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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 91 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 91

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 91: Attacked By Everyone

Zhang Mu stared coldly at the people who were closing in on him. They all had fear on their face. Zhang Mu didn’t launch any attacks. Till now, the middle-aged man hadn’t appeared at all. Zhang Mu felt worried.

He heard the man mention that their leader ate evolvers before. This raised Zhang Mu’s wariness. The leader didn’t share any of it with the rest of the people either.

If that was the truth, things would be more complicated. None of the cannibals he met before dared to prey on evolvers. The chance of success was low and people in the base would react immediately if an evolver went missing. They would place more importance in the disappearance of an evolver as compared to a normal human.

Thus, Zhang Mu didn’t know what mutations would occur if a cannibal constantly consumed evolvers. He could only wait until the mastermind decided to act.

Zhang Mu faced a dilemma. If he didn’t use the Bloodvine Lotus, it would be hard for him to gain an upper hand in front of so many evolvers. Little black was still in his cocoon and the mutated wolfdog was at home. There was nothing that could lend him a helping hand. In this state, he might not even stay alive if he decided not to retreat.

If he used the Bloodvine Lotus, he was confident of killing everyone present. However, their leader might not appear due to his careful nature.

Some of the evolvers were already throwing their attacks at him. Zhang Mu fervently thought of ways to hurt these people but not kill them. This way, the leader had a greater chance of appearing.

As the flames drew near Zhang Mu’s head, he decided on a plan and suddenly moved backward, just managing to dodge the attack. Evolvers who had their agility leveled up instantly caught up with Zhang Mu. Zhang Mu quickly increased his speed and escaped the two wind blades.

Seeing the two deep cuts at the spot where he was just now, Zhang Mu wavered a bit. If these evolvers didn’t become cannibals, they would have a bright future ahead. But they had chosen their path. There was no return once they stepped on this path. If Zhang Mu didn’t kill them now, they would target all the other survival bases.

Zhang Mu noticed the distance between him and the evolvers and chose not to move back. Instead, he suddenly braked and with a twist of his foot, he charged towards the direction he came from. The two wind-type evolvers didn’t expect Zhang Mu to turn back and had no time to react. Before they could form a wind blade, Zhang Mu had passed between them and they had no chance left.

Their energy immediately dissipated. Zhang Mu had called out the Bloodvine Lotus in that second that he passed by and pierced a hole through their bodies. Their eyes clouded and they couldn’t control their energy anymore. These wind blades which were a threat to Zhang Mu disappeared before they could be formed.

Zhang Mu muttered, “their close combat abilities are very weak and they still dared to rush after me with just the two of them. Who gave you such courage? Or did you all think that I am easy to defeat?”

This attack only took Zhang Mu one second and he didn’t stop at all after it. He was within the range of attack of the people opposite him.

The others might not have seen it, but the white-shirt man saw every small action that Zhang Mu did. He saw his only two wind-type evolvers falling down simultaneously. He could no longer contain his emotions and gritted his teeth, “are you a plant-type evolver? Too bad, I am one too.”

The white-shirt man gave a shout and the shirt in front of his chest torn apart, exposing a hideous Piranha[1]. None of the other evolvers looked shocked. They must have seen the Piranha before.

It was really ugly. Under the control of the man, the Piranha’s opening turned towards Zhang Mu and its stem vibrated. Was it preparing to launch an attack?

“What? A real plant-type evolver, Piranha,” as someone similar to a plant-type evolver, Zhang Mu knew how powerful the plant can be. The mutation of this Piranha left a huge impression on Zhang Mu in the future. Anyone with such an ability was highly sought after in a survival base. They were needed during offense and defense. Although the power of the Piranha was still weak now, it’s ability would increase exponentially once it broke through Level 1.

Zhang Mu moved at a speed four times faster than a normal human just now. However, It wouldn’t be fast enough this time. He had no choice but to increase his speed to five times that of a normal adult.

With this type of speed, he could safely escape the ultimate blow of the Piranha.

As expected, once the man saw that Zhang Mu wanted to retreat, he stopped gathering his energy and hastened the Piranha.

The Piranha received the order form the man and immediately stopped the vibration in its stem. It opened its mouth and a jet of dark green liquid shot out at Zhang Mu. Luckily, Zhang Mu predicted its attack from its appearance and prepared his defense. He moved much faster than the Piranha and managed to dodge its liquid attack.

Although it wasn’t his first time seeing this, Zhang Mu still let out a cold shudder. This was too scary. The ground that was about five metres away from Zhang Mu, with a diameter of around two metres, was corroding and sinking into the mud.

He actually calculated his speed and direction and predicted his path of motion.

If the plant-type evolver knew Zhang Mu’s fastest speed, he would be a pile of thick blood now. Those evolvers standing near him automatically moved out of the way when they saw the Piranha. This was why the man commanded so much respect when the leader was not here.

They were all afraid. They had seen people suffering from the Piranha and their death was gory. Their skin and muscles slowly peeled off a little at a time and they wouldn’t die immediately. It was a living hell.

[1] … It’s a mario!

Book 1 (Chapter 1 to 60) and Book 2 (Chapter 61 to 119) are Available at Amazon!


Book 1 (Chapter 1 to 60), Book 2 (Chapter 61 to 119), Book 3 (Chapter c120 to c179) are Available at Amazon!

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