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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 76 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 76

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 76: Dine ‘n’ Dash

Just like the previous time, numerous vines rapidly formed a cage big enough to enclose the five mutated tigers, shutting them in as they were caught up in their emotions. This time, Zhang Mu didn’t play it safe and acted without delay. Five thick vines decisively and viciously struck at the vital points of the five mutated tigers under his control, not showing any mercy.

The mutated tiger which was grieving the most was the first to react to the shock given by the Bloodvine Lotus. It immediately realised that this person was the one behind its family member’s death.

Intuitively, the mutated tiger used all his energy and spurted flames in the direction which emitted danger. The flame lit up the dark corners of the cage. To save time, Zhang Mu controlled the vines and faced the huge pillar of flames head-on.

Unavoidably, the outer layers of the vine were damaged the instant they came into contact with the flame. However, Zhang Mu didn’t care about this small injury and continued to charge forward at all costs.

At the same time, Zhang Mu continuously fed crystals into the main body of the Bloodvine Lotus on his left arm. He had a reserve of nearly ten thousand crystals. The use of a few would do no harm.

Under the Zhang Mu’s control, the vines of the Bloodvine Lotus continued vigorously striking with more and more energy even after part of it was burnt. The crystals fed by Zhang Mu converted to a steady stream of energy, pushing it forward.

The mutated tiger’s eyes were filled with disbelief and anger. After the Bloodvine Lotus broke through the flame breath, the emotions changed to fear and enlightenment. It finally understood how its family member died in the hands of Zhang Mu.

The vine, using the half which was left unburnt and strengthened by the power of the crystals, followed the path of the flame and pierced through the mouth of the mutated tiger, cutting through its head. The rest of the mutated tigers met with normal vines. However, under the fierce attack by Zhang Mu, they too died a horrible death.

While this only took a breath to describe, it took long enough for the other tigers to rush down the mountain and form a circle around Zhang Mu.

As many as ten mutated tigers surrounded him. They had rushed over under the orders of the White Tiger after hearing the sad and angry roar of its comrade.

Only ten mutated tigers to settle the danger? Are they still so confident? Do they really think that their species is invincible?

Zhang Mu’s eyes filled with disdain as he watched the mutated tigers closing in on him. He didn’t feel any fear. Instead, he scoffed at them.

Too much confidence in their power. Too much confidence in their intelligence. Too much confidence in thinking they can imitate us, humans.

This was all the opinions that Zhang Mu had of the White Tiger commander.

The ten mutated tigers didn’t imagine this would happen too. They thought that their comrades might have met some other strong animals, but with their combined strengths and numbers, they could easily defeat them. Also, the sound wasn’t far away, those mutated tigers that just went out would definitely last until they arrived.

Therefore they just needed to work together and they can defeat the other party.

However, when they arrived, they were in shock. The enemy was just a weak-looking human and a weird-looking plant which had twirled into a ball. But after hearing muffled grunts, they recognised that their comrades were trapped inside the cage made by the plant. Hence, the ten mutated tigers gave a low roar and lowered their body, preparing to pounce on Zhang Mu.

Despite all this, Zhang Mu still calmly stared at the mutated tigers prowling closer and closer. He was waiting.

Suddenly, Zhang Mu’s face lit up. He had a satisfied look. The mutated tigers didn’t know how powerful Zhang Mu was, but after hearing their comrades’ dying roar inside the cage, their fur stood up. The roar was filled with regrets.

The mutated tigers felt the presence of their comrades within the cage. Their innate abilities were awakened and they threw caution to the wind, even forgetting about the doubt they had about Zhang Mu as he stood there alone yet full of confidence.

“Hehe, have you all finally decided to act? Too bad, you are all one step too late.”

“You are the King of all animals, why were you all cowed by me so easily?”

Actually, the mutated tigers couldn’t be blamed for being scared. After rebirthing, Zhang Mu’s aura had changed. He had brought over a part of him from the future and it was showing in him now. The presence of the Bloodvine Lotus also complemented his powerful aura. Most importantly, it was the confidence Zhang Mu displayed, the confidence that he could win over anyone or any animals.

Hence, even though the ten tigers were only five metres away from him, he continued to stare at the biggest mutated tiger right in from of him. This mutated tiger had an exceptionally strong tail that was twice as big as a normal mutated tiger. On the tail, there were sharp thorns with a metallic sheen.

That caught Zhang Mu’s interest. He didn’t know that he could already see mutated animals possessing a second energy. It has been a while. Although in the future there were many cases of such evolution appearing in mutated animals, they were only first rank now!

It was still the same. Unique mutually restricting elements appearing together on a mutated animal. Metal restricts fire. Yet, right in front of Zhang Mu, there was living proof that both elements were co-existing. Although the tail and the rest of the body had a different colour, it was still on the same body.

By right, a mutated animal of this level already had the ability to become a leader. Yet, it remained a subordinate of the White Tiger. How scary was the White Tiger to have this Brown-tailed tiger bow down to it?

He had not even settled the ten mutated tigers, why bothered thinking about what was going to happen after this? Before this, his plan was to slowly encroach the mutated tigers. Now, he realised that it would be impossible. Not including the White Tiger which had not come out yet, a normal mutated tiger was enough to defeat a mutated wolfdog.

Thus, after discovering the Brown-tailed tiger, Zhang Mu felt that he couldn’t continue his plan anymore.

He either never met any enemies, or he would meet so many that he couldn’t digest everything.

This time, his first mission was not only hard to swallow, but he might end up swallowed instead!



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