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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 166 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 166

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Chapter 166: Paying Off A Debt

“Why does your expression look so surprised?”

Long Qi observed Zhang Mu with his eye. His keen instincts that had been trained for many years was telling him that there is something wrong with Zhang Mu. However, he could not find out where the problem was.

Zhang Mu himself was a cautious person, so how could he fell under Long Qi’s trap and let him find more inkling? Hence, he took his time to reply, “I feel like it was such a coincidence. At first, I couldn’t bear the hunger so I had to steal your wallet at Luoyang city and now, I have met you here again. From a tycoon to a special force instructor, now you’ve changed into the number one figure in Shan Xi city. It all happened so abruptly.”

At this time, Long Qi finally found the uncertainty he had on Zhang Mu. He squinted his eyes and carefully eyed up and down at Zhang Mu in front of him. He asked a question that Zhang Mu could not find a reason to explain to him at once, “I remembered my statistician reported to me that you were from a nearby city seeking for protection. However, I remembered you were from Luoyang city. With such a long distance from here and there, coupled with the traffic now, did you honestly came to Shan Xi city from such a far distance to seek for protection? Furthermore, the information should be blocked now, so how did you know that this is the safest place?

Zhang Mu boy, right now, you better give me a reasonable explanation.”

As Long Qi spoke, his voice gradually turned colder. The glance he looked at Zhang Mu was just like a scanner scanning at his surrounding. If he could not give him a clear explanation, Zhang Mu felt that he would be captured alive.

Looking at this fat bald-man having a smile on his face, he was emitting the same presence as Zhang Mu.

A murderous vibe!

Now it was not the time to expose his secrets yet. However, he could not afford to have a dispute with him. Even though he was unsure who would win or lose, but one thing for sure was that Shan Xi city would not allow him to stay anymore. Also, he did not complete his era merchant’s task yet.

As quick as lightning, Zhang Mu’s mind ran through a thousand reasons. Right away, he found a suitable excuse to answer Long Qi’s sharp question. His lip curled into a smile as he said, “Who would risk their life and ran over a hundred kilometers to come here? Furthermore, the communication system is worthless now. You should have tried to use the most primitive equipment to communicate, and it failed, correct? So there is no way I would know that this place was secure.”

“Well, after that? You did not mention the main point.” Long Qi continued to interrogate Zhang Mu.

Zhang Mu waved his hand, completely ignoring the pressure that Long Qi put on him as he replied comfortably, “The reason for me to spend so much effort to come here, was to find a person.

See that lady outside? She lived in a small town nearby and was the only good friend of mine. Previously, I didn’t have the face to see her when I was broke, but now that the world had become like this, I was worried for her. Therefore, I came straight after her from Luoyang city.

But I never expected that she would awaken her ability before me and tamed that gigantic bug. So there was no need for me to protect her. Finally, as you can see, we also managed to save a little boy who was alone in his home. After that, we rushed over here from a small town nearby. I felt that the provincial’s army or the police would have higher quality, so it was logical for us to come here, right?”

Long Qi slowly thought about the words that Zhang Mu said earlier. He couldn’t see any trace of lies from Zhang Mu’s eye as the look of sincerity did not seem like it was disguised. However, he still felt that something was amiss.

Zhang Mu smiled as he waited for Long Qi. A good lie was a mix between the truth and false. The words he said earlier, half of them were genuine, so there was no need for him to fabricate a fictitious tale deliberately.

Long Qi took a few careful glances at Zhang Mu, and because Zhang Mu restrained the second-ranked strength and aura on his body very well, so even the second-ranked Long Qi did not notice Zhang Mu’s real power.

Even if the words that Zhang Mu spoke to him was fictional, he had the confidence that Zhang Mu wouldn’t be able to stir up trouble at his place. Moreover, Zhang Mu’s awakening ability was a tamer, and it was not like his base did not have some of them here. Indeed, as long as they had the same ranked mutated animal helping them, their strength would exceed those evolvers of the same rank.

However, at the same time, the tamer ability had a fatal weakness.

Once the tamer evolver lost the connection with their mutated animal, they would be nothing without them.

As for the Kung Fu level, Long Qi did not believe that Zhang Mu would be powerful. That was because he had a battle with Zhang Mu’s master before. The skills of the Thieves Sect relies on their precious hand, so the training of the entire body was not that important. Although he did not understand why was there a tight tension in his heart, Long Qi quickly recovered back to normal. He patted on Zhang Mu’s shoulder and said, “I understand. A little girlfriend from the past? If you genuinely liked her, then it wouldn’t be surprising for you to rush over.”

As long as Long Qi did not find any trouble for him, he could think anyway he wanted. Therefore, Zhang Mu did not refute.

But in that instant, a cunning smile showed up on Long Qi’s face as he asked a question that almost made Zhang Mu vomit blood, “That time at Luoyang city, you stole that three thousand dollars from me, is it time for you to pay me back with interest now?”

At this instant, there was like ten thousand Alpaca running in Zhang Mu’s mind.

If not for me, you wouldn’t exist in the future. If you did not return back on time to Shan Xi city, I bet you would be killed at those entertainment places filled with lots of people who were mutated into a ‘mega’ type of walking dead. So what if you’re a special forces instructor? So what if you’re a person from the special division? You would be killed amongst those ‘mega’ type of walking dead that had three times the strength of a normal human being.

That was the only reason why Zhang Mu thought that Long Qi did not appear in his past life and was coming out strong and mighty now.

Of course, he couldn’t say these words for Long Qi to listen. The smile on his face did not waver the slightest as he raised both his eyebrows in a questioning manner, “How would you like me to return the debt? I don’t think you would want money, right? Even if I pay you back with another zero behind, it would be useless now.”

That mysterious smiles continued to linger on Long Qi’s face, “Money? Even before the opening of the Paradise Era, money to me was just a number only. Not to mention that it was a piece of waste paper now and couldn’t even compare to a bag of ration.”

“Help me do one thing, and the matter from two months ago would be written off.”

Long Qi finally said his actual intention as he glanced at Zhang Mu with a twinkle in his eye.

“And what was that?” Zhang Mu did not dare to agree right away and ask in advance.

Long Qi slowly spat out a few words that caused Zhang Mu to take a cold breath of air.

“Recover Jin Zhong city.”

This Long Qi, was starting to recover the prefecture-level city near to the coal city.

Hey, this plot was a little too big!

Zhang Mu felt that he had boarded the pirate’s boat. The debt of three thousand dollars, was going to be paid off like this!

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