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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 156 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 156

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro


Chapter 156: Caught In Their Own Trap

“Faster! Hurry up!” Zhang Mu urged the Obsidian Beetle as he started to get anxious in his heart now.

“Oh, now you are in a hurry? Why are you rushing me when you were the one that told me to wait till you’re finished?” The Obsidian Beetle taunted Zhang Mu while it was dodging the scattered spider webs. This time, not all of the spiders shot out their spider web at the same time. The vast majority was still focusing on devouring the metals. As a result, they did not enclose Zhang Mu and the Obsidian Beetle as soon as possible, and gave them a breathing space to struggle through the cracks.

This time, the spider webs assembled a massive hollow cocoon right away, and it was slowly accumulating too.

At this moment, the Obsidian Beetle had become extremely agile after it turned on its full speed. It was like a flash of black lightning, shuttling back and forth through the white spider webs. However, it was becoming more and more difficult for it to handle too.

Every time it wanted to ascend, there would be a strand of spider web attached to the Obsidian Beetle’s wing. To avoid such cases, it had to adjust its direction and descend.

Seeing more and more spiders digested the metallic oil tank, Zhang Mu started to panic in his heart. If they did not take off now, then they would never get another chance to escape again. The Obsidian Beetle was trying the find a way to break through, but there were too many spider webs now. Earlier, it had to use a wind blade to block a layer of the spider webs. However, there would be new ones to cover the gap again. Furthermore, the space that the Obsidian Beetle could dodge was getting smaller and smaller. The anxious Zhang Mu had an idea abruptly. At first, Zhang Mu wanted to throw the fire source into the enormous pit after they left the place.

But if he threw it now, would it help him to escape from this trap?

Furthermore, if he threw it now, then would he be able to escape from the fire, would also pose a big problem too.

Nevertheless, the reality did not give Zhang Mu any more alternatives because now, almost all of the gasoline tanks were inside the spiders’ stomach.

Forced by the sense of crisis, Zhang Mu took out the fire source from his merchant ring and threw it down eagerly. With a swish, the fire source dropped on the center and flames flared up instantly.

Zhang Mu felt the burning heat immediately. He felt like the roasted chicken on a grill, and all of his pores on his body were covered by a blazing hot air. That was the first time he felt the taste of getting roasted.

Because the space was too small, therefore the heat could not radiate out. However, Zhang Mu was pleasantly surprised to find a very crucial feature. The spider webs that even the Obsidian Beetle’s wind blade and his Obsidian Beetle dagger could not cut through was slowly melting away. Although it wasn’t obvious, Zhang Mu could felt that the thickness of the spider cocoon was becoming thinner.

Never did he expect that the spider webs of these mutated spiders were afraid of fire and high heat. This time he had bet correctly, and the fire attack had achieved a miraculous effect. But now was not the time to celebrate, if they did not leave the place now, Zhang Mu and the Obsidian Beetle would be buried with the mutated spiders together in this enormous pit.

Zhang Mu felt gloomy when he thought that he would be scorched by the fire that he set by himself, instead of being eaten by the mutated spiders.

“Little Black, can you form another wind blade?” Zhang Mu asked the Obsidian Beetle, waiting for it to answer him since it was busy avoiding the spider webs.

The Obsidian Beetle replied sourly, “Now my energy still lacks a little. Just now, I had used all of my power to wear down some of the spider webs that I couldn’t dodge. Hence, I couldn’t form a perfect wind blade yet.”

Zhang Mu turned his head and looked under his leg. Right now, he could hear the squeak of the spider getting roasted by the fire, and the crisp sound of their body.

But now was not the time to consider this. If they did not take action, Zhang Mu was afraid that the meat fragrant would be coming out from both of their body next. Currently, the flame was burning up along the strand of the spider webs, and the speed was extremely fast. It was as if the spider webs had the same function as a fuel.

This time Zhang Mu was indeed killing a thousand enemy and damaging himself by eight hundred.

“Then use your remaining power and form another wind blade, even a broken one will do. Hurry up. If you are slightly slower, the flame is going to burn my butt.” Zhang Mu estimated the timing for the flame to channel up, and there were only about 5 seconds left.

The Obsidian Beetle also sensed the seriousness of the situation. It grabbed Zhang Mu’s shoulder a little tighter using its claws while it mobilized all of the wind energy in its body and formed an incomplete wind blade from its wings. The wind blade headed straight for the top of the spider web cocoon and blasted out.

Although it lacked a little power, the flames had hardened the spider webs. Therefore, the previous advantage of its softness was destroyed. The harder it was, the weaker it would be. Hence, it was blasted open by the waning moon-like wind blade.

When the Obsidian Beetle saw the Sunlight coming in, it flew up hurriedly. Meanwhile, the mutated spiders were having trouble taking care of themselves and did not have time to make a new spider web to block the opening of the cocoon.

One second before the flame burned Zhang Mu’s butt, the Obsidian Beetle brought him out of the massive cocoon.

The fire started to get taller subsequently. However, since the spider webs did not extend upwards, the flames had lost the medium for it to burn and slowly shrank back again.

The Obsidian Beetle was burned slightly too as it flew to a faraway place before putting down the glowing red-faced Zhang Mu. Zhang Mu looked at the massive cocoon getting burned from the inside from a distance.

What a close call!

These mutated spiders were truly trapped by their own cocoon now. At first, the flame and heat might get dispersed, but because of the spider web cocoon, the fire could not be dispelled, and it confined them together instead.

Occasionally, there would be a group of little spiders trickling out from the enormous pit. But since they were weak against fire, they could not extinguish the raging flame on their body. With a few steps outside the enormous pit, they could not move anymore.

“Little Black, what do you say about the taste of roasted spiders? I remembered eating this type of roasted spiders and scorpions on those food streets when I was young, and it was delicious. Now, these were mutated, they could be tastier right?”

Zhang Mu smiled wickedly and forgot about that fact that he was about to become a roast pork earlier. Now, he kept thinking about the mutated spiders inside the sea of flames.

“You have eaten it before, but I did not. So how would I know if the spiders taste good? If you want to find out, just get one to try, and you will know the answer.”

The first sentence sounded cold and mighty, but the latter sentence immediately exposed the Obsidian Beetle’s intention. It was even greedier than Zhang Mu as it stared the burning spiders with an eager eye on the fire in front of it. In its eyes, it was a massive oven filled with all of its food.

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