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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 161 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 161

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 161: Inspection

Zhang Mu walked closer and what he saw was a heavily-guarded city.

His heart jolted as he felt that something was amiss. It had not been two months since the Cataclysm started, yet Shan Xi city looked as though it was unified.

He knew it once he compared the city to Luoyang city. Currently, there were many different bases in Luoyang city that each occupied a place for themselves. Since Wang Liang had no absolute power, he could not unify Luoyang city even though he had Zhang Mu’s help.

However, the gate of Shan Xi city was guarded by people in unison now, and that was odd.

Either the bases in Shan Xi city gathered for the sake of interest and temporarily stabilized the city, or a particular force, or an individual had fully unified the city.

The speculation in Zhang Mu’s mind was more towards the latter. Using his vision, he could see that the guards were working closely and precise together. It was impossible for them to cooperate at ease if they came from different forces. At least, there would be a little cautiousness between them.

Was it the Ice Queen? Zhang Mu only thought of this possibility on his mind.

Because of the enormous size of the city, there were many people with great ambition and strength. So it was impossible for such a few bases to scatter their group and unite together.

Nowadays, it was not likely to become a leader by winning people’s heart with virtue. Based on Zhang Mu’s memory, only the Ice Queen was competent to conquer all the big and small forces in the city by using power.

Even though the Ice Queen was powerful, but according to Zhang Mu’s knowledge, the Ice Queen only managed to unify Shan Xi city after three months. Previously, there might be some base leaders that could stand up against her. However, the moment she evolved to the second rank and received a new ice-type ability, she was pushed up to the throne immediately.

However, it was not two months in the Cataclysm yet. That was the area where Zhang Mu felt puzzled the most.

“Little Black, let’s go.” Zhang Mu had to enter Shan Xi city eventually. Now that the place was heavily guarded, even if he could pass through, he wouldn’t be able to go in quietly. When the times come, it would appear that he had a guilty conscience, and that would be unfavorable for his actions later.

At this moment, Zhang Mu turned his head back to inform Yuan Rui, “If anyone asks about your ability, just said that you have the ability to control mutated animal and Little Black is your pet. Don’t expose your healing ability if not, it would cause more trouble.” Zhang Mu did not know if the base leader had discovered the value of healing evolvers, but for safety measure, it was best to use the identity as a tamer to slip in and place them on a moderate status.

Therefore, they would neither be too interested nor bully them. After all, Zhang Mu and Yuan Rui were two evolvers with awakening ability. At this period, it was a combat ability that could not be underestimated in any bases.

Yuan Rui nodded her head and answered, “Sure, uncle.” After that, she touched the back of the Obsidian Beetle playfully and said, “Little Black, you’re my pet from now onwards. So you need to be well-behaved, alright?” The Obsidian Beetle criticized Zhang Mu in its heart. However, it silently yielded as it was merely for a show. Under Zhang Mu’s reminder, it lowered its aura from the second rank to the first rank too.

After the preparation, they slowly walked to the front of the city in a line, which was a simple wall that was reconstructed from a high-speed toll station.

Although it did not look perfect, if it was completed recently, then the earth-type evolver responsible for this project had powerful ability and background as this was not a simple wall constructed by the earth. Zhang Mu estimated the length of the wall, and it appeared that the wall almost surrounded the entire city.

Even though the thickness and the defense power was not perfect, but it was enough to use as a warning to others.

However, Zhang Mu knew that even a hundred of mutated animals could break through such a wall that built around the city with such a far range, not to mention about the herd of walking dead too.

Right now, they did not encounter any hardship yet. But when the time comes, this line of defenses must be pulled back.

Nevertheless, these were not the things that Zhang Mu need to worry about now, as they had reached the city now.

Zhang Mu could felt that the flow of energy in the air was a little chaotic. Looking up, the guards on the wall above them seems to discover the arrival of Zhang Mu and the others, and everyone’s eyes were on them.

A man, a woman, and a child. Together with a big dog as tall as a human, and a beetle that was even bigger than the dog.

“Stop moving!” They were equipped with loudspeakers. When Zhang Mu was about a hundred meters away from the tower, they warned Zhang Mu and the others to stop advancing any further.

Zhang Mu also stopped in a very cooperative manner, and squinted his eye looking straight at them.

“Who are you? State your intention for coming here.” There was a commotion within the guards on the simple-looking tower for a moment. A good looking young man walked out and took over the loudspeaker to question Zhang Mu. He seemed to be the person in charge.

It appears that they were afraid that they could not hear Zhang Mu clearly from a distance, as a loudspeaker flew out from the tower and landed on Zhang Mu’s feet.

A psychological evolver!

Zhang Mu narrowed his eye even more. Just a place with guards had a psychological evolver that could extend his psychic ability more than a hundred meters away. It was uncertain if his psychic attack would be powerful too. Did Shan Xi city had too many powerful evolvers, or their leader did not know the value of these evolvers? What a waste of God’s gift.

Zhang Mu’s mind was more towards the latter possibility. Even if he did not have any combat ability, such a psychology evolver with strong detection ability, this power would be treasured and used as a small hidden card in his past life.

He picked up the loudspeaker and switched on the power. He maintained his smiling expression and said slowly, “We are people from the town outside. We decided to come here as we believed that the capital city of a province would be safer for us.” Once Zhang Mu spoke, the people on the tower breathe out a sigh of relief after confirming that he was a human. Hence, they retracted back all types of ability that was formerly aimed at Zhang Mu and the other.

The young in charge pulled a short man to his side and spoke, “Li Hu, looks like they were the same as you, a tamer evolver that could control the creature after they were mutated. Let Thunder go and inspect their body. If there is no problem, then let them in. Although there were many first-ranked evolver in the base now, it’s always good to have more people with combat ability.”

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