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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 73 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 73

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

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Chapter 73: Let the Hunt Begin

Zhang Mu laughed hiding behind a mound. He didn’t expect that the mutated wolfdog was such a talented “performer”.

But it wasn’t the right time to mock the mutated wolfdog. Zhang Mu quickly adjusted his mood and waited for the wolfdog in silence.

The mutated wolfdog was only eight hundred metres away from him. At its current speed, it would arrive at his place within 30 seconds.

When the mutated wolfdog turned back and started to run, Zhang Mu had summoned the Bloodvine Demon Lotus and ordered it to lurk in the soil. After a few seconds, the Bloodvine Demon Lotus had perfectly made a trap under the ground and awaited the prey.

At the same time, the mutated wolfdog had sprung out a hundred metres in the blink of an eye, but it immediately remembered Zhang Mu’s task and his threat of “reducing the reward by half” if it didn’t perform well, so it slowed down till it heard the tiger roars behind it. Under its control, the distance between itself and the tigers was reduced.

Although the mutated wolfdog wasn’t smart enough to understand Zhang Mu’s real intent, it still executed Zhang Mu’s ask strictly.

After a few seconds, the mutated wolfdog already saw Zhang Mu’s hiding location, and the mutated tigers were very close to it. It carefully listened to their footsteps and calculated the distance between them.

Finally, the mutated wolfdog saw Zhang Mu and howled excitedly, but Zhang Mu warned it with his eyes and hid behind the mound again.

The mutated wolfdog remembered Zhang Mu’s words. It stopped and slowly turned back, looking at the five fierce tigers with cruelty in its eyes.

Stupid tigers. Do you really think that I would be scared by five of you?

Of course, the five mutated tigers didn’t know what the mutated wolfdog was thinking. They just looked at each other in confusion, wondering why the big dog stopped.

Has it exhausted? Or is it finally ready to have a fight?

It shouldn’t be the former. But when they saw the mutated wolfdog baring its teeth with a fierce look, they were provoked. How dare a dog challenge the dignity of the monarchs of animals? We will tear it into pieces and eat it!

A tiger took a step forward, but the mutated wolfdog didn’t make any reaction, which really provoked them. They didn’t believe that the mutated wolfdog was strong enough to challenge them five altogether, so there was only a tiger walking forward and the others surrounded around the mutated wolfdog, in case that it ran away.

What is tiger? Tiger is the monarch of all beasts, the proudest predator. They disdained to hunt the mutated wolfdog together.

The mutated wolfdog stared at the mutated tiger fiercely. It wouldn’t be scared if it was a battle one on one, since it had its dignity as a leader rank mutated animal.

With this idea in its mind, the mutated wolfdog forgot Zhang Mu’s words and was ready to exert the utmost strength. It bared its teeth as its saliva continually dripped on the ground. It prepared to teach the mutated tiger a serious lesson.

Gradually, the tiger lost patience and walked around the mutated wolfdog, trying to find out its weakness. However, the mutated wolfdog always moved as the tiger walked, staring at it with threatening growls.


Surprisingly, the mutated wolfdog launched an attack first. It howled and rushed to the mutated tiger, opening its mouth wide biting at the tiger’s head.

The tiger was dumbfounded because of astonishment. How dare the mutated wolfdog attack it proactively!

The mutated wolfdog was even more pretentious than itself!

In a flash, the mutated wolfdog had bit on the tiger’s throat. Blood spread in the air as the tiger roared in pain.

The tiger immediately fought back, slapping the mutated wolfdog’s body with its big claw. But the mutated wolfdog didn’t feel any pain, because it was prepared for it. Its earth-type energy insidiously formed a sharp thorn and pierced through the tiger’s thick claw easily.

The tiger emitted a much more painful howl, but it didn’t dare to attack the mutated wolfdog with its other claw. Too treacherous, the mutated wolfdog was too treacherous!

The tiger didn’t move, because the wolfdog had gripped its throat with its sharp teeth firmly dug inside. If it moved, the wolfdog’s teeth would pierce through its throat, but although it didn’t move, its blood was slowly flowing into the wolfdog’s mouth.

The mutated tiger was really in a dilemma! It was really facing a life-or-death crisis!

The other four mutated tigers were shocked by the mutated wolfdog’s behavior. It dared to attack their strongest partner first, and it succeeded!

Even though the four tigers all pounced at the mutated wolfdog, it still had no intention of letting the mutated tiger go. At the last moment, Zhang Mu moved.

Between the mutated wolfdog and the four tiger, suddenly, countless vines broke through the soil and formed a green wall, blocking all the four tigers’ attacks.

Seeing Zhang Mu, the mutated wolfdog immediately became alive and kicking again. As if its body suddenly gained a new and strong strength, it finally gnawed through the dying tiger’s throat.

Before Zhang Mu went to save the mutated wolfdog, he was waiting and calculating the time the remaining tigers in the village would take to reach this place. He was waiting for the right time.

And now, it was the right time!



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