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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 164 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 164

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Translator: Yuchaoz
Editor: Myro

Chapter 164: It’s you!

Zhang Mu could feel clearly that the security was getting tighter after they walked through a few more streets. The number of guards on both sides gradually increased, and the sense of discipline they had was flawless. Even if it was Zhang Mu that walked past them, all of them continued to stand there with their heads high and chest out, since it was Li Hu that was leading them the way. They looked straight ahead instead of following the movement of Zhang Mu and the others with their eyes.

All of them are soldiers!

It looked like this city was the same as taken over by the military. However, this was also good. With the military took charge of the city, then the peace and order would be much more stable.

Just that in most cases, soldiers who mutated into the walking dead were terrifying during the beginning of Paradise Era. Those soldiers who lost their guns wouldn’t have the strength to fight back against the walking dead. As a result, a regular troop would suffer enormous damage. However, it seemed that the soldiers here had overcome the beginning of the new era.

The problem now, lies in this new leader. What happened exactly?

Embracing this question, Zhang Mu finally arrived at the core of the entire city. It was a newly established camp, but it was simple and crude, even shabbier than the residential area outside. Almost all of the people here were working in an orderly manner, not wearing the military uniform as they had changed into their usual clothes. From this, he concluded that the soldiers and the ordinary evolvers had scattered into various departments.

This decision required a lot of courage. If the leader solely used the soldiers, then the execution and adaption rate would be higher. Now that he had included the civilians, it had pulled down the overall level. However, he had a crucial advantage, and that was to control the entire base completely.

This leader had a huge ambition. Perhaps at this time, his intention not in this small Shan Xi city already. The people that were working, mainly consist of well built young adult, even those round and plump man sitting around to lead the civilian could be not seen at all.

Li Hu explained to Zhang Mu after he saw the bewildered look on his face, “We had to rebuild a new one since the former camp was ruin. It was constructed according to the instructor’s opinion. Anyway, we don’t mind it. If it’s simple, then it’s simple.”

Zhang Mu nodded his head to show his approval. Under the forced oppression of the military and that instructor, the management of the base would be working in the right direction.

Of course, for this situation to work in the long run, this leader had to maintain his oppression and the spirit of the entire base must be optimistic, not dropping in the slightest.

Zhang Mu sighed with emotion. He did not know how long would this situation continue as only this method could be employ in a military camp. Despite that, it was scary to see that this leader of Shan Xi city could make all of them, not just the soldier evolver, but the whole base to act accordingly to his will.

Although Zhang Mu was not optimistic that the situation in the base would last for a long time, there was always some hope for it. He was getting more and more curious about the man hiding in this camp.

“Brother Li, can we meet your leader for a while? I would like to know what kind of person is he, that could transform such a huge city till this state.”

This time, Li Hu immediately agreed to Zhang Mu’s request.

At that moment, there was a young man who walked past them in a hurry. Initially, that man was reading a document looking down while moving quickly. But now, he was grabbed by Li Hu. When he saw Li Hu, a trace of disbelief appeared on his face as he asked, “Old Li, aren’t you supposed to be on duty today? Why did you come back in advance? Boss Feng let you off so easily?”

Li Hu laughed, “Didn’t I brought two people here with me? Boss Feng arranged this for me. Can you help me to talk to the boss that there are two new first-ranked evolvers from the outside, that wanted to see him? Also, ask the boss to assign a post for them while you’re at it.”

At this moment, that young man sized up Zhang Mu and the rest, including the Obsidian Beetle behind Li Hu, with great interest and asked, “What type of ability do these first-ranked evolvers have? Old Li, you should know the rules. Although the boss is in the camp currently, I won’t report any normal first-ranked evolvers to him.”

He looked suspiciously at Zhang Mu, who had a harmless smile on his face, and Yuan Rui, who was smaller and was hiding back Zhang Mu’s back. He did not feel threatened by both of them.

Li Hu patted on his shoulder and said, “Of course I know the rules. These two are evolvers with the tamer ability. That gigantic bug behind the lady is her pet, while this brother has a mutated wolfdog as his pet. Its strength should be the same as Thunder, so you can go and report to the boss. There is no mistake. Although we have many first-ranked evolvers in our base, I heard that there is a big event recently, and needed more people, right? They definitely make the cut.”

“A mutated wolfdog that had a similar strength with Thunder? Then that’s good enough.” That young man instantly paid more attention to Zhang Mu. He naturally knew the level of Li Hu’s Thunder. Since Li Hu said so, even if there was any gap between them, there should not be much difference.

He casually looked at Zhang Mu and asked, “What are your names? I will register for you before I report to the leader.”

Li Hu smacked his head as he suddenly realized something and shouted, “That’s right! I’m so silly. Once we chatted, I have forgotten to ask about your names. Little brother, until now I still haven’t gotten your name yet, and this lady too.”

Zhang Mu chuckled, “It doesn’t matter. It’s not too late for me to say it now, right? My name is Zhang Mu, and this is my friend, Yuan Rui.”

“Zhang Mu and Yuan Rui, right? Alright, I have noted it down. Please wait for a while. Let me send out the statistics file for today and report to the boss while I’m at it. Old Li, you bring them to the big tent that is for the reception and wait for a while.”

After that young man finished his words, he dashed out immediately. It seems like the file on his hand was very urgent. Without waiting for Li Hu’s reply, he left straight away. Meanwhile, Li Hu could only stand there and watch him disappear. Li Hu apologized, “Brother Zhang, this friend of mine is always that impatient with no courtesy. Please don’t mind him.”

Zhang Mu waved his hand and said, “He is also in a hurry to work. Besides, he agreed to help us to notify your leader.”

After that, Li Hu brought them both to a huge tent and sat down. As for the Obsidian Beetle, Zhang Mu ordered it to turn small, and it flew to rest on Yuan Rui’s shoulder. Li Hu was shocked when he saw that the Obsidian Beetle could change its size. However, this was related to the evolver’s secret, so he did not mention it. He merely took a few more glances at the Obsidian Beetle.

At this moment, a crisp sound of a boot stepping on the ground could be heard outside the tent. Looks like the leader was here.

There was a second-ranked aura!

This leader of Shan Xi city had advanced to the second rank!

However, while Zhang Mu was still stunned about this fact, another unexpected thing happened.

When that hand lifted Zhang Mu’s curtain, Zhang Mu was stunned in place as he saw the face of the newcomer.

It’s him!

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