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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 149 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 149

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 149: The Truth

After Zhang Mu came out from the hole, the Black Obsidian Beetle and Yuan Rui were already outside waiting for him anxiously.

Upon seeing Zhang Mu’s figure, Yuan Rui finally put her heart at ease. She could not get down from the Obsidian Beetle’s back, so she waved her hand to call out for Zhang Mu, urging him to come over quickly.

“So how is that spider monster with Hao Hao’s mother face?” Once Yuan Rui saw that Zhang Mu was all right, she curiously asked Zhang Mu about the situation inside.

Zhang Mu stuck out both of his hands and said, “She had finished her labor. Now, this factory is going to be the spider’s paradise, and every one of them is her children.” After listening to Zhang Mu, Yuan Rui looked at Hao Hao in her arm, wrapped with the bearskin, in heartache as she did not speak again.

She felt that this child was too pitiful. Losing his mother and yet, he was turned into a breeding vessel for the little spiders by his mother who had turned into a monster.

At this moment, Hao Hao suddenly struggled for a bit and woke up in Yuan Rui’s arm. He opened his mouth and screamed Mother. Yuan Rui, who was watching this, felt even sorry for him as she hugged him tighter.

For some reason, the tens of thousands of small spiders did not come out from the hole that Zhang Mu escaped. Since Zhang Mu was outside now, he could not see the situation inside. However, he did not dare to go in anymore.

Yuan Rui cuddled Hao Hao and said, “Hao Hao can you tell sister how did this happen? Your mother, why did she become like this?” It was at this moment that Zhang Mu finally learned the truth from Hao Hao, who had just woke up. For such a young child to speak the truth, the world was indeed cold and cruel.

This child called Hao Hao was far more mature than those children who were in the same age as him. He had suffered too much pain that should not exist at his age. Zhang Mu listened to him as he spoke slowly in a cold manner as if he was a lifeless robot.

It turned out that Hao Hao and his mother were the residents from a nearby town. On the day of the Cataclysm, they hid together with the survivors from this town into this abandoned factory, waiting for the police or the army to rescue them.

But as time passed by, no one came to save them at all, and people started to lose hope. As the people of this town were just a small figure at the bottom, although there was a food shortage, no one had done anything that was against the human’s bottom line. That was because they were afraid of the laws and regulation of the country, and they feared that when the army or government officials appeared, they would be arrested by their wrongdoings.

Everyone suppressed the darkness in their heart and waited peacefully inside the abandoned factory, just like Hao Hao and his mother, hiding at one corner. The two of them ate sparingly so that the rations would be enough for them.

Until one fateful day, something happened and changed everything.

When Hao Hao said until here, the cold and icy eye held a tinge of fear in them. That was enough to show how much damage and trauma had caused to his small and young mind.

A spider, that was bigger and stronger than the adults emerged from a crack in the factory. During that time, they had a few young men that were pretty strong, but in front of this huge spider, they did not appear to have the ability to fight back. In an instant, several people were gutted, as blood pooled to the ground.

How would the people who live quietly all year round in a small town ever seen this before? Therefore, regardless if there were monsters outside that would eat human too, they ran out of the factory while the spider was eating the dead bodies.

If the matter ends here, then this would be nothing at all, since the people merely encountered a first-ranked mutated animal.

But when Hao Hao’s voice started to tremble, Zhang Mu knew that things were not that simple.

“They, claimed that, this was the monster that God sent to punish them. As for the reason why the monster did not chase after them, was because someone is dead. Once the monster had its fill, it would not come out and eat them anymore.

Therefore, if they wanted the monster to stop attacking them, then they had to feed the monster.

They……” Hao Hao did not continue anymore, but Zhang Mu could already guess the development of the matter.

This bunch of ignorant people thought that feeding the mutated spider would not bring them trouble anymore. As a result, they threw the weak Hao Hao and his mother into the factory, just like giving a tribute to the mutated spider. The ugliness and ignorance of humanity were exposed perfectly at this moment.

After a while, Hao Hao continued the story.

After the mutated spider sniffed the scent of a human, it soon appeared and dragged away Hao Hao’s mother that was protecting in front of him. Hao Hao was scared, but he was more terrified of his mother’s departure, so he followed them closely.

Not sure was it because the spider just ate earlier and was still full, but it did not shred Hao Hao’s mother into pieces, and ate her immediately. Instead, it bound her to a spider web.

Without a doubt, Hao Hao, who was following his mother, was caught by the spider too. The spider abandoned him on another small web with a disordered line.

Hao Hao’s mother was in despair and could only curse the gang outside as they had caused the death of her and her son.

The mutated spider naturally did not understand the curses of Hao Hao’s mother and used its fangs to infuse venom inside her body. She could feel her internal organ, her blood, and her entire body were getting ingested.

Throughout the whole process, she was staring at her son, who was too afraid to say anything on one side. Her desire to survive kept her struggling on this ongoing torture. In the end, Hao Hao’s mother passed away with an endless grudge and concern for her son. However, when the mutated spider was devouring her, all of her resentment was attached to the mutated spider body. Under an odd coincidence, she became the Catastrophe Matrix.

The matters that followed goes without saying. Every people from the town, including the walking dead, were slaughter entirely by the Catastrophe Matrix that was in its endless resentment.

In the end, the obsession to protect Hao Hao was corrupted by the bloody slaughtering. Under the conflict of the resentment and the nature of the mutated spider, she turned insane.

In conclusion, she found the only living creature in the whole town and inserted her eggs inside the young Hao Hao’s body as part of her nature to breed.

Usually, Hao Hao was in a deep sleep. But today, the Catastrophe Matrix was close to her childbirth, so she could not control her power much. As a result, Hao Hao ran out from the factory, which then met Zhang Mu and the others.

Since his memory had stopped at the scene where his mother and him, was pushed into the abandoned factory, he went to Zhang Mu to call for help.

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