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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 148 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 148

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 148: Delivered in Advance

Zhang Mu retreated without hesitation as he trusts the judgment of the Obsidian Beetle unconditionally. It must have sensed something and quickly gave a reminder to Zhang Mu. When he was departing, Zhang Mu realized that the Obsidian Beetle, who was fighting with the Catastrophe Matrix a moment ago, was retreating at an alarming speed back to Yuan Rui’s side.

For the Obsidian Beetle to feel danger, what is going to happen to the Catastrophe Matrix?

Zhang Mu embraced this question to himself while retreating to the Obsidian Beetle’s side. This time, he finally saw what was happening to the Catastrophe Matrix.

The Catastrophe Matrix’s belly had a shining light and dark pattern alternating at this moment. The stomach mirrored the movement of the Catastrophe Matrix’s breathing, bulging exaggeratedly every time.

The human face of the Catastrophe Matrix had a painful expression as it appeared to be struggling.

Zhang Mu thought of a terrible possibility out of the blue. He turned his head abruptly and basically growled at Yuan Rui, “Yuan Rui, use all of your life energy and infuse into Hao Hao’s body. Hurry up!”

Although she did not know the reason, Yuan Rui still did it obediently. When both of her hands were put on Hao Hao’s back, that pure white life energy was infused into Hao Hao’s body once again.

After that, the horrifying situation occurred just like the previous time. Hao Hao’s body was oozing out tiny black eggs again. However, the process for this time was even more difficult.

Yuan Rui recalled Zhang Mu’s anxious tone and fought back her fear. She poured all of her life energy into Hao Hao’s body until his body no longer oozed out the tiny black eggs.

Zhang Mu helped the weaken Yuan Rui up and grabbed Hao Hao from the ground. Straightaway, he removed Hao Hao’s clothes and shook the now naked body, so that the tiny black eggs that were still attached, would be shaken off completely. Then his expression turned serious as he spoke to the Obsidian Beetle, “Take them out from the entrance that you came in first. While you’re at it, take that stupid dog with your claws too. You should be able to handle the weight of two people and one dog, right?”

“Uncle, why are we leaving? I saw that the monster was in pain, so now should be the perfect time for you to defeat it.” Until now, Yuan Rui was still confused and did not understand Zhang Mu’s decision.

Zhang Mu looked at the Catastrophe Matrix with a complicated expression and slowly said, “If I am not wrong, this monster, is now in labor. She is rushing to deliver her children.

And those are in her belly, including those tiny little black eggs inside Hao Hao’s body.”

Yuan Rui covered her mouth with a disbelieving look. She asked hesitantly, “Uncle, you are saying that Hao Hao’s mother, had injected these tiny spider eggs inside Hao Hao’s body? How is this possible? That was his mother. Also, she said that it was to protect Hao Hao, so why would she do that?”

Zhang Mu said with a heavy heart, “Now, it was a downright monster. Hao Hao’s real mother already died in the mouth of this creature. Although it still has the mother’s obsession to influence the monster’s behavior, it could not recognize Hao Hao anymore and treated Hao Hao as a breeding vessel for its child only. Do you understand what I mean?”

Yuan Rui still had an unbelievable look on her face. That woman’s demeanor looked so pitiful. Previously, the glanced she looked at Hao Hao was full of maternal tenderness.

Zhang Mu wanted to say something more, but he realized that the black spider eggs that oozed out from Hao Hao’s body were starting to wobble gradually. Zhang Mu quickly let Yuan Rui carried Hao Hao before he put her on the back of the Obsidian Beetle. After that, he urged the Obsidian Beetle to leave immediately.

The Obsidian Beetle obediently went out from the hole that it entered earlier. As for Zhang Mu, he was not in a panic to leave. Without Yuan Rui and the others, he was confident that he could escape alone. But just in case, he stood under the big hole that the Obsidian Beetle broke through and watched quietly at the Catastrophe Matrix who was growling in pain now.

He was curious now. In his past life, he always heard that the Catastrophe Matrix had exceptional destructive power, but he never heard of a Catastrophe Matrix that was able to deliver. Just now, he speculated according to those extraordinary parasitic mutated animal, and the situation now was merely proving his speculation.

In just a minute, the tiny little black eggs on the ground stopped swaying. The thin walls of the outer layer were like a layer of fragile paper, easy to penetrate.

Tender, short fuzzy hairs, and several slender spider legs spurted out from the shell-like tiny black eggs. The furry hairs on the spider legs were swaying slightly, probing the outside world.

At first glanced, it looked like a small little life poking out from the tiny black eggs, which looked cute. But now, what Zhang Mu saw was hundreds of black spider eggs doing the same action.

Just like that, everything became scary and weird in Zhang Mu’s eye.

While Zhang Mu was in a daze, a scream coming from the Catastrophe Matrix attracted his gaze.

This time, hundreds of the tiny black eggs in front of Zhang Mu were nothing at all compared to the black river that was flowing out from the belly of the Catastrophe Matrix. The compact mass on the ground was all of its spider eggs.

In an instant, the Catastrophe Matrix collapsed as the eight legs could not support its body anymore. It sat at the debris while the towering belly was shriveled down instantly.

Because the Catastrophe Matrix felt threatened by Zhang Mu and the Obsidian Beetle, it actually delivered those tiny spiders in advance!

Those black spider eggs were gushing towards Zhang Mu’s direction like a tide. It seems to sense that Zhang Mu was the only living creature here besides their mother, and they needed food and energy now.

Although the Catastrophe Matrix was severely weakened, the eyes that were looking at Zhang Mu’s direction was filled with hatred. She could not wait to eat Zhang Mu’s meat and torn his flesh apart.

Zhang Mu felt distressed in his heart. It was ironic for her to use her living son as a vessel to incubate the spiders, yet she had such a huge reaction when he only knocked out the little boy.

After watching the whole process clearly, Zhang Mu did not want to stay there any longer. The ocean of black spider eggs was sprawling towards him little by little. Moreover, the scariest part was that in the process, there were new baby spiders crawling out from the eggs constantly, using a faster speed to head towards Zhang Mu.

Seeing that the spider eggs were going to invade with his one-meter range, Zhang Mu lightly tapped on the ground and went to the hole above him without difficulty.

Now, Zhang Mu only had one thought in his mind.

I don’t think I would be able to eat dinner tonight.

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