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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 150 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 150

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 150: Thrilling Moment

Zhang Mu could deduce most of the truth from Hao Hao description. It was not like he had never seen such cases before. Struck in awe by the unknown, the humans in the early days of the Cataclysm would emit the dark side of human nature. Therefore, Zhang Mu was not surprised by their action for doing such a thing to protect their life.

But it was terrible for this to happen to a woman with a child. However, there was karma, and they had reaped what they sow. The gang that used the mother and son to feed the mutated animal got what they deserved. They had become the first target for the Catastrophe Matrix to revenge on and to turn into its food.

Thus, the human heart is sinister.

However, for this Catastrophe Matrix to appear, it consisted of many coincidences. For example, if the mutated spider had eaten Hao Hao’s mother straightaway, she would not turn out like this. But because she had endless resentment during the torture, she had the vital requirement to become a Catastrophe Matrix.

Zhang Mu was left with mixed feelings. It was not easy for her to survive, yet she had ended up like this. The death of Hao Hao’s mother was caused by the people in the town, and they were killed by her as a result.

Chills went down his spine as Zhang Mu suddenly wondered if there was a pair of a big hand hidden and controlled everything. His rebirth was a big loophole in this world already. Then, on which day, which place, and which pitch point would the change be completely erupted because of the loophole he had caused?

However, Zhang Mu did not have the time to think about this problem now. Just a moment ago, Yuan Rui had thrown the flashlight she carried with her into the pitch-black hole. He widened his eye after he saw what was happening inside.

The location of the Catastrophe Matrix was wrapped by a black ocean. Under the illumination from the flashlight, Zhang Mu could see that the black wave was flowing around her body.

Occasionally, a broken limb was revealed. The little spiders which were only the size of a nail, was expanding rapidly. With this, Zhang Mu finally understood what happened.

The little spiders that the Catastrophe Matrix delivered were eating her!

Zhang Mu was unsure if this Catastrophe Matrix had done it willingly, but the fact was placed in front of his eye.

He questioned the Obsidian Beetle in his mind, “Little Black, can you still smell that rotten scent from the monster? It seems that she was eaten by those little monsters she gave birth to.”

The Obsidian Beetle was shocked when it heard the news. It slowly raised its head and tried to sniff the rotten odor that was making it nausea previously. But with such a near distance, it did not smell any of it after many tries.

Its forelimbs slowly straightened up as it looked in the direction of the hole. It said to Zhang Mu, “If you never mention about it, I would not notice it. Just now, the odor that I was used to smelling was gone now. I already tried my best to smell it, but the strong odor was gradually weakening into nothing.”

The Obsidian Beetle spoke again slowly, “But I sensed an aura that made me even worried.”

Zhang Mu asked it with some uncertainties, “That should be the scent of those thousands upon thousands of little spiders. But the scent only made you worried, with no rotten odor from that big monster, right?”

“No.” The Obsidian Beetle answered Zhang Mu with certainty, telling him that it already confirmed this fact.

Then the matter would be harder to deal now. If it was worried, then it implies that the strength of those bunch of little spiders could threaten the existence of the Obsidian Beetle already. And without the rotten odor, there was only one possibility for this to happen.

The human resentment on the Catastrophe Matrix was gone now after it was devoured once again.

The nature of the mutated animal in her body, had enabled her to breed its offspring. Under pressure from Zhang Mu and the Obsidian Beetle, it was forced into labor in advance, which drove her to a weakened state. However, she was a fool as she never did a proper job to cultivate her future generation and prepared some rations for them.

Furthermore, the newly-born spiders did not have any feelings for this mother, who was half monster and half human. When the only living being, Zhang Mu, had left their attacking range, they turned their attention to their mother, the Catastrophe Matrix, who was weak and rooted to the spot.

In the end, she could only watch her own children scrambled to her body and used it as their nourishment for their first evolution after they were born. They devoured everything until there was nothing left of her.

After Zhang Mu saw the scene inside, he could felt his scalp tingling instantly. Formerly, tens of thousands of small spiders with the size of a nail was pretty terrifying already. But now that he looked at it, he saw that these individual being had turned into the size of a fist. The abandoned factory was going to be crammed with spiders by now.

Moreover, it appears that the meat of the Catastrophe Matrix that was shared between them, was finished completely.

Sure enough, the black tide had stopped flowing. While Zhang Mu was stunned and speechless watching them, they had moved towards the hole. Seems like they had found food outside to be their ration now.

Compared to the Catastrophe Matrix, Zhang Mu was more afraid of these spiders. Although the Catastrophe Matrix had a strong mutated power, it was easier to look for loopholes because she was not in her right mind while fighting. Furthermore, there was only one target.

But these pure mutated spiders that were just born would have the most primitive and sharpest combat ability. Furthermore, their number had reached five figures, and that was far from what Zhang Mu could handle.

The most crucial factor was that Zhang Mu was unsure if these little spiders had retained their mother’s ability.

If so, then the scene of those corrosive spider webs smashing all over him would be a disaster even if his psychic ability had recovered into its full state.

At this moment, he thought of retreating and quickly called the Obsidian to fly and took away Yuan Rui plus the mutated wolfdog.

For some reason, the tide of spiders that were flowing towards Zhang Mu’s direction did not come out from the hole all at once. There was only a small group of them.

So where was the rest?

Zhang Mu did not care about them anymore, as the whereabouts of these little monsters had nothing to do with him now.

However, the moment he wanted to run, there was nothing under his foot all of a sudden.

The ground below him, had collapsed!

This ground had turned hollow abruptly.

Zhang Mu’s mind flashed a horrifying thought.

In a few seconds, the remaining little spider was now beside him. Furthermore, they could make the ground collapse?

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