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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 90 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 90

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 90: Dragging The Time

Zhang Mu’s expression changed slightly. Combined with the weight of the fat man, the flame-punch was indeed powerful. This type of evolver was extremely popular during the first period after the Cataclysm. All they had to do was to use their body to release the power of their abilities.

Zhang Mu felt the heat in the air and slightly tilted his body. The fat man’s punch didn’t hit him.

“He managed to dodge the fat man’s punch. Is he an agility-enhanced evolver? Seems like the enhancement is not small.”

The man who was watching the fight from afar muttered to himself. However, he was still unconcerned. As a person who defeated Bai Feng and reached this area, he definitely had some abilities up his sleeve.

However, no matter how strong he is, the man thought, this is my area. In my area, I have the final say.

Zhang Mu had maneuvered to the back of the fat man and pierced the claw into his back. The huge layer of fat blocked it from reaching his vitals and Zhang Mu was not able to meaningfully injure the fat man. Just as he was about to pull the claw out, his eyes narrowed and he decisively let go of the Obsidian Beetle claw.

Flames started to appear on the back of the fat man. The flames were trying to reach Zhang Mu’s hands through the tip of the Obsidian Beetle claw.

The fat man could actually use his fire element on his entire body.

“His reaction is really fast. He even dodged the fat man’s automatic fire defense.”

The man who was still observing the fight started to think more highly of Zhang Mu. This automatic fire defense had caused many people to suffer heavy losses because the flames ignited almost instantaneously.

However, the man wearing the mask managed to escape from any injuries.

Zhang Mu lost his Obsidian Beetle claw. He looked at the fat man who was turning around with mixed feelings.

The fat man didn’t bother about the object that was stuck to his back. He was very angry. To him, Zhang Mu was just food, an item. How could food attack and hurt him?

Without a pause, he punched Zhang Mu again and again. Zhang Mu shifted his body and evaded all the attacks. In the end, the fat man didn’t even touch a corner of Zhang Mu’s clothes.

Actually, Zhang Mu was trying to drag the time. He was waiting for their leader to appear, the silver-hair middle age man. If he showed his true powers now and scare away the real mastermind, all the efforts would be in vain. This was why he hadn’t used the Bloodvine Lotus and only used his powerful body to deal with this fat guy.

The fat guy got irritated after many failed attacks and the jeering behind him. He couldn’t stand it anymore and with an angry howl, his entire body was cloaked in flames. He made himself a real human torch. He charged at Zhang Mu, no longer throwing punches. He wanted to use the heat from his body and burn Zhang Mu alive.

After retreating for a distance, Zhang Mu had already reached a dead end. He wanted to turn in another direction but the human torch disrupted his plans.

At this moment, all the audience felt that Zhang Mu was dead. Some were even anticipating his burnt look.

“That stupid fat man always burn the meat till its charred. Only he likes to eat it that way. If I knew this was going to happen, I would not give in to him. Such a waste. But I guess he is able to finish the man himself.”

“Yes, we can only look forward to drinking some soup. I think that our leader is so powerful because he ate evolvers.” The man who said this received a death glare from the man who gave the command and he shut up. If the leader heard what he said, he might die a terrible death.

“Why aren’t you running away?”

Zhang Mu could vaguely see the vicious face of the fat man through the flames. He seemed to have regained his composure. Zhang Mu stared at him quietly. The fat man blocked off everyone’s view. That meant that the Bloodvine Lotus could appear now.

Just as the fat man was about to pounce onto Zhang Mu, an opening appeared on Zhang Mu’s left arm. Under the fearful gaze of the fat man, a sturdy vine that was full of pricks appeared out of the skin and broke through his fire defense. The next second, the vine reached his chest.

The fats in his chest were sucked dry and his skin sagged. Zhang Mu felt disgusted. He didn’t know the Bloodvine Lotus had such a heavy taste. Does it suck such disgusting fats? Zhang Mu felt his hair standing when he realised that the Bloodvine Lotus was inside his body. A chill ran down his spine. It dissipated all the heat coming from the fat man.

Zhang Mu controlled the vine well and didn’t let it penetrate the body all the way. The audience was still wondering why the fat man stopped his attack. Some of them thought that the fat man suddenly decided to be nice and split the man with them.

At this moment, the Bloodvine Lotus had sucked the fat man dry and the fat man’s eyes had stopped moving. It was as though he couldn’t believe Zhang Mu actually killed him. If it was the first few times Zhang Mu used the Bloodvine Lotus, he would have been worried whether the Bloodvine Lotus could break through the fire defense system. However, after being baptised by the merchant’s flames, he didn’t have such worries anymore.

Some time had passed and the audience were starting to become suspicious. Finally, when the flames on the fat man extinguished, they realised that something was wrong. Zhang Mu kicked away the 100 kg of meat and exposed himself once again to the cannibals.

The man in command finally became serious. He knew that even he didn’t have the confidence to kill the fat man so quickly when the fat man launches his ultimate attack. Yet, Zhang Mu did it. This fact alone was scary enough.

Could it be that this man whom they thought was just a normal evolver was actually someone not to be provoked?

No, that is not possible. Even if he is that strong, he cannot defeat all the evolvers here.

But why am I feeling hesitant? What am I afraid of?

To be safe, the commander decided to attack together with all the men behind him.

Book 1 (Chapter 1 to 60) and Book 2 (Chapter 61 to 119) are Available at Amazon!


Book 1 (Chapter 1 to 60), Book 2 (Chapter 61 to 119), Book 3 (Chapter c120 to c179) are Available at Amazon!

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