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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 69 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 69

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Chapter 69: Cocooning


The second-ranked evolving potion was poured into Little Black’s mouth. It worked instantly and Little Black’s back started to radiate blue lights.


The blue lights appeared from its belly and flowed to its back, finally gathering together on its head in a ring of light after another. Little Black shook its head painfully, but Zhang Mu could not help it and did not dare to help it, because it could only finish its evolution all by itself. There was nothing that other people could do.


Zhang Mu had not obtained a mutated animal even in his past life. Other people would not let their mutated animals expose in public when their mutated animals started evolving, because it was the weakest moment of their mutated animals. Therefore, Zhang Mu knew very few about mutated animal’s evolution.


He only knew that he shouldn’t touch Little Black at this time, because it may interrupt its evolution. If it happened, the worst consequence may break the animal core in Little Black’s head, which meant Little Black’s death.


Although Zhang Mu looked insouciant, but he had asked Wang Liang to notice his people that no one could go to this yard before he came out. Of course, he wouldn’t put his safety into someone else’s hands. He had released the Bloodvine Demon Lotus and asked it to hide under the ground. Its vines had covered the whole yard to make sure that no one could bother him.


Zhang Mu hadn’t seen mutated animal’s evolution with his eyes, naturally, he was inexperienced. He could only do everything he thought that may be helpful to Little Black. But his sixth sense was sensitive. He suddenly felt worried about Little Black and one second later, the mental bond between Little Black and him had become unstable. He could feel Little Black’s pain.


Was Little Black in a dilemma now?


Zhang Mu put his eyes on Little Black’s body and surprisedly found a details he neglected before: Little Black was shivering!


However, he still didn’t know what the reason was, so he couldn’t do anything effective.


Looking at this scene, a wave of fear appeared in the mutated wolfdog’s eyes. It bared its teeth and growled at Little Black. Yuan Rui tried to help Little Black with her healing ability, but Zhang Mu stopped her.


Yuan Rui looked at Zhang Mu in surprise. Zhang Mu explained, “Little Black hasn’t been hurt, so your healing energy can’t help it. On the contrary, if a strange energy has entered its body, it may break the balance in its body. You may kill Little Black.”


Yuan Rui hurriedly drew back her hands and covered her mouth, looking at Little Black with a mixture of worry and surprise. Was Little Black facing such a bad situation?


Zhang Mu also felt regretful. He knew too little about mutated animal. He could do it after knowing much about Little Black’s body.


Suddenly, Little Black called him through the mental bond between them, “Give me… wind-type… animal cores…”


After that, Little Black said nothing, as if it had passed out.


Zhang Mu saw light suddenly. Yes, wind-type animal cores! They were the same type with Little Black’s animal core! They were what Little Black needed right now!


Undoubtedly, the second-ranked evolving potion was effective, because the blue lights hadn’t stopped, which meant that it was continuously stimulating Little Black’s animal core. However, Little Black had eaten too much animal cores of other types, which had interfered the process of refining its own animal core.


As this idea flashed by Zhang Mu’s mind, he had put out a bag of wind-type animal cores from his Merchant’s Ring.


Fortunately, he had the habit to classify all the goods he had, otherwise, it would be troublesome to find wind-type animal cores from a mess.


He immediately put a wind-type animal core to Little Black’s mouth, but due to pain, Little Black was clenching its teeth lightly. Zhang Mu painstakingly opened a crack of its mouth and put the wind-type animal core into it.


Instantly, it had an effect. Little Black’s body was shivering painfully at first, but after eating the wind-type animal core, its pain was apparently alleviated for a moment.


Zhang Mu got anxious right away. He shouted at Little Black’s head, “You fool! Open your mouth! Open your mouth!”


Little Black had finally recovered its control of its body for a while. After seeing Zhang Mu’s voice, it strenuously opened a crack of its mouth, but it seemed that had exhausted its strength. Its mouth would shut at any time.


Seeing this, Zhang Mu immediately poured all the wind-type animal cores into Little Black’s mouth. Some animal cores dropped on the ground, he quickly picked up them and put them into its mouth again and covered its mouth with his hands.


In Little Black’s stomach, these wind-type animal cores instantly underwent chemical reactions with the second-ranked evolving potion. Gradually, Little Black stopped shivering. It seemed that it had begun gently absorbed the energy in the evolving potion into its body.


As the blue lights on Little Black had become soft, Zhang Mu smiled. He knew that Little Black had almost succeeded.




Suddenly, Little Black growled.


Zhang Mu and Yuan Rui were frightened. Zhang Mu was going to scold Little Black, but suddenly, Little Black vomited black threads from its mouth. He immediately drew back Yuan Rui and leapt away.


Ten seconds later, a ball of big, black cocoon appeared in the center of the yard. Zhang Mu started at it in mute amazement. He swallowed in surprise, “Oh, Little Black is cocooning! Is it really a beetle? It looks like a silkworm now!”

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