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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 162 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 162

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Translator: Yuchaoz
Editor: Myro

Chapter 162: Welcome

The short man called Li Hu, had a solemn look on his face. Once he heard the orders, he asked with uncertainty, “Brother Feng, why are you so certain that they are first-ranked evolvers?” The young men laughed, “When I sent down the loudspeaker earlier, I secretly confirmed their identity too. Even though the man’s energy had a strong fluctuation, but he definitely did not exceed the range of the first rank.” “You must know that the existence of the second rank, is untouchable and there is only the boss who had managed to reach that rank in the whole Shan Xi city!”

At this moment, the young man’s eyes were full of enthusiasm for the person that he mentioned earlier.

Li Hu knew in his heart that the current in charge was one of the few people that worshipped the base leader, so he no longer talked anymore. He walked down the tower by himself and opened the gate.

“Do not try to resist. We are going to carry out an inspection.”

After that, the gate slowly opened.

At this moment, all the fur on the mutated wolfdog stood up abruptly, and its gaze transfixed at the direction of the gate.

The moment Zhang Mu felt strange, a ray of black and yellow lightning sprang out from the gates together with a person sitting on top of it.

It was a German Shepherd dog! A military dog!

After they went out, the gate quickly closed again.

As quick as lightning, they had arrived in front of Zhang Mu and the others. Although Zhang Mu was able to capture the moment of that military dog, the speed was too fast for him to see the person’s face distinctly.

That German Shepherd dog, was remarkable!

No wonder his mutated wolfdog had an embattled look, it turned out that it had met its own kind.

The mutated wolfdog barked twice but that military dog ignored it completely. The difference in obedience could be seen from here.

A short men leap down from the mutated military dog that parked in front of Zhang Mu. The look that he was giving Zhang Mu was like a wolf staring at him.

“A veteran?” Zhang Mu no longer narrowed his eyes to size up the other party. He guessed the identity of the person and questioned him.

The clean leap, straight body, the amount of space between his legs, and the opened shoulders that even a recruit could not do, coupled with the imposing pressure from his eye, allowed Zhang Mu to confirm that this man, was most likely a soldier who had been enlisted for many years.

Zhang Mu had contacted many soldiers in the past. Their ability might not be the strongest, but their enforcement was utterly superb. In fact, there were many bases controlled by the military because of the bunch of soldiers in their hand.

Was the current Shan Xi city taken over by the military? That provides much food for thought.

The short men now looked at Zhang Mu with a hint of interest, but there was still some doubts in them. He felt that some areas in Zhang Mu’s body was like his comrades. But that murderous vibe Zhang Mu was emitting was so thick, like a mercenary he had met before.

Li Hu had a good eye for discerning people. That young man smiling at him, although from his presence and appearance, he looked above 25 years old, when he looked closer, there were certain areas that he found had a youthful appearance. Especially his hands, it was slender, bright, and clean. It was not like a soldier at all, with many calluses on their knuckles.

But this familiar presence, really gave him a homely feeling.

Li Hu prompted Zhang Mu, “Which unit are you from?”

Zhang Mu smiled. The short men in front of him actually took him as someone from the army. Indeed, there was a reason for him to think that way. Zhang Mu had fought with soldiers from a division together for two months in his past to protect a gateway city. Zhang Mu did not want to participate in the battle at first. However, the gateway city was too valuable for him. If the city had succumbed, then it would be a lot harder for Zhang Mu to complete his era merchant’s task.

At that time, many evolvers had participated with this battle against the walking dead. The opponent was six-figure walking dead corps under the command of a second-ranked intellectual type of walking dead. Even though it was a long pull, they managed to pull it off in the end.

It was during those two months that the combat soldiers had exerted a subtle influence on Zhang Mu’s character. They had fought, lived, and ate together. So naturally, he would be infected by their unique presence, and was counted as a half-soldier. Therefore, it was not surprising that Li Hu had noticed this from him.

A soldier would always be sensitive and familiar with this presence.

Zhang Mu was a little stunned. Until the moment Li Hu questioned him again if he was a comrade, he had recovered from the shock. He smiled and answered, “I’m not, but there was a relative in my family that was a soldier, and I followed him from young.” Since he had fought with soldiers, so they should be counted as a relative right? Therefore, Zhang Mu answered him with a clear conscience in his mind, thinking that this was not counted as a lie.

At this moment, Li Hu came to an understanding immediately, “I see. No wonder I felt familiar.” He touched the mutated military dog that was standing motionless on his side and commanded, “Thunder, go and inspect them.” He had a good impression with Zhang Mu as he smiled at him and said, “My name is Li Hu, and I’m the inspector for Shan Xi city. Although you felt like a comrade, I still have to do my duty. Please cooperate with Thunder for a while. It will be quick.” “No problem, we should cooperate with your job. We don’t dare to enter if you didn’t inspect us a little.” Zhang Mu generously let the mutated military dog called Thunder, to sniff his body.

When the mutated wolfdog was getting sniffed by Thunder, it abruptly opened its mouth and showed its teeth to the German Shepherd that was as tall as its height.

However, the other party did not appear to care about its protest. It returned to Li Hu’s side after sniffing Zhang Mu and the rest, and barked for a few times.

This Li Hu could understand the words from his mutated military dog? This ability was not the same as training to be in sync. It appeared that the dog was not merely a companion he had before the Cataclysm. Li Hu’s awakening ability to tame the mutated animal was enough for him to communicate with the military dog that he was close with previously.

“Two first-ranked humans, two first-ranked mutated animals and a child with no ability?” The feedback that Li Hu heard from Thunder was the same as the person in charge with the surname Feng.

“Then, there should be no problem. There was no need to check for any bite marks from the walking dead for such an evolver.” After that, he opened his left hand to signal the people on the tower that there was no problem.

The previously closed door produced a creaking sound when it was opened from the inside due to the friction against the ground.

Li Hu smiled to Zhang Mu and the others, “Hello and welcome to the Coal City.”

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