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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 152 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 152

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 152: A Comeback

Zhang Mu was not afraid of heights and let the Obsidian Beetle pull him up as high as it could. He watched silently at the enormous pit of black spiders underneath him as he flew farther and farther away from them.

Soon, the Obsidian Beetle could not hold on anymore. Previously, it had overused the wind-element to form those two giant wind blades. Coupled with the fact that the load on its body had reached maximum capacity, it gradually slowed down and started to land.

When Zhang Mu’s feet could touch the ground, he immediately retracted the Bloodvine Lotus fastened on the paws of the mutated wolfdog. Then, he lightly leaped away from the ground to moved away for the Obsidian Beetle to land. Even though there were some distances from the town, Zhang Mu was still looking in that direction with fear in his eye.

“Uncle, how should we deal with those spiders?” Yuan Rui glanced at him with a puzzled look on her face as she was picked up from the Obsidian Beetle’s back by Zhang Mu. She continued to pet Hao Hao in her arm so that he would not be too upset.

Zhang Mu quietly thought to himself before shaking his head helplessly. Currently, he had no idea how should he deal with those little spiders, who had absorbed all the essence from their mother’s body.

As long as they had sufficient time and energy, they would be able to grow to the power of a first-ranked mutated animal at a fast pace. Thinking about the destructive power of thousands and thousands of first-ranked mutated animal, so far, there would not be any base that could withstand that amount of attack, even if the base had an evolver with strong awakening ability.

This time, Zhang Mu was a little worried about those cities nearby. Currently, the human had no ideas on how to fight against them. Does that mean that from now onwards, every human being had to hole up inside the city for the protection of the era merchant?

One should know that previously, the incident involving a thousand mutated animal escaping from the zoo in Luoyang city, had driven all the human till the point where they had no chance to fight back. Right now, the number was at least ten times the original amount!

No matter how strong a person’s ability could be, they would be drowned facing such a tremendous number.

Not only the era sub-merchants would have difficulty doing their job, but there would not be enough self-sufficient agriculture and livestock breeding in the city. The principal source of human’s rations was still coming from collecting material in the city and going outside to hunt meat from some mutated animal that was relatively easy to capture.

However, with thousands of the first-ranked spiders watching like a bloodthirsty tiger outside the city, no one would dare to step out of the safe zone.

But Zhang Mu honestly did not have any ideas on how to clear up these batch of newly-born spiders.

Zhang Mu turned and looked at Yuan Rui, “With my ability now, I can’t handle them. Even if we count Little Black and that stupid dog, all efforts would be in vain. Facing such a huge number, we would not achieve any effects.”

Yuan Rui pondered for a while and decided to stop persuading Zhang Mu to take the risk. But seeing the resentment and coldness in Hao Hao’s eye, there was a sharp pain in her heart. She glanced at Zhang Mu with some hesitation and questioned, ‘Uncle, what about Hao Hao? He is just a child. You’re not going to leave him alone, are you?”

Yuan Rui’s eye was filled with pleas, fearing that Zhang Mu would say something she did not want to hear.

“It is very dangerous for us to come out and do our business nowadays. If we bring along a little boy that doesn’t know how to protect himself, we might have to spend more energy to take care of him.”

Hearing Zhang Mu’s words, Yuan Rui almost cried out loud as she cuddled Hao Hao tightly, not letting him go.

However, Zhang Mu smiled and continued, “If we could not take care of him, we could leave him to a woman staying in the city when we return back to Luoyang city. I’m pretty sure that if we let Wang Liang choose, he would pick someone that is most suitable to take care of Hao Hao. Furthermore, we can provide that person with a sum of ration every month as a foster fee.”

Zhang Mu did not want to tease Yuan Rui and told her the solution immediately. Yuan Rui then wiped off the tears that were about to flow out from her eyes and smack Zhang Mu. Now that she thought about her action, she felt that she was a little selfish. If they really brought a child along, that would make a large impact on Zhang Mu. Hence, she looked at him apologetically.

Actually, Zhang Mu did not want to meddle in other people’s affairs. But for him to throw a ten years old boy into the wilderness, was something he would not do. Therefore, he could only think of this method. However, he did not know whether Hao Hao would be able to blend into human society with such a mindset now.

The trauma was too big for him. Even with Zhang Mu, Hao Hao was looking at him with full of vigilance. Yuan Rui was much better as she was looking after him for the whole time, so he had allowed her to cuddle him.

At this time, a yawning noise accompanied by a heavy nasal sound could be heard.

When Zhang Mu heard this sound, he knew that the stupid mutated wolfdog had woken up. He immediately walked over. Pulling on its dog ear, he grumbled, “You still know how to wake up? The Sun had risen for a long time already. Do you know that you almost got eaten until you were a pile of bone left?”

The mutated wolfdog also knew that it had slept for a long time as it shook its tail and licked Zhang Mu’s hand to please him.

Now that the mutated wolfdog was full of spirit after sleeping, it no longer had a fragile appearance. Looking at it admitting his mistake, Zhang Mu no longer blame him.

Zhang Mu had another headache when he continued to think about the matter a while ago.

If only he had an ability with AOE damage, he would not be in such a distress situation now. When they were still weak, he should clean them up so that there would not be any hidden danger after that.

When he saw the mutated wolfdog twitching its nose, Zhang Mu suddenly came up with an idea which made him excited.

The ability for AOE damage did not have to depend on himself. Previously there was a successful method that he hadn’t used for a long time. Now was the perfect time for him to apply them.

A fire attack using gasoline!

Now that those little spiders have not advanced to the first rank, their defenses must be extremely weak and could not withstand against the fire set by gasoline. Furthermore, Zhang Mu could use the nose of the mutated wolfdog, that was far more reliable than the Obsidian Beetle, to sniff out the places that stored the gasoline and ignite another tremendous fire.

As for the ground, it was uncertain if it was eaten and hollowed out by the little spiders. Nevertheless, Zhang Mu had a way to deal with it.

If he could not walk from the ground, he still had a powerful flying tool that could attack.

It is time to make a comeback!

Little spiders, I, Zhang Mu, is coming back to play with you. Hehehe.

Zhang Mu glanced towards the Obsidian Beetle, who was stretching its wings on its back, and smiled wickedly.

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