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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 155 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 155

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 155: Thrilling Moment

Currently, Zhang Mu and the Obsidian Beetle were very close to the ground. Meanwhile, those little spiders could only watch them descend with eager eyes since they had shot out a spider web earlier, and was unable to attack now. If they were at that height previously, the spiders could entangle them unquestionably. However, they could only stare at them with their eyes wide open as they flew past their head now.

On the other hand, the spider’s corrosive liquid did not come from their poison sac. It was merely a type of gastric juice, and it did not have the ability to spurt. Therefore, the spiders could not do anything to Zhang Mu, who was flaunting above their head.

Zhang Mu knew that there would be an interval before these little spiders could summon their webs again. Hence, he was fearless of them now. These mutated animals that hadn’t reached the first rank would surely have a cooldown period after releasing their power.

However, Zhang Mu had no clue how long would the cooldown last. So right now, he held his nerve and pulled out a gasoline tank from his merchant ring. Straightway, he poured it down on the pile of spiders that were only a few feet away. The pungent odor almost caused Zhang Mu to vomit. However, he did not decrease the speed of his hand.

After the height had lowered, it was a lot more accurate now. The gasoline was evenly dumped onto the places that he wanted to pour.

After the Obsidian Beetle flew him around, Zhang Mu found out the reason why the spiders could still absorb energy even though they did not change their location. It appeared that they kept digging all the way down and continued to devour them, despite the fact that the soil was getting denser the more they dug. The dirt was nothing compared to their highly corrosive liquid.

As a result, the enormous pit was dug deeper and deeper before Zhang Mu arrived.

Looking at the depth of enormous pit, Zhang Mu estimated roughly the amount of gasoline he needs. Immediately, he took a deep cold breath and spoke out loud, “It is a good thing that I brought enough gasoline from the gas station this time. Otherwise, I might not be able to burn them.”

The Obsidian Beetle had taken him around but the gasoline he poured down into the big pit of spiders, was like a wave going into the ocean, nowhere to be seen.

He found that pouring the tank one by one was too troublesome. Hence, he pointed his merchant ring towards the enormous pit underneath him. Using his mind, the tanks filled with gasoline were thrown out one after another.

In fact, he had thought of this idea before. If he threw the gasoline tank while he was in the sky, it would not be affected by the wind. However, he might smash as well as killed a part of the spiders on such a high position. Furthermore, it might scare away the others too. Then he would have gained nothing from this.

He smashed a group of the mutated spiders, but since the placement was not that high, it did not cause much damage to the spiders. Those that were hit had climbed out under the gasoline tank. Even though it had scared them, and caused them to scatter around, but they were immediately attracted to the tank that was filled with gasoline as it was also another source of energy.

The spiders climbed all over the tank and started to devour it. Instantly, all of the gasoline tanks were surrounded and shredded into pieces by a big group of spiders.

Gasoline slowly flowed out from the places that the tank was shredded and a small stream gradually flowed around the enormous pit.

At first, Zhang Mu was a little nervous when he saw that the spiders were devouring the tanks because he was afraid that the spider’s corrosive liquid was enough to melt down the gasoline. If that was the case, then he was risking his life for nothing.

Fortunately, these mutated spiders did not eat anything they could find. After they shared and ate the metal shell of the tank completely, none of them bothered the gasoline that was flowing on the ground. Furthermore, they were not afraid of the pungent scent of gasoline. Zhang Mu suspected that they did not have the scent of smell.

Okay, this was good. If the spiders really drank the gasoline, then Zhang Mu had no idea how to deal with them anymore.

It was just a false alarm!

These little spiders were not aware of the gasoline that was surrounding them. In the meantime, they kept staring at Zhang Mu, who kept throwing the gasoline tanks. Because the number of spiders that could accommodate the gasoline tank was limited, so every time Zhang Mu threw a new gasoline tank, a portion of the spiders that were near the gasoline tank would surround and digest the metal as their energy.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of the spiders that did not have the chance to devour the gasoline tanks followed Zhang Mu’s movement without blinking their eye.

Zhang Mu knew that they were waiting to summon their next spider webs. Feeling the burning gaze from the thousands of spiders, Zhang Mu moved even faster. His mind was used up to control the merchant ring while analyzing the next best location to drop the gasoline tank.

He couldn’t tell how much longer would these mutated animals that hadn’t reached the first rank, would take to recover and release their power again.

While Zhang Mu was racing against time, a deep sense of danger rose from his heart abruptly.

He looked down and saw that the mutated spiders were starting to arch their body as they stared at Zhang Mu and the Obsidian Beetle with their compound eye.

That action was too familiar. It was the first omen when the spiders were about to release their power!

How could the cooldown period go by so quickly?

Right now, there was still a tank of gasoline inside Zhang Mu’s merchant ring. If he did not cover all the corners, Zhang Mu had no confidence that he would be able to wipe them out all at once. Once there was a weak spot on this artificial fire, then not only would these spiders could be able to escape from such a simple place, but the spiders in other location would notice that that was the spot to breach immediately. When more than half of the mutated spiders were scared away by Zhang Mu, then all of his efforts would go down the drain.

However, it would be too late if they did not leave the place now. Zhang Mu did not have any time to think and immediately made his decision. He spoke to the Obsidian Beetle, “Now that I’m the only one that you carry, can you use your speed to dodge the spider webs?”

“Are you sure you want to do this? Once my wings were stuck, then we can’t escape anymore.”

The Obsidian Beetle felt that Zhang Mu was insane now, and persuaded him to change his mind, “There is still time for us to leave now. If you insist to drop that last tank of gasoline, I have no confidence that we could escape from this place.”

“No worries. When something goes wrong, you can leave right away.” Zhang Mu was so terribly calm as he urged the Obsidian Beetle to continue flying.

“Okay. I’ll try my best.” After the Obsidian Beetle agreed, it put away the idea of escaping with Zhang Mu. It sped up and quickly flew to the last empty spot.

As soon as Zhang Mu saw that they arrived at the location, he threw down the gasoline tank. After that, the Obsidian Beetle flew up desperately.

However, it was too late. Ten strands of the spider webs had scraped pass Zhang Mu’s face and went through the empty spaces of the Obsidian Beetle’s body.

If it weren’t for the Obsidian Beetle moving its body nimbly, its wings would have entangled long ago and could not move anymore.

What a thrilling moment!

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