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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 78 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 78

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 78: The cost of assumption

Zhang Mu felt disheartened as he looked at the Obsidian Beetle claw. Luckily, even though the brown-tailed tiger’s strike was filled with metal-type energy, the claw was able to withstand the blow due to its strong and hard material. Zhang Mu silently commended the Obsidian Beetle.

However, this was just the start. It was only the first contact with the brown-tailed tiger and the tiger had not shown its true power yet. But, Zhang Mu was not going to let it have the chance to do so. Humans would have been annihilated by mutated animals if they just battled based on strength alone. This is a natural weakness of the human race. Taking himself as an example, he is a human that had taken strength potions and was already considered one of the strongest aside from those who were purely strength-type evolvers.

Yet, he still didn’t dare fight head-on with these large sized animals, not even attempting to put up a bit of resistance. What he needed to do now was to use his agility and out maneuver his opponent.

However, Zhang Mu was in an awkward position. His left hand was restricted from doing anything and could at most maintain balance. He also couldn’t borrow any power from the Bloodvine Lotus. Rather, he would be thankful if it didn’t cause him any hindrance.

Before the brown-tailed tiger could display its true power, Zhang Mu slashed his dagger at its sharp claws, creating sparks. Zhang Mu slowly moved back as he struck. Hence, even though the brown-tailed tiger kept attacking him, its claws didn’t rake him. Its strength continued to dwindle as it attacked.

At this moment, Zhang Mu once again evaded the brown-tailed tiger. The brown-tailed tiger and him had shuffled backwards at every strike and had covered quite a distance. Yet, the viciousness in the brown-tailed tiger’s eyes got stronger as it looked at Zhang Mu angrily but helplessly.

Zhang Mu was like a small and agile eel. It couldn’t use its strength on him at all. The distance between them continued to remain to same. Zhang Mu seemed to be using his body as bait to catch it. This was very irritating. The brown-tailed tiger wanted to bring down Zhang Mu using one strike and hence, its power was dwindling and it was unable to continue its burst of strength. However, what was even more frustrating was that as its speed slowly decreased, Zhang Mu’s followed, keeping the distance the same.

The brown-tailed tiger gradually slowed down. It decided to use slower strikes with more weight behind them, hopefully, it would no longer be dragged around by the nose by Zhang Mu. It would definitely control its strength this time.

But, would Zhang Mu give it this opportunity?

Obviously, he was not someone who would give his opponent any chances. He was not so kind and stupid.

Just as the brown-tailed tiger was going to swipe at him, Zhang Mu sniggered and stared right at the brown-tailed tiger, speaking calmly and quickly, “Thinking about how to attack me after being played around with? You are still too young. You just evolved and yet you think that you are on par with human beings? Let’s not talk about you. Even your next few generations will never reach that state.”

The brown-tailed tiger obviously couldn’t understand what Zhang Mu was saying, but it understood the disdain in his eyes.

This human wants to mock me? He is just a weak human being, yet he is looking at me as though I am his prey. The simple-minded brown-tailed tiger still couldn’t understand the situation. Even if Zhang Mu had killed so many of its species, it still thought that it was just based on trickery, setting a trap which succeeded. However, it didn’t know that Zhang Mu’s capabilities were also very scary.

In a split moment, Zhang Mu acted. He still had strength left! The Obsidian Beetle claw was put to use as it struck one more time and pierced straight into the forelimb of the brown-tailed tiger.

Its skin was not as resilient as its claws and it was easily penetrated by Zhang Mu. Zhang Mu chose a very tricky spot. Hence, the result was Zhang Mu kept moving his dagger as he dashed, causing the dagger to move the same distance inside the brown-tailed tiger’s forelimb.

The brown-tailed tiger let out a painful roar. Zhang Mu looked at the dagger which was embedded deep inside the tiger’s body. He knew that his plan had worked! He had destroyed the muscles and tendons in the tiger’s forearm!

At that moment, however, Zhang Mu suddenly felt a strong premonition of danger.

A huge black shadow appeared in Zhang Mu’s line of vision. It was the tail of the brown-tailed tiger.

How can this be? It can control its tail with such skill?

Zhang Mu had thought about the tail before. However, his position now was quite far away from his assumption of the tail’s attacking range.

When the huge tail smacked his body, Zhang Mu finally understood how much he had underestimated the mutated tiger.

The length of the tail didn’t change. But, what had hit Zhang Mu was a brown glow of light which extended from the tip of its tail. It was the same colour as the tip of the tail. Only when it was nearer did he feel the minute difference.

However, it was too late to react now. This short glow of light exceeded Zhang Mu’s prediction of the range of attack for its tail, striking Zhang Mu hard.

Zhang Mu only had time to change the area of impact by turning around and receiving the full force of the attack. The flesh on his back was mutilated and he flew from the attack.

This metal-type energy not only resulted in external injuries to Zhang Mu, it also prevented his wounds from healing.

This brown-tailed tiger sacrificed its forelimb to heavily injure Zhang Mu.

Zhang Mu supported himself with much difficulty. Without any hesitation, he took out a first-rank recovery potion from his Merchant’s Ring and gulped it down, coldly eyeing the brown-tailed tiger as it limped closer.

Time, he needed more time!



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