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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 86 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 86

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 86: Ending What I Started

Although Wang Liang seemed easy-going, Zhang Mu knew that he was an arrogant person. Yet, he was pleading to Zhang Mu to help him. This was unexpected. Zhang Mu was moved.

The North City was too vicious for his liking. Even if Wang Liang infringed some of their interest, there was no need to be so heartless. After all, they are all human. The leader must have been a vicious person even before the cataclysm.

Zhang Mu remembered the moment when he arrived at the North City base a few days ago. A silver-hair middle-aged man with a sincere smile appeared in his memory.

No wonder Wang Liang lowered his guard. The middle-aged man had such a sincere smile that even Zhang Mu didn’t notice anything and thought that he was an honest man. He hid it well.

Thinking back, if Zhang Mu wasn’t irritated from the first few transactions and decided to go straight to the point during the meeting, he might have been treated differently if he had showcased any signs of weakness.

No wonder the leader asked him to come out when they were talking and even did the transaction outside of the base. There must be something shady going on which he was afraid to let Zhang Mu know.

Zhang Mu made a decision in his heart and then took out a green-colour potion from his Merchant’s Ring. He passed it to Wang Liang who was still staring at him and said, “Drink this first.”

“What is this?” Wang Liang asked curiously when he saw that Zhang Mu didn’t agree to help him.

“This is something that can save your arm. If you drag any longer, the scab would form and I won’t be able to help you anymore.” Zhang Mu answered calmly.

Wang Liang’s eyes regained its glamour. He had really thought that his arm would be crippled and he knew what that would mean to him. He asked again in disbelief, “This potion really can save my arm?”

Zhang Mu placed the potion on Wang Liang’s hand and replied, “If I said that it can, it can. I bought this potion from the Era Merchant’s shop. It is powerful but very rare. Even the Era Merchant doesn’t have much. I have used some bottles of it already so there are only a few bottles left. I can only help you. You have to help your men yourself since they were injured when fighting for you.”

Wang Liang immediately replied without thinking, “Of course, this is my responsibility.”

Zhang Mu smiled and said, “That is good. If you don’t do it, there won’t be anyone willing to fight for you anymore. Hurry up and drink the potion. The faster you drink, the lesser implications you will experience.”

Hearing Zhang Mu Wang’s reminder, Liang instantly pulled the cork out with his teeth and was just about to drink the potion when he thought of something. He looked away from Zhang Mu and asked in a heavy tone, “Brother Mu, are you passing me this potion because you do not want to help me?”

He self-deprecated, “If I am able to recover, why do I still need to ask for your help? Don’t worry brother Mu, after some time I will settle this business myself.”

So that was what he was thinking about, Zhang Mu smiled helplessly and explained, “What are you thinking? I just sincerely hope that your arm won’t be crippled. I will go and settle the North City later. You think that with your ability and the injured team you can get revenge for yourself? How long are you willing to wait? Are you not worried that the North City will become stronger while you are resting?”

“Does that mean you are willing to help?” Zhang Mu suddenly raised his head and looked at Zhang Mu.

“Yes, I am just going to end something I started.” Zhang Mu said out of the blue.

Wang Liang couldn’t understand what Zhang Mu was saying, but he knew that Zhang Mu agreed. He hurriedly gulped down the potion and immediately, he started to feel the effects. Beads of perspiration formed on his forehead and he felt his injured arm tingling with pain as though there were ants crawling over it.

Wang Lang looked at his arm excitedly and turned to ask Zhang Mu, “Brother, how long will it take to heal? It has just been a minute and I am already feeling my arm tingling. I want to take off the bandage and have a look.”

Looking at his exhilarated face, Zhang Mu grinned, “you are thinking too much. It doesn’t heal that quickly. This was an injury by a fire-type evolver, even the best potion need some time to carry out its effects. It would take roughly half a day to heal. Don’t be stupid and take off the bandage now. What you should do is go home and rest first.”

Wang Liang felt disappointed when he heard the reply. He muttered to himself, “that is really long.”

However, he didn’t know that without the help of the first-rank recovery potion Zhang Mu gave him, he would have to wait very long before the high-level healing-type evolvers who could heal him appeared. Even then, he would have no rights to ask for the help of these evolvers. With one arm crippled, Wang Liang would have nothing for the evolvers to gain if they help him. Even his survival would be a problem.

The world after the cataclysm has only one rule: the survival of the fittest.

Zhang Mu slowly got up and walked off under the hopeful gaze of Wang Liang and the wails of the injured. This time, he didn’t bring the mutated wolfdog with him. He left it in his house and after saying goodbye to Yuan Rui, he left the survival base.

He had changed into clothes he never wore before: windbreaker, tights, and boots. He wore a pair of sunglasses and mask on his face and proceeded to the North City at four times his normal speed.

One person is enough. He didn’t want any more people to know what he was going to do. He wasn’t prepared to turn people’s respect into fear yet even though the massacre was for their revenge. There was only one way to kill over 90 evolvers at one go – the Bloodvine Lotus.

However, once it was used, its ruthlessness was not something a normal human could accept.

Book 1 (Chapter 1 to 60) and Book 2 (Chapter 61 to 119) are Available at Amazon!


Book 1 (Chapter 1 to 60), Book 2 (Chapter 61 to 119), Book 3 (Chapter c120 to c179) are Available at Amazon!

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