache.

The blood of this Catastrophe Matrix was poisonous!

The Catastrophe Matrix screamed from the pain and hid to a narrow space.

Suddenly, a warning from the Obsidian Beetle could be heard in Zhang Mu’s mind.

“Quickly retreat!”

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