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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 153 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 153

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 153: The Old Tricks Strike Again

It was a little creepy when the Obsidian Beetle saw that Zhang Mu was staring at him, so it questioned him, “What do you want? There’s nothing good about your smile. What do you want from me again?”

Zhang Mu walked over and patted the back of the Obsidian Beetle, “Why are you so nervous? I was going to make use some of your ability, nothing dangerous. Don’t worry about it.”

Despite that, the Obsidian Beetle continued to look at him suspiciously. Zhang Mu had too many tricks up his sleeve, and the look in his eye definitely had a problem, “What are you going to do? Say it.”

Zhang Mu touched the head of the mutated wolfdog in the meantime and replied with a smile, “I’m going to use the same trick that we used at Luoyang city in the beginning, using gasoline and let those little spiders have a good time. What do you think?”

The Obsidian Beetle said doubtfully, “Where are you going to get gasoline? Don’t look at me. I can’t find them now.”

Zhang Mu smiled and said nothing. He just continued to pet the mutated wolfdog, who was standing at one side looking confused.

After a while, the Obsidian Beetle finally figure it out. It turns out that Zhang Mu was going to rely on the mutated wolfdog to track down the gasoline.

However, the Obsidian Beetle looked suspiciously at the nose of the mutated wolfdog and asked, “Can he do the job? Anyway, I didn’t smell the gasoline, so ask him yourself. You better make it quick though, those spiders might not stay there for a long time, and it would be normal for them to leave the place already.”

That’s right. If the spiders were scattered, then things would be tricky. Zhang Mu’s tactic was a large-scale attack against a huge colony. If there were only some bits and pieces left, then the effect would be reduced.

The mutated wolfdog met Zhang Mu’s eye and seemed to understand the hidden message behind his smile. It barked a few time to express its dissatisfaction.

Of course, Zhang Mu had a way to deal with it. He took out a bag of earth-type mutated beast core from his merchant ring and placed it in front of the mutated wolfdog. “If you can find the place where the gasoline is stored, then this bag of first-ranked earth-type mutated beast core would be all yours. How does that sound?”

The eye of the mutated wolfdog was shining with excitement when it looked at the cloth bag on Zhang Mu’s hand. It stuck its tongue out and wanted to snatch it away from Zhang Mu’s hand. However, Zhang Mu raised his arm high and shook the bag in front of the wolfdog before putting it back into his merchant ring. He gave a cheeky grin at the mutated wolfdog, “They are yours if you can find the gasoline. Now, you can’t have them!”

The mutated wolfdog let out a howl, and it appears that they had reached an agreement. It quickly ran and kicked up a cloud of dust behind.

It was feeling anxious in its heart. Currently, Zhang Mu and the Obsidian Beetle had advanced to the second rank yet, it still hadn’t touched the doorway to the second rank, since it still lacks a lot of energy. It did not dare to devour other elements of the beast core and could only watch longingly at those that Zhang Mu stored in his ring.

And now, Zhang Mu finally decided to release all of his beast cores, causing it to be buzzing with excitement. With this bag of earth-type beast cores, he would only be a step away from advancing to the second rank.

Right now, it was not even qualified to reach that stage, let alone thinking about advancing to the second rank.

After ten minutes, the mutated wolfdog ran back while gasping for air. It was true that their location could not pick up any gasoline earlier. But after a long run, it finally confirmed that there was a gasoline smell in the air coming faintly from a particular direction.

Zhang Mu let the Obsidian Beetle remained in this place to accompany Hao Hao and Yuan Rui. It was happy to be able to laze around, so it laid on the ground and fell asleep.

Meanwhile, Zhang Mu ran together with the mutated wolfdog right away, to the direction that it identified.

Eventually, Zhang Mu was sick of the mutated wolfdog as it was far slower than him. Straight away, he lifted the wolfdog once again. He used his psychic barrier to share the burden of its weight and sprint to the direction.

This time, the mutated wolfdog was awake. Somehow, it felt a sense of humiliation. It was a mutated animal yet, it was scorned by a human in terms of speed and even got carried to travel together. It was so humiliating, but it was still manipulated by Zhang Mu helplessly.

According to Zhang Mu’s word, the mutated wolfdog only needs to find the general direction of the gasoline, and it did not need to handle the rest of the matter. Every time when Zhang Mu needed to change his direction, the mutated wolfdog would move its body and indicate the direction, acting as a compass.

When they arrived at their destination, Zhang Mu threw the cloth bag towards the mutated wolfdog and left it alone. Meanwhile, he headed to the direction of the gasoline by himself, since he could smell them now.


Zhang Mu held a small tank of gasoline in his hand while moving slowly in the air, with his shoulders grabbed firmly by the Obsidian Beetle. Soon enough, they arrived at the abandoned factory and saw the enormous pit at its original place.

However, the pit was empty. Zhang Mu sighed heavily and thought to himself, “In the end, they have left the place already? If we did not destroy them now, how should we redeem ourselves when the time comes?”

The Obsidian Beetle seems to hear Zhang Mu’s thought and laughed, “What is there to worry about? I can smell them under the ground devouring the soil.”

Because they could not find any food, so they kept devouring the slight energy from the soil? But why didn’t the little spiders leave this area and find food elsewhere? With their current strength and numbers, unless there was a third-ranked mutated animal, there should not be anything nearby that could hinder their existence.

Although Zhang Mu couldn’t see the little spiders under the surface, he trusted the Obsidian Beetle’s judgment.

No matter how strong they were in number and strength, these mutated animals still hadn’t reached the first rank. The ability to hide their presence definitely could not outsmart the sense of the Obsidian Beetle that was a second-ranked mutated animal.

So what was the reason that they were unwilling to leave this place?

There was only one answer in Zhang Mu’s mind. As these little spiders were just born, therefore, they had an unknown fear towards the outside world. Even if they were undefeatable when moving as a team, but their innate instinct will stop them from going out to explore.

If that was the case, then the Lady of luck was on his side because his plan must be carried out on a large scale in order to work flawlessly.

However, how should he lure them out from the ground? If he just poured the gasoline straightaway, the result would be hugely reduced.

Killing a small portion of them was not what he wanted. After all, it would scare away the remaining part. As a result, what had gained would not make up for what was lost.

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