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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 154 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 154

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 154: Bestowed with Great Responsibility

Zhang Mu was sure that he could not count on the Obsidian Beetle as he knew that it would refuse him. Therefore, Zhang Mu had no choice but to depend on himself.

With that, he put away the gasoline tank and let the Obsidian Beetle lower the altitude. It slowly descended until he could land on the ground far from the enormous pit.

“I will call for you later. So stay close to me, alright? Remember to fly over immediately.”

Zhang Mu told the Obsidian Beetle to be careful, yet the Obsidian Beetle looked at him disdainfully and responded, “Don’t worry about me. Why are you so fussy and noisy when you are going to be the bait? Are you going to clean them up or what?”

Zhang Mu did not refute this time as he knew that if he did not grasp this chance, then there would be a huge probability for this to fail. Now, there were thousands of little spiders underneath his leg.

He had no guts to stay in this environment for a second longer and could only rely on Little Black’s speed.

Zhang Mu slowly tread down the ground as he was afraid that the soil underneath was devoured empty by the little spiders beforehand. Fortunately, the distance was still relatively far and was not within the eating range of those little spiders.

Zhang Mu felt the ground with cautious, but that was still dangerous too. By any chance, if his leg stepped on nothing and he could not restrain himself, then things would go out of control. If he fell into the pit, even the Obsidian Beetle might not save him on time.

Suddenly, Zhang Mu had an idea. That’s right. It was time for the Bloodvine Lotus to shine.

Under Zhang Mu’s control, the Bloodvine Lotus immediately broke through the skin on his left arm. A vine slowly pierced into the ground and gradually advance to the direction of the enormous pit.

Firm, the soil was still firm. Zhang Mu controlled the Bloodvine Lotus and advanced little by little. Through the vine, he could feel the specific condition of nearby dirt.

The feedback that the Bloodvine Lotus reported to Zhang Mu was that the soil nearby was slowly becoming worse and was probably due to the corrosive liquid from those spiders.

Finally, there was emptiness as this section of the soil was completely hollowed. Furthermore, the vine that the Bloodvine Lotus stuck out seemed to touch some residue of the corrosive liquid as it retracted abruptly.

So that was the range that those little spiders had invaded? Zhang Mu retracted the Bloodvine Lotus and saw that the tip of the vine had corroded. Never did he expect that this highly corrosive liquid could deteriorate such a firm and tenacious Bloodvine Lotus straightaway. The vine would be withered by now if not for the self-regeneration ability that the Bloodvine Lotus had.

Despite that, the part of the Bloodvine Lotus that had the corrosive liquid was struggling to fight against it.

However, Zhang Mu had no time for the Bloodvine Lotus to recover fully from the corrosive liquid. He had to abandon that portion now because those little spiders had appeared!

A faint stirring sound reverberated from the ground, and Zhang Mu could sense that something was wrong. Instantly, the ground in front of him was collapsing at speed visible to the naked eye. However, Zhang Mu could not leave yet as he had to wait for all of those little spiders to come out. If he left now, he might not be able to attract out all of the spiders.

It was a dreadful scene as he had to stay there and watch the ground collapsed in front of him inch by inch.

The moment the ground was about to collapse in front of him, Zhang Mu quickly shouted, “Little Black!”

Before Zhang Mu could complete his sentence, Little Black, who was waiting on one side at a low altitude, raced to Zhang Mu’s side with lightning speed. It grabbed hold of his shoulder and quickly flew up.

Almost at the same time, the patch of soil underneath Zhang Mu’s leg had collapsed.

It was at that moment Zhang Mu finally saw what was happening. Just now, the scent coming from Zhang Mu had attracted them to come out from the ground. After they saw Zhang Mu, who was ascending the air, they stopped devouring the soil.

It appears that these little spiders had recognized the lowly pair of Zhang Mu and the Obsidian Beetle. They never expected that they would come back and courted death after they had escaped.

These mutated little spiders did not have a complicated mindset. Even if they had sensed the familiar scent from Zhang Mu, they were not afraid of him at all. Instead, they were thinking of devouring Zhang Mu, who had a large amount of energy in his body, to become their driving force to evolve.

“Quickly fly up, faster! Their spider webs are coming. Little Black, hurry up!”

Zhang Mu was urging the Obsidian Beetle to ascend quickly. He could see that the spider webs that were squeezed out from their body, were approaching towards them much faster than the ascending speed of the Obsidian Beetle.

It seems that they were determined to win as it was not just a few dozen webs this time. All of them appeared to be under a single command as they shot out nearly ten thousands of spider webs together at once. Just like that, a sheet of white giant web formed in front of Zhang Mu’s eye and was slowly caging Zhang Mu and the Obsidian Beetle in all direction. Zhang Mu shudders with fear as he watched the scene in front of him.

At this moment, the Obsidian Beetle started to gather the wind-element on its wing. Zhang Mu thought that it was going to form the giant blade to attack the enormous spider web. However, he noticed that the sound of whistling beside his ear had increased instead.

It turns out that this time, the Obsidian Beetle did not use the wind-element to attack. On the contrary, it gathered them on its wings so that it could speed up several times. It quickly ascended along with Zhang Mu before the spider webs closed on them.

Once again, the spider webs had reached the maximum height. The webs hit one another and glued into a ball before it slumped down and covered a large patch of the ground.

Zhang Mu’s shoulder was in a burning pain when the Obsidian Beetle suddenly exerted its strength. Despite that, his eyes were filled with happiness. He felt a sense of excitement as if he was on the verge of fulfilling his goal.

Just now you guys had your time, right? It is my turn now. Tonight, let’s try the taste of char-grilled spiders.

Right now, he was bestowed with great responsibility as the lives of the human being were depended on him. If his plan succeeded, then there would be no worries left behind, and the human being would be able to survive through the beginning of the Cataclysm.

Then he, himself could safely complete the task of an era sub-merchant too.

He stabilized his body to take out the gasoline tank which he kept inside his merchant ring and poured it down gently.

But because of the wind, the gasoline did not fall on the spot like what he had expected.

Zhang Mu slowly said verbally, “Little black, drop a little.”

The Obsidian Beetle glanced at him with a confused expression on its face. However, it found that Zhang Mu had put away his smiling face already. Therefore, it knew that he was starting to be serious and complied with his request.

“Lower a bit more!”

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