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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 89 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 89

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 89: Underestimated

Zhang Mu never saw himself as a saviour. He knew his own capabilities. He was just a small figure who managed to come back from the future.

There were many injustices in the world now. Zhang Mu didn’t want to care about them nor have the ability to care about them. However, this was different. Wang Liang had begged for his help and eating humans was a behaviour condemned in the future by all humans. Zhang Mu was already used to this. Hence, the first thought that came to his mind when he saw anyone eating humans was to kill them. They were more dangerous to humans than the walking dead or mutated animals.

They could easily camouflage themselves into the human society or a survival base and when a crisis happened, they would start their act. This would destroy a survival base totally. No one can differentiate these monsters from a normal human just based on their appearance. Who knows, maybe the person smiling at you now would be thinking about how to cook you the next second?

Zhang Mu had personally experienced it before. There was a survival base which he traded with a few times which had several cases of missing people. The people targeted were mostly normal humans, with young girls and children forming the larger proportion.

As time goes by, the number of missing people increased and the leader had no choice but to involve the entire survival base to find the missing people. Although normal humans were not as important as evolvers, they formed the foundation of survival base and were indispensable.

After much investigation, it was found out that there were a few spots where the cannibals performed their activity. The cannibals wanted to run away but the leader had an evolver who could control mutated animals. The evolver controlled a mutated dog and picked out the cannibals in the crowd.

Zhang Mu looked at the new cannibals in front of him and thought back to the day when those cannibals were executed. They still wore a grin on their face as they looked at the humans as though looking at their food, their face full of greediness. He could almost hear their unrestrained laughter.

If he didn’t kill these people now, they would cause more disasters in the future.

At the moment, the man who asked for the little girl laughed and broke Zhang Mu’s train of thoughts. His laugh sounded horrible and dull. He looked at Zhang Mu without any signs of surprise and said slowly, “You actually managed to reach here. You must have killed Bai Feng. I don’t know what the leader is thinking when he let Bai Feng guard the gates and gave him so much trust.

“He is useless. Maybe he was upset because we were eating and let someone slipped passed him. Useless is the correct word to describe him,” the man didn’t hide his contempt towards the guard and threw away the bone he was holding in his hand. He scanned Zhang Mu from head to toe.

He gave a greedy grin and licked his lips, “you must be an evolver with a special ability to be able to kill that trash. However, you are too confident. There is no one here that is weaker than the guard. You won’t be thinking that you can kill all of us just because you are able to kill the guard right? We didn’t notice your presence before because we were eating but you chose to show yourself.”

“You saw all of us and still dared to show yourself. I don’t know if I should complement your courage or exclaim at your stupidity,” he said. His gaze fell onto the little girl that was put down by the skinny man. He understood immediately, “it seems like you couldn’t watch on any longer. Very righteous of you. Are you trying to be a hero?”

His voice turned cold, “you can be a hero, but I don’t know if you will be able to handle the consequences.”

“To tell you the truth, I have never tasted an evolver. There were some that rejected us and were killed, but they were eaten by the leader. Now it is finally my turn.” the man said finished and wiped off the oil stains on his hands. He slowly got up and turned his head, “brothers, none of us have tasted the meat of an evolver. The leader didn’t allow us to attack them but this one walked in by himself. Shall we eat him?”


“Why not? The leader is always worried and hesitant about us eating evolvers, but this guy came in himself. If we don’t eat him, we are stupid!”

“Yes, eat him. No one will know. Even the biggest survival base was almost destroyed by us and they could only run away like dogs. Who else can fight with us?”

The man got everyone’s response and everyone stood up, looking at Zhang Mu with malicious intentions. They were really excited. No one thought about why Zhang Mu appeared here and why he didn’t have any intentions of escaping. They must have thought that they could definitely kill him.

A fat man 2 metres tall struggled to stand up and threw away the skull in his hands. He charged at Zhang Mu and muttered, “his head is mine. If anyone dares to fight with me, I will kill you.”

The man who spoke was just about to signal with his hand when he heard the fat man. He put down his hand and stared at the fat man as though he was a joke, “sure, you like to eat the head, take it. No one will fight with you.”

The rest of the people scattered away from the fat man. Although the fat man was a bit stupid, his combat ability was scary. Once, he tore a small mutated animal into two pieces with his bare hands.

Feeling the vibration, Zhang Mu adjusted his sunglasses and looked up at the man that was charging towards him with full force. The fat man was almost a head taller than him.

When the distance between then was about 10 metres, Zhang Mu took out his Obsidian Beetle claw and placed it in front of his chest.

The fat guy was dripping saliva all over as he said, “weapon? Is it of any use? Your head is mine.”

With a screeching sound, a huge fist got engulfed in flames and struck towards Zhang Mu’s head.

An evolver with additional fire-type element ability?

Book 1 (Chapter 1 to 60) and Book 2 (Chapter 61 to 119) are Available at Amazon!


Book 1 (Chapter 1 to 60), Book 2 (Chapter 61 to 119), Book 3 (Chapter c120 to c179) are Available at Amazon!

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