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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 151 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 151

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 151: Barely Escaped

Zhang Mu subconsciously grabbed the rock neared him, so that he would not fall. However, the rock beside him was incredibly loose too. Without giving him the time to recover, the rock that he grabbed on also started to sink and pulled him down once again when he exerted his strength.

The moment he fell, he saw that the Obsidian Beetle was going to rescue him in the sky. Instantly, an idea flashed through his mind, and the Bloodvine Lotus shot out from his left arm, reaching out to the Obsidian Beetle.

When Zhang Mu was about to fall into the huge pit of spiders, the vines of the Bloodvine Lotus managed to grasp the paw of the mutated wolfdog just in time. In an instant, it wrapped around the paw and fastened around it firmly.

On the other hand, Zhang Mu was controlling the Bloodvine Lotus and quickly exerting his strength to pull himself towards the Obsidian Beetle. Changing the direction abruptly and using the momentum to fly over.

Fortunately, the Obsidian Beetle had advanced to the second-ranked, and the load it could take had increased. Otherwise, it would be hard for it to carry Zhang Mu, an adult man, who used all his strength to pull himself up.

Although it was carrying Yuan Rui, the mutated wolfdog, as well as its body weight, now adding on the force that Zhang Mu suddenly exerted, the Obsidian Beetle continued to spread its wings and use the wind power for support. So at this moment, it was still holding on and slowly flew upwards carrying Zhang Mu.

“I almost couldn’t hold on when you pulled me all of a sudden. Will you be happy when all of us fell into the big hole together?” The Obsidian Beetle muttered and complained as it was upset with Zhang Mu’s surprise attack.

Zhang Mu scolded the Obsidian Beetle right away, “Otherwise, how am I going to get up? You little brat, don’t act weak in front of me. Just how much weight was this and you couldn’t pull us anymore? What for would I want you as a second-ranked mutated animal? Besides, you are a wind-type mutated animal. You thought I can’t sense the wind power that you are using now?”

A cheeky smile appeared on the Obsidian Beetle as it knew that it was just dissing him. It did not want Zhang Mu to fall too.

Zhang Mu’s face lit up when he found that he was rising out from the hole. But in the next second, the expression on his face froze. He could feel something on his calf pulling him down.

He almost cursed out loud the moment he glanced back. It was just like what he had predicted previously.

These little spiders had inherited the ability from their mother, the Catastrophe Matrix. They were shooting out sticky spider web!

Fortunately, Zhang Mu did not felt any burning pain on his calfskin nor suffered any damage. He concluded that the spider webs, was not corrosive yet.

Not sure whether was it because they did not inherit the power or they hadn’t grown up yet, but for whatever reason, it was better this way.

Right now, there were a dozen spider webs on Zhang Mu’s leg, causing the Obsidian Beetle and Zhang Mu to be in a stalemate now.

Meanwhile, the spider webs on Zhang Mu’s calf was slowly tightening!

The little spiders that were burying their head a moment ago, slowly raised their head and looked at Zhang Mu in an orderly mass.

Finally, he could see what the black spiders were up to earlier. It turned out that those black spiders were eating the soil with their heads down. As they needed energy, they treated all the dirt as food. They secreted a large amount of corrosive liquid, then turn all the soil into a digestive fluid and swallowed them back.

After the hard soil was sprayed with corrosive liquid, a green smoke instantly rose, and the dirt became a pool of fluid.

Looking down at the compact mass of black spiders, Zhang Mu could felt his scalp tingling with pins and needles again. If he, Yuan Rui, the Obsidian Beetle, and the mutated wolfdog were hauled into the enormous pit together, he believed that they would be devoured within a second with nothing remaining. Zhang Mu tensed up when he thought about the pain of being eaten by more than ten thousands spiders.

Apparently, those little spiders believed that he might be tastier than the soil as all of them were gaining interest in him. Zhang Mu quickly took out the Obsidian Beetle dagger and cut the spider webs that were attached to his leg.

However, these spider webs were not hard or stiff at all. It was soft and sticky at the same time. Although his dagger had undergone reinforcement, it was useless against those spider webs. Therefore, when Zhang Mu hewed the webs, he seems to be cutting a soft and fluffy cotton candy.

After many struggles, Zhang Mu merely cut off two strands of the spider webs that were at the outermost layer, and there was still a dozen spider webs attached to his leg.

Unfortunately, the little black spiders underneath him did not give him a chance to escape. They stopped reprocessing the corrosive liquid on the ground, and all of them began to shoot out a strand of spider web that looked non-lethal. But to Zhang Mu, he felt that it was a chain made by Death.

Seeing that there were a few more spider webs on his leg, Zhang Mu smiled bitterly.

Zhang Mu’s heart was pinched into knots when he faced the overwhelming spider webs. He was deciding if he should release another vine from the Bloodvine Lotus to see if it would help him to hold on for a little longer. Or, to summon his psychic power that had recovered a little, to see if he could construct another psychic barrier to fight for a breathing time.

But at this moment, two whistling sounds went past his ear.

In the next second, Zhang Mu could see that there was a head to head battle between two giant blades made up of the wind-element and the overwhelming webs that were about to envelop Zhang Mu.

The wind-element giant blades were severing the incoming webs continuously. Despite that, it was shrinking at the rate visible to the naked eye. It appeared that the power of the wind-element was gradually weakening as they were too many spider webs for it to handle.

It was the Obsidian Beetle!

“Hurry up! My wind blades are not going to last any longer.” The anxious voice of the Obsidian Beetle could be heard in Zhang Mu’s mind, urging him to break free from the webs quickly.

Zhang Mu did not have time to reply to the Obsidian Beetle as he kept swinging the Obsidian Beetle Dagger. Finally, the remaining spider webs were cut off completely.

Zhang My could felt his body became lighter instantly. With a pull, he was lifted to the sky by the Obsidian Beetle.

At the next moment, the Obsidian Beetle’s wind blades no longer hold out, and the overwhelming white spider webs had wrapped around Zhang Mu’s former position.

After the webs continued to rush forward, it became powerless after a certain distance. That must be their maximum range as the webs started to fall since it could not reach Zhang Mu.

Zhang Mu, surrounded by thousands of black spider, had escaped once again!

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