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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 163 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 163

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Translator: Yuchaoz
Editor: Myro

Chapter 163: Bewildered

When Zhang Mu entered the gate, he smiled and greeted the soldiers guarding the entrance. At this moment, Li Hu caught up to them riding the mutated military dog while the people inside closed the gate immediately.

Li Hu leap down from the broad back of the military dog. He patted its head and spoke, “Go and have fun by yourself for a while.” But at this moment, the mutated wolfdog who was quiet for the whole time earlier, barked a few times and lowered its head to rub Zhang Mu’s shoulder. Meanwhile, its hopeful eyes looked at Zhang Mu.

Zhang Mu understood its intention right off the bat. He reckoned that it wanted to play with Li Hu’s German Shepherd. Also, he found that the mutated wolfdog had been following him closely for these days, so it was normal for it to be itching to do something when it saw its kind.

“Brother Li, you see my mutated wolfdog did not have fun for a long time. Now that we are in the city, can you let your German Shepherd take him to stroll around and relax?” Zhang Mu chuckled and asked for Li Hu’s opinion.

Li Hu pondered for a moment and agreed immediately, “Sure thing. Just now, the one who spoke to you earlier was my person in charge, and he had approved my leave for the rest of the day. Also, someone has been arranged to take over my place, so Thunder does not need to be here anymore. Alright, I’ll let your big dog go out and play with my Thunder then. Meanwhile, let me take all of you to the base and register.”

After that, he caressed the chin of Thunder and said, “Today we have a night off, so there is no need for you to return to the camp. You can bring him to play around, but don’t be too late. Come back when it’s about time.” At first, Thunder looked at the mutated wolfdog with a face of disdain. However, Thunder felt that it had to thank the wolfdog that possessed the same canine breed instead now. It also felt a little excited as Li Hu did not give it a day off for a long time.

Although it was a military dog, trained to be disciplined since young and continued to obey its dog handler even after its mutation, it still had a thirst to play deep within its heart.

Looking at the mutated wolfdog and Li Hu’s Shepherd dog running out from his vision one after the another, Zhang Mu made a connection suddenly. He turned and asked Li Hu, “Brother Li, is Thunder male or female?” Li Hu was a little uncertain what to say to Zhang Mu, but he still replied, “Female.” Now, Zhang Mu knew why the mutated wolfdog was so excited. Oh boy, this fellow had taken a fancy to a military dog. How bold and daring.

He silently prayed for the mutated wolfdog. He felt that the combat ability of this Thunder was not beneath the mutated wolfdog, and might be even stronger than him. That wolfdog, once he looked for a mate, he found an overlord flower within the dogs.

Zhang Mu chuckled, “It’s nothing, I’m just curious. Why did you name it Thunder even though it is a female?” Li Hu laughed, “I say, why did you ask this question? As for the name, when we were still in the military, we cooperated with Yun Nan’s police to capture drugs smugglers. Therefore, we brought along Thunder, that is a military dog. She sniffed out a bunch of landmines that were hidden extremely well in the forest. Therefore, I gave her the name Thunder. There were fewer females in the military, so everyone treated her as a male dog. As a result, everyone also finds that the name Thunder was not bad, so I have been using this name since then.” “Wow, so she is a dog with great achievement. That’s amazing.” Zhang Mu boasted the dog openly.

When Li Hu talked about Thunder, even an upright man like him could not hide the pride on his face. Previously she was his favorite pet, and now she became the most significant part of his awakening ability. Hence, he treasured her like his life. He pointed to a distant place and said, “There is some distance from the main district. But there is nothing for you to worry about as the walking dead and the mutated animals in the entire city were cleared by us already. Therefore, the entire main district is safe.” A huge raging wave set off in Zhang Mu’s heart when he heard this. This Li Hu said that the entire Shan Xi city was swipe cleaned? When Zhang Mu left Luoyang city, all of the bases were scattered. Furthermore, it was good for them not to be devoured by a large group of walking dead already. Even though it had been half a month now, Zhang Mu still didn’t have the confidence that he could help Wang Liang to clear out all the walking dead herd in the entire Luoyang city, and the reason is that he needed time.

Right now, this Shan Xi city, was far beyond his expectation. He formerly thought that only the side closed to the wall were recovered. Never did he expect that they put so much effort to clear out the walking dead and the mutated animal.

It was unheard of for a city to develop to such a state within two months. That had pulled Luoyang city far behind from them. Who was the leader of this base exactly?

Did the Ice Queen evolve in advance?

Seeing the surprised look on Zhang Mu’s face, coupled with the affection he had for Zhang Mu, Li Hu did not keep too much information to himself as he said proudly, “All of this relies on our current leader and that was how our base gets to develop into such a state.” Zhang Mu felt a little strange as he questioned Li Hu, “But aren’t you a soldier? How come you obeyed others too?” “How should I say this? I wouldn’t obey the others, but this leader had a close connection to the military. He used to take over us soldiers for a period. Although he left in the end, there were a few of his students in this troop, so not much people object when he leads all of us. Even a few of them became his crazy worshipper.

Even though I’m not one of them, but I have to say that our instructor, his charisma, does have a notable impact. Because now is a unique period, I don’t worship him, but that does not mean that I dislike him.”

A military instructor? It was not the Ice Queen then. How was it possible that there was an evolver in Shan Xi city that was far above the existence of the Ice Queen and even managed to unify Shan Xi city in advance?

Unless, he had the wrong news from his past life. However, there was no way for such a piece of common knowledge to be incorrect.

“So it was your instructor. No wonder. I was thinking why would such a high and mighty soldier like you guys obey someone’s order. So what kind of person is he?”

As soon as he said there, Li Hu stopped chatting. He said mysteriously, “Later, you’ll find out. When you are registering, someone would inform him. Two first-ranked evolvers and two first-ranked mutated animals are a good combat ability. Now is a great time for the base to develop.”

Zhang Mu held hands with Yuan Rui and Hao Hao while they followed behind Li Hu, who was leading the way. Gradually, there were signs of human habitation as they walked farther. The pedestrians walked past them looked with curious eyes at the strange combination of Zhang Mu’s party.

There were children and the elderly, and there was no numb expression on their face. This leader had done a great job.

Zhang Mu looked around while nodding to himself secretly.

Was he going to see the mysterious leader of Shan Xi city soon? What kind of person would he be? What about the Ice Queen? Where is she?

This matter, had become complicated and confused.

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