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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 165 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 165

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Chapter 165: Zhang Mu’s fault

“How come it’s you?”

Both of them questioned each other in unison. Meanwhile, Yuan Rui, and Li Hu were stunned looking at them. How did these two people get to know each other?

When Li Hu was assuming that Zhang Mu might recognize his leader because of his military family background, a voice sounded beside his ear, “Li Hu, take this lady out first. I got something to chat with this brother.”

Obedience was the first duty of a soldier. Therefore, Li Hu did his job without hesitation. In the meantime, Yuan Rui also walked out slowly since Zhang Mu had signaled for her to do so.

Right now, the tent was empty except for Zhang Mu and the guy in front of him.

This man, was the fat bald-man that he stole the three thousand dollars before the opening of the Paradise Era.

How could it be him?

Because of this person’s wallet, which held the three thousand dollars, it allowed Zhang Mu to buy his first melee weapon and supplies. With that extravagant outfit and strange wallet, the memory was still fresh in Zhang Mu’s mind when he recalled the matter.

Now this fat bald-man, did not have the tycoon presence when he first met him. Without the sunglasses, his eyes looked sharp, and he was charismatic. Although the appearance was the same, he seemed to change into another person.

But judging from his physique, how could he be a veteran’s instructor and managed to convince everyone in the city?

The moment Zhang Mu recalled his memory, the bald man interrupted his thoughts.

“Long time no see, a boy from the Thieves Sect.”

The man in front of him broke the silence first and looked at Zhang Mu with a faint smile on his face.

How did he know his identity?

If he did not mention it, Zhang Mu might have forgotten this identity in the corner of his mind. The conscious from his past life always occupied a dominant position, so the memory in regards to the Thieves Sect was relatively shallow. The skills he learned for a decade ago was not useful at all because it was too weak in this Cataclysm. If he used this trick against those high-ranked evolvers, basically he would be getting himself killed as their senses were very sharp.

Furthermore, ever since he became the era sub-merchant, even though he did not completely sever the connection between the human race, but he also did not make much contact with them. Moreover, he did not want to use this skill when he was young too. Eventually, he slowly forgot this in the corner of his mind.

Zhang Mu’s expression turned serious as he stared into the eyes of the bald leader. He was not overwhelmed by his imposing presence as he asked with vigilance, “So you remembered my appearance? Although I did steal your wallet, how did you know I’m from the Thieves Sect?”

If he knew that someone had tampered it with his estuarine crocodile skin wallet, why did he still let him take away? Moreover, he did not look bothered about it.

The bald leader laughed, “Because, your master also stole from me before. But I have to say that your skill was a little rusty in some areas. Not as natural like your master.”

So he was someone that knew his master. No wonder when he discovered his small act, he did not stop or make a sound about it.

As if to confuse Zhang Mu, that bald leader smiled and said, “After that, I went to have a drink with your master. When I found out about the rules set in your stupid guild, I was furious. Your master was like this and now you. What? Do I look like those rich and cruel people? There were so many people there, yet you only stole from me.”

Once the bald leader mentioned this, the imposing image he had, was gone in an instant. He patted on Zhang Mu’s shoulder roughly.

Since the presence he released was a first-ranked evolver, Zhang Mu could only grit his teeth in pain and said, “With the way you’re dressed, who should I look for instead? A big aviator sunglasses, gold necklace, and an arrogant and despotic look, who would think you were a good person at first glance?”

That leader touched his shiny head and replied, “That time my image was a requirement for my mission.”

So at that time, he was dressed for a mission? Zhang Mu could not believe that he did not saw any issue at that time. As expected, he was not a simple figure. Zhang Mu guessed that this bald leader might be one of those people that walked out of the special division in the country. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be qualified to help those veterans, and became their instructor, or even perform such a mission.

“I already know your name. Zhang Mu, right? Well, let me introduce myself.” The expression of the bald leader instantly turned solemn. A deep and dense voice produced from his throat as he said, “I’m Long Qi. Previously a veteran, special force instructor. Now, I’m the head of Shan Xi city’s base.”

Long Qi should not be his real name and was merely his code name. Zhang Mu had heard about it once before. The number of people ranked after the ‘Long’ character were all strong and powerful, all the way from Long Yi to Long Liu. All of them were famous. Previously, Zhang Mu thought they were a family. Now, it seems that all of them came out of the military. However, Zhang Mu never heard of Long Qi before.

What about the Ice Queen? Where was the Ice Queen now? Furthermore, how did this Long Qi that he met at Luoyang city would appear at Shan Xi city, became their leader and even advanced to the second rank?

Of course, Zhang Mu couldn’t ask too much for now. He could only probe at Long Qi with a smile, “Didn’t we separated at the bridge? How did you get to Shan Xi city and became the leader?”

“That was because of you.” Long Qi replied absently. “Because of me?” Zhang Mu was even more confused this time. The only interaction between them was the stolen wallet.

Long Qi saw the speculation in Zhang Mu’s eye as he answered him, “I wanted to relax after completing my task. However, you had stolen my money, and I couldn’t bring any bank card that had my personal information at that time. In the end, I had to drive away in my car and went back home. Leaving Luoyang city and of course, my destination is Shan Xi city. As for the matter later, it was much more complicated. Anyway, by some strange chances, I have gathered all the troops here and the scattered base together, and cleared all the dangerous creature that would harm the human race inside the city. The rest is what you can see now.”

Long Qi seems to feel some emotion when he bumped into Zhang Mu, a disciple from his old friend. Hence, it did not matter to him if he had said a little more information.

Zhang Mu blank out after that. This time, it was indeed his fault that caused such a tremendous change in Shan Xi city. That could be said the most consequential butterfly effect that he found after his rebirth.

First of all, the Ice Queen had disappeared. And then the Long Qi in front of him had sat on the position of Shan Xi city’s leader and even advanced to the second rank ahead of time. In just two months, he had recovered the entire city. All in all, everything was changed completely.

Even though it looked like a change for the better, but this time, it was indeed his fault.

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